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    Five Game-Changing Predictions for IT in 2014

    Do you frequently find yourself trying to catch your breath in 2013? Then you may want to build up those pipes with some aerobic workouts because 2014 promises only more of the same. Cloud computing, mobile and social tech will continue to more

    11 Qualities of a Strong Board of Directors

    Remember when few people at a company ever actually saw members of the board of directors? How many of them would attend a couple meetings a year and pocket a generous sum for their time? (Nice work if you can get it.…) more

    Workers Choose the Ten Best Tech Employers

    If you thought social media was taking over the world, then the following Glassdoor list of the best tech companies to work for should only confirm this impression: The top three slots are taken by some of the most well-known social networking more

    The Rise of Mobile Enterprise Apps

    As more businesses operate 24/7 and seek to expand globally, those most likely to succeed will embrace enterprise mobility as a key communications strategy, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. The market more

    The Cost of Bad Online Experiences

    You'd think we would have the online shopping thing down pretty well by now, wouldn't you? Apparently not, according to a recent survey from LivePerson. Companies are losing sales opportunities every day due to their failure to establish a positive, more

    Leadership Void Threatens Global Businesses

    A generation ago, it was standard practice to fill senior-level positions with lower-level managers who had hung around the longest. After all, seniority ruled. But the rapid pace of tech innovation and economic shifts are more

    10 Ways to Win Over Your CFO

    He doesn't claim to be an expert on all things tech. But you can't address him as if he's an IT neophyte either. He's known for asking the tough questions. But, ultimately, he has the interest of your entire organization at heart. He's your CFO. And more

    Enterprise B2B Imitates B2C

    Few companies can shop online when they need business supplies the way consumers can. Enterprises can't buy stock directly from a company's sales staff, or participate in auctions for refurbished material. There is no network of peer customers to comment on more

    Why Enterprise Strategies Must Drive Mobility

    The mobile revolution is now arguably in its third decade (if one counts the 2G network first launched in Finland in 1991 as comprising the starting point.) Since then, a dizzying blitz of innovative changes have shaped what we more

    Projects Suffer from Lack of Staffing, Resources

    While stripped-down staffing and an overall commitment to do more with less is nothing new, many workers are struggling to get anything of value completed on time, according to a recent survey from AtTask. They're too often assigned to tasks more

    Steady Growth Projected for Global Security Market

    Increasing complexity in enterprise information systems is driving the growth of the global security and vulnerability management market (GSVM), according to London-based research firm TechNavio. The TechNavio report says open source software more

    The Emerging Economy

    As continues to extend its reach beyond software as a service it's becoming clear the company is emerging as a major cloud computing resource in the enterprise. A new survey of more than 450 business and IT more

    Bosses Have Difficulty Saying 'I Am Sorry'

    As the classic Elton John song put it, " 'Sorry' seems to be the hardest word …" At least that appears to be the case in the workplace as CIOs and other bosses are frequently reluctant to offer an honest, direct apology, according more

    CIOs Can't Ignore the Workplace Value of Vacations

    Be honest: Do you ever track the amount of vacation time that your employees take? Or is that something best left to HR while you tend to the core, tech-focused functions of your role? While opting for the latter approach is more

    Smartphone Addiction Reaching New Heights

    Do you sometimes get the feeling that your smartphone owns you instead of the other way around? It's astonishing how that tiny screen commands an almost hypnotic effect upon society as a whole. And a recent survey report from LG more

    Mobility's Potential Remains Largely Untapped

    CIOs and other senior tech decision-makers say the enterprise's mobile IT remains vastly underutilized, according to a recent survey from Mobile Helix. True, the vast majority of organizations want mobile to advance more

    Tech Industry Struggling With Talent Gap

    If the tech sector is feeling optimistic about the future, that's good news for CIOs. After all, when vendors ramp up capital and product investment and boost staffing levels, it's fueled by an overall increase in demand for tech. It also more

    Mobile and Cloud Computing Face Emerging Threats

    At last month's annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit, security experts from academia, private industry and government gathered to discuss new technologies and strategies to ward off sophisticated cyber-attacks. The resulting report, " more

    IT Budget Outlook for 2014 Looks Bright

    Heading into 2014, organizations are starting to realize that IT is now more strategic than ever before. In an era where mobile, social networking, cloud computing and big data are all converging at the same time, many organizations have more

    The IT Rich Get Richer

    The gap is widening between those organizations that know how to get the most business value of IT and those that don't view IT as a strategic imperative. The latest version of the annual High Performance IT survey of 202 CIOs conducted by Accenture finds that of more
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