Dell CIO: Don't Ask Employees What They Want

Posted : 07-25-2014

Dell CIO Adriana Karaboutis doesn't ask employees what they want, but instead has her IT team observe them at work and find new ways to improve how they do their job. Read More »

Location, Location, Location

Posted : 07-21-2014

When considering new IT tools and systems, CIO need to keep in mind that geolocation data will become play increasingly important business role in the near future. Read More »

Banish the Tech Talk!

Posted : 07-13-2014

In order to achieve the results your IT department is capable of, you need to talk about highly technical concepts and issues in terms that your colleagues can actually understand. Read More »

Welcome to the Zero Marginal Cost Society

Posted : 07-07-2014

In a zero marginal cost society, the collaborative commons will bypass the conventional marketplace, and society will shift from an exchange-oriented economy to a shared one. Read More »

Never Walk Past a Mistake

Posted : 07-02-2014

Making an on-the-spot correction, whether it takes two minutes or less, is always a superb idea. Not only does it demonstrate an attention to detail, but it reinforces standards within an organization. Read More »