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    IT Teams Thriving With DevOps

    As part of the agile movement, the term "DevOps" emerged in 2009 as a quick, techno-hip way to combine the words "development" and "operations." Since then, the concept has gained momentum, to the point where a majority of organizations more

    Managers Struggle to Reduce Workplace Distractions

    While technology has greatly increased productivity in the workplace, the resulting distractions are also taking a toll. Whether gossiping, posting away on social media or spending more time than they should on work e-mails, more

    Nine Steps to Achieving Transformational Change

    A new study on transformational change in organizations outlines best practices that engage employees, provide a vision of the future and improve work processes. "Transformational Change—Making It Last" highlights what more

    Nine Security Best Practices You Should Enforce

    Eighty-nine percent of security breaches and data loss incidents could have been prevented last year, according to the Online Trust Alliance's (OTA's) "2014 Data and Breach Protection Readiness Guide." In the interest of helping enterprises more

    Call Centers Heading to the Cloud

    If your organization's call center is premise-based, it's highly likely you'll be moving it to the cloud soon, according to a recent survey from Evolve IP and the Contact Center and Customer Care Industry Professional Network. The survey's more

    10 Things That All Great Project Managers Do

    The numbers are not kind: An estimated one-half of IT projects fail, according to industry research. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall—about two of five tech projects budgeted at $15 million or more fail, and more

    CIOs Are Upbeat About Job, Leadership Presence

    All things considered, CIOs are in a good state of mind these days. The dark days when they had to squeeze IT budgets and trim headcount due to the Great Recession are behind, as tech budgets appear to be on the rise, according to a new more

    10 Most In-Demand Software Skills

    The current job market has been very good for software developers, especially those with experience in several programming languages. The unemployment rate for software developers was 2.8 percent in Q1 of 2014, according to the Bureau of more

    How to Safeguard Against IT Infrastructure Outages

    By now, organizations are well aware that any disruption in the availability of IT network and infrastructure systems will result in a disruption of business. In fact, many companies simply can't conduct any more

    10 Things You Need to Know About Data Theft

    A new Trustwave report analyses the behavior of cybercriminals and details the type of information they target most, industries most compromised, how break-ins often occur, malware trends and other critical components of breaches that affect the more

    10 Things to Know About the Cost of DNS Attacks

    The top challenge most organizations face in protecting networks against Domain Name Service (DNS)-based attacks is the cost of security solutions. Infoblox, a network control solutions firm, recently sponsored a survey on DNS protection which more

    How Big Data is Redefining the Role of a CIO

    Organizations are empowering CIOs to maximize the value of all things data, whether structured or unstructured. In the process, these CIOs are expanding their impact by redefining their jobs, according to a new paper from McKinsey & more

    Employees Burning Out From a Lack of Work Breaks

    Except for a lunch break, an alarming number of professionals say they literally work non-stop at their desks all day, according to a recent survey from Staples. This, despite the fact that the vast majority of employers say they more

    Executive Leadership Gets Failing Grade

    Business leaders are "losing the room" when it comes their credibility with consumers, according to a new survey from Ketchum. The accompanying Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor (KLCM) report reveals that these consumers feel corporate senior more

    Enterprise Still Main Target of DDoS Attacks

    Enterprise and commerce continue to weather the most-frequent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks of all industries. Together, they account for 70 percent of reported attacks, with 159 for enterprise and 82 for commerce, according to Akamai more

    Employees Face Work-Life Flexibility Obstacles

    A recent survey on work-life flexibility presents a classic "good news/bad news" take on the topic. The good news: Nearly all professionals say they have some freedom here. The bad news: A clear majority say they face obstacles in more

    Q1 Budgets Fall, Fewer Security Experts Hired

    TEKsystems' new "Quarterly IT Reality Check" survey finds smaller tech budgets in the first quarter, but more IT leaders who are confident about their ability to meet business demands. Security experts and big data talent, however, are more

    Value of Big Data Remains Untapped

    The vast majority of companies aren't able to access or make use of all of their big data, according to a new survey from VoltDB. Many of the challenges are linked to database performance issues, which include a lack of application-response speed more

    10 Leadership Blind Spots to Avoid

    It's all too common for CIOs and other leaders to lose sight of all the essentials which are needed to succeed. This could happen due to the wealth of never-ending little jobs that come with the territory, but get in the way of the accomplishment of more

    10 Ways to Improve Your Critical Thinking

    CIOs are generally considered bright people. But are they critical thinkers? Not necessarily. Yet, the latter defines a major difference between CIOs who spend all of their time putting out various fires in the workplace and those who emerge as more
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