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    How to Hire—and Keep—the Next Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs preached "Think different" during his celebrated reign at Apple. But you may not realize that he cultivated this quality under a mentor who launched the restaurant chain, Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, that's right. Nolan Bushnell started more

    Six Completely Bizarre Resumes

    OK, we know you don't expect the typical IT department applicant to be a polished gem when it comes to resume writing. But you do maintain some semblance of standards when it comes to proofreading, relevancy and an overall sense of more

    Planning Failures Unleash IT Chaos

    Your IT staffers are devoting far, far too much time dealing with unanticipated tech problems, as opposed to initiating proactive efforts to support organizational goals, according to a recent survey from TeamQuest. In fact, tech employees spend an more

    Board Directors Seek to Increase Tech IQ

    Do you find yourself in front of the board of directors more often these days? You're not alone, according to a recent survey from PwC. Board leadership no longer views CIOs as simply those "tech people" who oversee relatively more

    Tablets: Popular But Not So Productive

    Productivity is the most important metric for companies that want to improve their cost-effectiveness in the office. And for some IT decision-makers, investing in tablets would seem like a good way to increase productivity. But a new more

    Weak Mobile Security Poses Enterprise Threat

    “Are consumers are willing to pay for antivirus software on their mobile devices?” is a question that Gartner asked in an online consumer survey at several of its events from February through December 2012. Gartner more

    App Testing Now Consumes a Quarter of IT Budget

    A new study of 1,500 global IT decision-makers conducted by Capgemini and Hewlett-Packard finds that, by 2015, quality assurance testing is expected to consume as much as 28 percent of the IT budget, up five more

    CIOs Must Prepare for New Era of IT

    Even if you've been a CIO for only a year, you may think that you've already seen a vast amount of shifts within the technology landscape. However, you'll need to prepare for even more for the immediate—and indefinite—future, according to a more

    CIOs Emerge as Leading 'News Junkies'

    Extra! Extra! Here's the latest headline: CIOs and other IT decision-makers are typically more informed about current events than the rest of the U.S. population, according to a recently released Harris Poll. In fact, they're far more likely to describe more

    Android: Top Three Malware Threats and Solutions

    Google's Android, the dominant mobile operating system, is the primary target for malware attacks, according to a study released by the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Android remains a primary target for more

    CIOs Face Major Mobile Management Challenges

    Most CIOs realize that there are many important issues associated with the rise of bring your own device (BYOD). But a new survey from CDW makes it clear as to how wide-ranging—and potentially serious—these issues are. more

    The Business Impact of Failed IT Projects

    It's hard to think of a single significant business process these days that is not dependent on IT. As a result, any time there is a problem with IT, the cascading effects on the business can be catastrophic. A recent global survey of 304 more

    Organizations Shifting Cloud Strategies

    We know that high-profile cloud platforms are big—and are only going to get bigger. But don't assume that once an organization moves part or all of its tech functions to a public cloud system, that the migration is permanent. more

    Managers Offering Larger Raises to Compete

    CIOs and other managers will need to budget more for raises to keep retention levels high, according to recent research from Aon Hewitt. While forecasted raises for the next year are by no means lavish, they represent a sizable increase more

    Customer Service Needs Improved IT Support

    Customer-service systems have reached a state of disarray as CIOs and other tech leaders admit that they're doing very little to monitor and improve these contact centers, according to a recent survey from Empirix. Few more

    Nonstop Tech is Taking a Toll on Americans

    Back in his day (yes, the 16th century) Swiss biologist Conrad Gessner tossed the proverbial penalty flag on the printing press. He warned that it would leave a "confusing and harmful abundance of books" that would saddle people with, well, more

    Leadership Qualities of Nine Football Greats

    Sports metaphors are dropped all the time in business. (Probably too often.) But CIOs can't dismiss the clear connection between victories on the sports field and success in business. After all, a good number of marque more

    10 Things That CIOs Should Never Do

    As the saying goes: When you're hired as the big boss, there are a hundred ways to screw it up. If you figure out half of them, you're a genius. So allow the following list of "things that a CIO should avoid doing" as a starter kit of sorts. more

    Four Tech Skills on the Rise—and Four in Decline

    "Rust never sleeps," as the classic rock song says. Neither does technology. Rapid shifts which directly impact key business strategies occur every day. So you have to adapt your approach to recruitment and hiring, according to a more

    CIOs Taking Slow, Steady Hiring Approach

    CIOs and their organizations are taking a proceed-with-caution approach to IT staffing in light of the continuing economic recovery, according to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology. The good news? A very small percentage plan to more
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