Best Techniques to Manage IT Costs - 'Using ITIL'

By Allan Alter  |  Posted 09-12-2007
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Best Techniques to Manage IT Costs - 'Using ITIL'
Ten percent of all companies employed IT Infrastructure Library. Twenty-two percent planned to implement ITIL soon; 52 percent had no plans to do so.
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Allan Alter has been a specialist on information technology management, strategy and leadership for many years. Most recently, he was editor-in-chief and the director of new content development for the MIT Sloan Management Review. He has been a columnist and department editor at Computerworld, where he won three awards from the American Society of Business Press Editors. Previously he was a special projects editor, senior editor and senior writer for CIO magazine. Earlier, Alter was an associate editor for Mass High Tech. He has edited two books: The Squandered Computer: Evaluating the Business Alignment of Business Technologies and Redesigning the Firm.



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