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    Remote Control: How to Empower Remote Workers

    Is your office building looking, well, emptier these days? If so, it could be because organizations are getting more flexible in allowing employees to work remotely, according to a recent survey from Jive Software. The vast majority of employers more

    Ten Must-Read Books for Business Technologists

    By now, it's abundantly clear that being a CIO is as much about the business of technology as the technology of business. Few organizations can claim as much collective expertise in this area as McKinsey and Co., the celebrated global more

    Why Innovation Is a Necessity—Not a Luxury

    Through the cloud, mobility, wearable tech and the Internet of things (IoT), companies are discovering that their potential to revolutionize the customer experience is limited only by their collective imaginations. To illustrate, we're more

    Does Your Staff Consider You a Boss or a Buddy?

    Do your tech staffers consider you a boss or a buddy? If they're like the majority of professionals, they consider you more of a manager than a friend, according to a recent survey from Spherion. This is actually a good thing: The vast more

    There’s No Finish Line for Digital Transformations

    While organizations give lofty self-assessments of their digital transformation pursuits, most are essentially "talking the talk" here, according to a recent survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit. Very few, for example, more

    How Fake ‘Insiders’ Can Hijack an Organization

    Privileged accounts are at the epicenter of most cyber-attacks, but many organizations still struggle to identify and locate such accounts, according to a new study. Yet access to these accounts can lead to a "complete hostile takeover" of network more

    How CIOs Can Help Sales Teams Close the Deal

    As selling strategies evolve and improve through technology, the role of the CIO has a more direct impact on revenue and commission for the sales team. Technology is becoming a key competitive differentiator for sales' success, as more

    Why Enterprises and Startups Collaborate

    CIOs and other executives from large companies are learning how to foster a more innovative and effective digital business environment through their ongoing collaborations with entrepreneurs and startups, according to a recent survey from more

    Why Worker Confidence Remains Strong

    Overall confidence among employees about their present and future remains impressively high, according to the most recent U.S. Employee Confidence Index (ECI) survey from Randstad US. A significant share of workers feel the economy is getting more

    The Rise of No-Code Citizen Developers

    Traditional programming methods and application development platforms are too slow, too expensive and are fraught with miscommunications, according to a new survey. That's driving enterprises to seek a better ROI in application more

    Company Memo: We Can't Protect Consumer Data

    The majority of technology, risk and business professionals revealed customers should not feel confident that their personal information is fully secured, according to a recent survey from ISACA. The report, titled "Keeping a Lock on Privacy: How more

    Who’s Mining the Data?

    It's been well-reported that the accumulating volume of enterprise-managed data is presenting major challenges for organizations. But they're also struggling with the amount of tools they must use to collect and analyze it, according to a recent survey from more

    Why Some IT Pros Are Terrible at Networking

    As a CIO, you're expected to feel as comfortable engaging techies as you are senior execs with MBAs. And, often, schmoozing with IT and business pros at networking events presents great opportunities to raise your industry profile, more

    When Email Marketing Campaigns Are Just Mailing It In

    Despite the surge of business-to-consumer interactivity in social media, organizations still vastly depend on email to connect with customers. However, a large portion of customer-focused email databases are more

    Measuring the ROI of New Tech Investments

    Companies considered tech driven are far more likely to achieve productivity goals than those that aren't, according to a recent survey from Planview. The resulting report, titled "Powering Productivity: How Business Leaders Are more

    When the Firewall Is Not Enough

    In the era of the Internet of things, CIOs must apply the same security policies to printers as they do to their IT infrastructure. Statistics of printer breaches are unavailable, but HP estimates that 70 percent of customers do not secure their printers. more

    11 Ways to Protect Data in the Cloud

    The recent avalanche of security breaches is forcing CIOs to establish new due diligence priorities to protect business data in the cloud. This is an especially timely issue, given the FTC's recent ruling, which affirmed its authority more

    Managing Cloud Costs (and Expectations)

    Today, cloud computing growth outpaces all other IT spending, according to IDC. The forecast for worldwide total cloud spend for 2015 is $32 billon, up 21 percent from last year's $26.4 billion spent. Not long ago, however, the cloud more

    Tech’s Indelible Impact on Society

    A significant share of Americans feel that digital companies are gaining so much power that they'll eventually get regulated just as utilities are today, according to a recent survey from Vrge Strategies. The findings cover an interesting mix of more

    Demand for Apps Grows but Quality Takes a Hit

    Tech departments are allocating a significantly larger share of their overall budgets to quality assurance (QA) and testing, according to a recent survey from Capgemini. Produced in conjunction with HP, the resulting "World Quality more
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