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    How a Lack of Automated Tools Hurts IT Support

    A lack of automated tech solutions–including those for IT support efforts–is reducing productivity within today's organizations, according to a recent survey from ServiceNow. The report, titled "Today's State of Work: The more

    The Evolving State of Cyber-Threats

    Over the last few years, cyber-threats have become more sophisticated and persistent. Every day, there's news of yet another breach or breakdown. What's more, confronting the problem and mitigating risk has become more difficult. A new survey from QuinStreet more

    Ten Job Interview Deal Killers

    A bad hire can take a big bite out of your budget. The average cost of a failed hiring decision equates to 30% of the staffer's first-year potential earnings, according to industry research. Two-thirds of employers say they've experienced negative more

    How Cyber-criminals Infiltrate the Enterprise

    A new study reveals that cyber-criminals targeted five out of six large companies in 2014, a 40% increase since 2013. Hackers are also using deceptive new tactics to infiltrate corporate networks, hijacking infrastructures and turning them on more

    Why IT Falls Short of Digital Transaction Demands

    While an overwhelming majority of IT and business decision-makers feel that digital transaction management (DTM) plays a key role in organizational success, most feel that existing tech solutions are not addressing this more

    How the Digital Age Is Changing Business Forever

    Remember when offices closed at 5 p.m.? Or stores shut down on Sundays? While this was the norm just a generation ago, it may seem like an eternity for CIOs and other executive leaders. That's because the digital age more

    How Companies Benefit From ITSM

    CIOs are leading their organizations to greater efficiencies and improved user experiences through the increased use of IT Service Management (ITSM), according to a recent survey from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). The report titled " more

    How Innovation Stacks Up Around the World

    U.S. companies are innovating faster and more frequently than their European counterparts, according to a new study. The study also finds that automation is the key to managing an increasingly diverse, complex business environment and more

    What CEOs Expect From IT Investment

    CEOs no longer perceive of tech operations as some esoteric organizational function that they can keep at a distance. In fact, the majority of corporate leaders believe IT plays an essential role in making strategic decisions, more

    Non-Tech Skills to Look for in Tech Workers

    As a CIO, you want your IT employees to command a high level of hard skills–specifically their tech experience and know-how, as demonstrated by certifications, degrees and work history. But how much attention do you pay to the less more

    The World According to DBAs

    Database administrators (DBAs) are at the frontline of data management in most enterprises, identifying and often choosing to adopt new technologies. According to a new survey of DBAs, "While Hadoop and NoSQL are exciting new technologies," primarily more

    Why IT Struggles to Meet Department Goals

    Very few IT professionals believe their department is meeting goals on a consistent basis, much less exceeding them, according to a recent survey from Continuity Software. However, IT is able to detect and respond to critical tech more

    Why IT Is Increasing Spending for Data Warehouses

    The vast majority of organizations are increasing their investment in data warehouses, according to a recent survey from Snowflake Computing. In many cases, they're motivated to do so after struggling with challenges related to their more

    10 Ways to Take Control of SaaS Apps and Shadow IT

    The use of SaaS applications is growing globally, as SaaS increases business agility. Cloud-based services are booming in the enterprise and they can be spun up on the fly by an employee with a credit card without involvement from IT or the more

    10 Tips to Transform Your IT Department

    Cloud computing and data analytics are two of the fastest-growing areas of IT today. They are expected to grow by 26 percent annually over the next five years, according to a new report, "Global Cloud Analytics Market 2015-2019," by Research more

    When DDoS Attacks Threaten Business Opportunities

    Businesses that are targeted in DDoS attacks also lose business opportunities and endure damage to their reputations, according to a new survey. Among the most common cyber-weapons, DDoS attacks cause loss of contracts and operations that more

    How Mobile Messaging Drives Enterprise Strategies

    CIOs and other IT decision-makers are aggressively pursuing mobile messaging initiatives-and many of them are overseeing at least several such projects at once, according to a recent survey from OpenMarket. Through such more

    Why IT Must Respond More Rapidly to Tech Issues

    The vast majority of tech professionals revealed they've been told that IT responds too slowly to solve key issues, according to a recent survey from xMatters. The report, titled "Business Impact of IT Incident Communications," more

    CIOs Are Concerned Over Employees’ Cloud Misuse

    The dominant cloud security concerns for IT leaders are misuse of employee credentials and improper access to control, not malware and hacking, according to a new report. The first two are at the top list for IT executives more

    How to Conduct an Effective ‘Stay’ Interview

    Voluntary turnover among employees is now averaging more than 10 percent a year, and the cost of replacing a professional these days amounts to between six and nine months' worth of his or her salary, according to industry research. In more
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