IT Management Slideshow: CIO Guidebook for Taming Change

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 07-23-2010
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The spectre of change can spread uncertainty and fear within an organization, resulting in knee-jerk reactions, ill-conceived strategies and/or a lack of unified corporate response. Organizations that welcome change as a constant, lasting part of business are best positioned to survive and succeed, according to Pat Durbin and Terry Doerscher, co-authors of the new book, "Taming Change with Portfolio Management: Unify Your Organization, Sharpen Your Strategy, and Create Measurable Value" (Greenleaf Book Group/now available). Do not let the title fool you: "Portfolio" here does not refer to your personal investment assets. It refers to the "portfolio" of valued assets within a company: finances, inventory, equipment, and people. Durbin and Doerscher contend that organizations need to constantly evaluate these assets within the context of anticipating and successfully navigating change. Durbin is CEO and co-founder of Planview Inc., which provides software, training and consultation for these portfolio-management solutions, working with companies such as Deutsche Bank, Citigroup and Farmer's Insurance. Doerscher is Chief Process Architect for Planview. He is an 18-year veteran of the commercial nuclear industry, having held a number of engineering, project-management and planning positions.

CIO Guidebook for Taming Change

Change is nothing newIn 1942, Harvard economist Joseph Schumpeter introduced the theory of "creative destruction," defining change as a natural consequence of our economic system.
CIO Guidebook for Taming Change
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.

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