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    Can Two-Factor Authentication Fix Mobile Security?

    A staggering 95% of IT decision-makers admit obstacles to increased user mobility, according to a new survey. The study, "2015 Global Authentication and Identity Access Management Index," polled 900 IT decision-makers and was more

    The Perils of Poor Privileged Account Management

    Disorganized privileged account management practices expose businesses to serious security risk, a new study revealed. Although 80 percent of respondents have a defined process for managing privileged accounts, they aren’t diligent in more

    How Analytics Separates the Best From the Rest

    Organizations that are superior at deploying analytics are committed to incorporating these efforts within their business strategies, according to a recent survey developed by Forbes Insights in cooperation with EY. The report, titled " more

    How High Performers Pursue Digital Innovation

    The speed of digital advancements is separating companies into the haves and have nots: High performers are much better at creating a digital-friendly work culture with cutting-edge project opportunities, while establishing strong more

    How to Prevent Website Downtime

    News that the company site is down can be a CIO's worst-case scenario. Website outages annoy customers and can cause significant losses in sales and profits. They shake customers' confidence in your site and can push them to a competitor, more

    How to Avoid Strategic Self-Sabotage

    Do you have a saboteur within your IT team? Or are you doing such damage yourself—without being aware of it? The recent book, Simple Sabotage: A Modern Field Manual for Detecting and Rooting Out Everyday Behaviors that Undermine Your more

    Five Reasons Why Employees Are Thankful

    Aside from providing large salaries, big bonuses and all kinds of cushy perks, what can you do to make your staffers thankful for being at work? Try a combination of proactive, professional developmental efforts, along with the fostering of more

    Losing Control of Public Cloud Performance

    Momentum for public cloud deployment is expected to rapidly increase over the next year—at the risk of organizations losing control over critical parts of their IT infrastructure, according to a recent survey from more

    How Analytics Helps Crime Fighters

    Law enforcement’s ability to use data and technology to battle crime is one of the most significant developments in policing. According to a new study, 88% of U.S. law enforcement officials believe that big data analytics has significant potential to more

    Why IT Pros Are in Denial of Security Threats

    Half of IT security experts in the United States think their organization is an unlikely target for attack, according to a new study. This largely positive outlook could account for a lack of cyber-preparedness, however, because 61% of respondents more

    Why CIOs Are Losing Control of Technology

    CIOs give themselves and their employees high marks for delivering upon needed business outcomes, but they also admit that they're losing control over significant tech purchase decisions to the business side, according to a recent survey from Logicalis more

    The Dangers of Neglecting a DevOps Strategy

    The majority of organizations are replacing existing tech with DevOps solutions, according to a recent survey from Appvance. By doing so, they hope to boost both the velocity of tech, while increasing productivity and more

    CIOs Declare War on Dirty Data

    A majority of CIOs are concluding that it's time to dispense with dirty data once and for all: Within the last year, organizations have spent nearly half a million dollars to correct inaccurate data, according to a recent survey from Experian Data more

    How to Confront Conflict in the Workplace

    It's difficult to manage a conflict-free office: Strained relationships among employees account for no less than three out of five difficulties within organizations, research shows. Meanwhile, 43% of non-management workers feel that their more

    The Worst Security Offenders? IT Pros

    Contrary to expectations, a new study shows that tech-savvy employees are the most likely to create security risks. Millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, are among the culprits, according to the survey. Ninety-seven percent of employees have more

    Why IT Hiring Remains in a State of Flux

    While many CIOs and other tech leaders expect increases in their IT budgets, relatively few anticipate a boost in the number of full-time department staffers, according to the most recent "Reality Check" survey research from TEKsystems. more

    What Users Expect From a Website Experience

    Consumers and users are spending more time online than ever—and they're expecting a better experience on company Websites while they're doing it, according to a recent survey from Limelight Networks. The resulting "State of more

    Making the Case for Automated Data Center Tools

    Planning and forecasting the capacity of data centers is without a doubt challenging, but it’s surprising that slightly less than half of data center managers still rely on manual methods to do so. The main reason? more

    Ten Incredibly Cool Workspaces

    As a CIO, you want to create the most inviting office environment that you can, right? So perhaps you've arranged for fresh fruit, juices and other snacks in the kitchenette, along with stylish collaborative areas and maybe a Foosball table? That's more

    How to Create a World-Class Tech Team

    In defining what makes for an elite tech team, you can come up with measuring tools that address certification levels, project-management skills, communications capabilities and the innovation factor. But when you get down to the core more
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