Welcome to the Zero Marginal Cost Society

Posted : 07-07-2014

In a zero marginal cost society, the collaborative commons will bypass the conventional marketplace, and society will shift from an exchange-oriented economy to a shared one. Read More »

Never Walk Past a Mistake

Posted : 07-02-2014

Making an on-the-spot correction, whether it takes two minutes or less, is always a superb idea. Not only does it demonstrate an attention to detail, but it reinforces standards within an organization. Read More »

It's Google Time

Posted : 06-30-2014

If we're always connected to work, if we spend less and less time with our family and friends, if we don't take vacations and if we're constantly stressed out, are we doing something wrong as a society? Read More »

What Does Bezos's Law Mean for Your Data Center?

Posted : 06-27-2014

If the cost of cloud storage is dropping by 50 percent every three years, it might be time for many CIOs to get rid of their data centers and move to a cloud platform. Read More »

Apple Is Your New CIO

Posted : 06-21-2014

The future of the enterprise is in IT systems and applications, like Apple's Yosemite and iOS 8, which display a person's current computing state on any device at any time. Read More »