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    How to Confront Conflict in the Workplace

    It's difficult to manage a conflict-free office: Strained relationships among employees account for no less than three out of five difficulties within organizations, research shows. Meanwhile, 43% of non-management workers feel that their more

    The Worst Security Offenders? IT Pros

    Contrary to expectations, a new study shows that tech-savvy employees are the most likely to create security risks. Millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, are among the culprits, according to the survey. Ninety-seven percent of employees have more

    Why IT Hiring Remains in a State of Flux

    While many CIOs and other tech leaders expect increases in their IT budgets, relatively few anticipate a boost in the number of full-time department staffers, according to the most recent "Reality Check" survey research from TEKsystems. more

    What Users Expect From a Website Experience

    Consumers and users are spending more time online than ever—and they're expecting a better experience on company Websites while they're doing it, according to a recent survey from Limelight Networks. The resulting "State of more

    Making the Case for Automated Data Center Tools

    Planning and forecasting the capacity of data centers is without a doubt challenging, but it’s surprising that slightly less than half of data center managers still rely on manual methods to do so. The main reason? more

    Ten Incredibly Cool Workspaces

    As a CIO, you want to create the most inviting office environment that you can, right? So perhaps you've arranged for fresh fruit, juices and other snacks in the kitchenette, along with stylish collaborative areas and maybe a Foosball table? That's more

    How to Create a World-Class Tech Team

    In defining what makes for an elite tech team, you can come up with measuring tools that address certification levels, project-management skills, communications capabilities and the innovation factor. But when you get down to the core more

    How Technology Makes Strange Bedfellows

    Unlikely partnerships have resulted in innovative business solutions for decades. These days, established companies are partnering with newer ones in unexpected market sectors. Companies are even joining forces with past competitors. What' more

    Why a Total Communications Strategy Makes Sense

    According to a recent survey, multinational corporations are moving to one communications service provider because they are looking for cost savings, want to improve employee productivity, require control and better more

    Why CIOs Must Change Their Leadership Style

    A clear majority of CIOs are redefining the essence of their leadership, according to the 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda survey report. The report, titled "Flipping to Digital Leadership," indicates that CIOs are placing less emphasis on more

    How Cultural Differences Impact IT Security

    A majority of American and German IT practitioners agree that inadvertent employee negligence decreases productivity and causes more security incidents than intentional and malicious acts, according to a new survey. Seventy-three percent of American more

    Why Cloud-based Security Services Are on the Rise

    A new study finds an increase in IT security incidents since last year (no surprise there) and a boost in security budgets this year (certainly a nice surprise). The PwC study also revealed a greater adoption of security frameworks, and the use more

    How Working Parents Cope With Burnout

    Nearly all working parents have experienced burnout, and most of them say the situation has led to troubling health-related consequences, according to a recent survey from Bright Horizons. The resulting "Modern Family Index more

    The New State of Business Interconnectivity

    The number of enterprises that are expected to be interconnected will double between now and 2017, according to a recent survey from Equinix. The report, titled "The Enterprise of the Future: Unleashing the Interconnected more

    Remote Control: How to Empower Remote Workers

    Is your office building looking, well, emptier these days? If so, it could be because organizations are getting more flexible in allowing employees to work remotely, according to a recent survey from Jive Software. The vast majority of employers more

    Ten Must-Read Books for Business Technologists

    By now, it's abundantly clear that being a CIO is as much about the business of technology as the technology of business. Few organizations can claim as much collective expertise in this area as McKinsey and Co., the celebrated global more

    Why Innovation Is a Necessity—Not a Luxury

    Through the cloud, mobility, wearable tech and the Internet of things (IoT), companies are discovering that their potential to revolutionize the customer experience is limited only by their collective imaginations. To illustrate, we're more

    Does Your Staff Consider You a Boss or a Buddy?

    Do your tech staffers consider you a boss or a buddy? If they're like the majority of professionals, they consider you more of a manager than a friend, according to a recent survey from Spherion. This is actually a good thing: The vast more

    There’s No Finish Line for Digital Transformations

    While organizations give lofty self-assessments of their digital transformation pursuits, most are essentially "talking the talk" here, according to a recent survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit. Very few, for example, more

    How Fake ‘Insiders’ Can Hijack an Organization

    Privileged accounts are at the epicenter of most cyber-attacks, but many organizations still struggle to identify and locate such accounts, according to a new study. Yet access to these accounts can lead to a "complete hostile takeover" of network more
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