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    10 Ways to Present a Convincing Case for IT

    As a CIO, you know that determining a promising tech acquisition and deployment strategy is only part of the battle. The other part, of course, is getting key influencers and decision-makers to support your proposal. The new book, The more

    U.S. Companies Falling Behind on Innovation

    When it comes to innovation, U.S.-based companies have some catching up to do: More than eight of 10 of the "most aggressive" global organizations are based outside of the U.S., according to a recent survey from PwC. The topic remains more

    Outsourced Clouds Gaining Momentum

    In its fifth survey on outsourcing trends, Savvis, a CenturyLink company in the cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions space, projects a reversal in IT infrastructure. Today, 65 percent of IT infrastructure resides in in-house more

    10 Ways to Build Allies, Not Adversaries

    A very basic but essential rule of management breaks down as so: Allies are assets. Adversaries are liabilities. That said, ensuring you have the former and not the latter is easier said than done. Yes, you need to demonstrate a great more

    How to Go From CIO to CEO

    Does a glass ceiling exist for CIOs looking to rise to the position of CEO? Hardly, as many high-profile names have successfully made this transition. To cite just a few: Kirby Slunaker was CIO at Visa USA, ProCard, Pendum and other companies before being more

    Retention Issues Loom for CIOs

    You may think your IT staffers are happy campers with no intentions to leave. But an overwhelming majority of tech professionals either plan to explore opportunities with another company, or are on the fence, according to recent survey findings from more

    10 Ways to Lead Like Machiavelli

    Do you seek to lead like a lamb or a wolf? That question serves as a central focus in a new book from Gartner, The Wolf in CIO's Clothing: A Machiavellian Strategy for Successful IT Leadership (Gartner eBooks). In the book, author Tina Nunno more

    Flex Programs Enhance Employee Engagement

    If you believe that highly engaged work teams are typically more motivated and productive than those which aren't—and countless scientific surveys support this premise—then you should seriously consider stepping up your more

    Big Data Experience Is Much Needed—and Wanted

    While there's no shortage of interest in big data, a new survey of 1,500 IT leaders and 2,000 IT professionals conducted by TEKsystems, a provider of IT services, finds that at this point only a small minority have any real big more

    CIOs and CMOs Duel to Control Mobile Web Strategy

    CMOs want to be more involved in determining mobile web strategy and direction because key performance metrics, like incremental sales, conversion and brand equity are directly influenced by an organization's ability to more

    The 10 Highest-Paid CIOs of Public Companies

    Today's most impactful IT leaders often wear their non-tech backgrounds and interests like a badge of honor. For evidence, look no further than the following list of the 10 highest-paid CIOs at publicly traded companies, as taken from a more

    Is the Battle for Network Security a Lost Cause?

    As if the sheer number of malware samples roaming the world isn’t enough to keep CIOs up at night, a new study from software security firm Lieberman Software has revealed that increasingly sophisticated hackers, coupled more

    10 Ways to Command Influence

    You need more than a lofty job title or a long list of potential benefits. And, frankly, you need more than a strong proposal. No, in order to gain important advocates within your organization for your IT-driven plans, you have to emerge as more

    The BI Collaboration Challenge

    One of the larger assumptions that IT organizations make is that end users want to collaborate with each other within the context of the business intelligence (BI) application they are using. But a new global survey of 1,182 IT and more

    Leaders Confront Tech-Enabled Reputational Risks

    For today's organizations, the overwhelming impact of social media, mobile, the cloud and big fata have created a whole new—and foreboding—category of risk, according to a recent global survey from Deloitte Touche more

    Mobile QA Testing Rises, Especially for Security

    Less than 31 percent of companies reported validating mobile applications last year, according to Capgemini’s new World Quality Report 2013-2014. This year, the data show a rapid rise in mobile testing more

    Eight Myths About Creativity and Innovation

    Why are the concepts of creativity and innovation such elusive mysteries? Perhaps because, unlike a tablet, smartphone or USB cord, you can't pack these two qualities in a case and take them to work. However, they're intangible yet more

    Lack of IT Resources Hinders Data Analytics

    A recent survey from Lavastorm Analytics presents a classic “good news/bad news” picture. The good news? An overwhelming majority of organizations recognize the rising value of data analytics. In fact, analytics technologies more

    Companies Investing More in Innovation

    In recent years, a running theme in many of our slideshow features has been the elevation of CIOs to the role of strategic leaders who help drive innovation, as opposed to being strictly operational managers. And, obviously, a strategic more

    How Companies Can Improve Their Big Data Analytics

    If you had a car with a fantastic engine in your garage, you'd drive it, wouldn't you? After all, it makes no sense to invest in such a product and leave it hidden under a tarp, right? If so, then think of big data as the great, more
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