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    Why IT Executives Disregard Security Policies

    A new study finds that a surprisingly high percentage of IT executives—45 percent—knowingly circumvent organizational security policies, and many have even successfully hacked their own or another organization. IT decision-makers between more

    How Tech Change Ramps Up Business Pressures

    The vast majority of IT and business executives are bracing for what's expected to be unprecedented tech changes over the next several years, according to a recent survey from Accenture. Accenture's 2016 Technology Vision Report, more

    How a Crowded Cloud Creates Many Complexities

    Organizations are frequently using multiple cloud apps at once, potentially leading to confusion, communications miscues and duplicated work systems, according to a recent survey sponsored by and conducted by ThinkJar and more

    Why IT Leaders Are Cloud Believers

    About a decade ago, the cloud was still considered somewhat of a novelty. Today, it is considered as commonplace—and business-critical—as computing devices, servers or even electricity. For proof, look no further than a more

    Lessons Learned From a Major Security Breach

    During the last two years, Target, Home Depot, Sony and J.P. Morgan have been the victims of major data breaches. The J.P. Morgan case in 2015 is notable because the information compromised did not relate merely to personal information typically used more

    The Staggering Cost of System Downtime

    IT system outages have emerged as fairly routine issues for companies today—and the resulting downtime amounts to a five-figure financial hit every day, according to recent research from CloudEndure. The resulting "2016 Disaster more

    Do You Know Where Your Critical Data Lives?

    In an era of continuous business operations, being offline has become unacceptable. Yet this drive for high availability, although exciting, also poses serious risks to the security of your data. Your data may be among the most important assets to your more

    Why IT Faces Difficulties in Adopting New Tech

    The majority of IT professionals say the current tech in place at their organization is keeping them from acquiring and implementing new tech, according to a recent survey from Insight Enterprises. This leaves them with a current more

    Is It Time to Write Off Email?

    Reports on the death of email may be greatly exaggerated, but many industry leaders are questioning if a shift from traditional on-premise systems to cloud Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) may be a harbinger of things to come more

    Why IT Workers’ Confidence Is on the Downswing

    Are your tech teams looking a bit gloomier than usual these days? There may be a good reason for it, as overall confidence among IT workers is on the downswing compared to six months ago, according to recent survey findings released by more

    Why Companies Are Increasing UX Testing Efforts

    Organizations are increasing their stake in user experience (UX) testing efforts, according to a recent survey from UserTesting. The "UX Industry Report" reveals that UX testing is still very much in a developmental stage more

    Why Mobile Users Expect a Better Experience

    The majority of users say companies are falling short of expectations in providing a satisfactory mobile experience, according to a recent survey from Sitecore. Specifically, mobile consumers are looking for better overall user more

    Eight Interesting Facts About Java

    Java, the long-lasting programming language, remains immensely popular—and for many good reasons. Java is the go-to language for millions of software developers. Java emerged as a tech juggernaut because of its unique more

    What Happens to Stolen, Sensitive Data?

    An experiment designed to lure dark Web users to steal fake bank information showed that most hackers accessed other apps, downloaded and cracked encrypted files and attempted to cover their tracks. The goal of the experiment, known as Project Cumulus, was more

    App Fatigue and Other Growing User Issues

    Is 2016 the year app fatigue will reach its tipping point? What should CIOs do to adapt to the changing needs of their employees? What will come of the duel between Google and Microsoft, and what implications will it have for future more

    Why SMBs Expect More From Their Service Providers

    Although small businesses see the value in IT services and plan to expand their investment in these services as new challenges arise, a high percentage are dissatisfied with their IT service providers. According to a new study more

    Why Innovation Is All About Many Small Steps

    While the vast majority of senior executives agree that innovation is an important organizational quality that helps them achieve goals, very few companies actually gain significant business benefits from innovation, according to a more

    Outrageous Excuses for Being Late to Work

    If you're like most managers, then you probably have to deal with certain staffers who make a habit of being late to work: A significant share of employees come in late at least once a month—if not weekly, according to a recent survey more

    Why Being Compliant Does Not Mean Being Secure

    Organizations continue to equate compliance with security, fostering the mistaken belief that meeting compliance requirements leads to a more secure enterprise. In fact, data breaches are rising in organizations certified as compliant, a new study more

    How IT Plans to Add More Green to Data Centers

    A significant share of IT managers say they routinely deal with data center power issues, according to a recent survey from Intel and Dell. Nearly as many experience data center cooling issues on a regular basis as well. As a more
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