Take Our Tough Quiz About Project Management

Posted : 03-12-2014

So you think you really know your project management lingo? If so, we're going to challenge you here with a pretty difficult Jeopardy!-style quiz about the various, acronym-thick terminology used to describe important documents and tools needed to support a major project. The terms are... Read More »

10 Things That Smart Data-Analytics Teams Do

Posted : 03-07-2014

In prior slideshows, we've extensively illustrated the rising role of big data in the enterprise, especially with respect to how it's driving business decision-making. To perform up to the expectations of the C-suite, your data-analytics IT team must deliver on a wide range of technology needs while still demonstrating a... Read More »

'Dilbert' Creator: Focus on Systems, Not Goals

Posted : 03-03-2014

Cartoonist Scott Adams argues that leaders are more likely to be successful if they concentrate on systems instead of goals. Read More »

10 Things That Digital Business Leaders Do

Posted : 03-03-2014

The entire world is creating endless volumes of valuable information and data every single second. Much of this is credited to social media, which is projected to consume more than 4 trillion minutes of the population's time over the next year. But it's also driven by the vast amount of data that is generated by... Read More »

10 Building Blocks for Today's Leadership

Posted : 02-12-2014

The old school system of management has gone the way of the 9 to 5 workday. Today's top organizations recognize that the rules of leadership are changing to address the ever-expanding challenges caused by disruptive technologies and market forces. The new book, The Executive Checklist: A Guide for Setting Direction... Read More »