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    The 10 Highest-Paid CIOs of Public Companies

    Today's most impactful IT leaders often wear their non-tech backgrounds and interests like a badge of honor. For evidence, look no further than the following list of the 10 highest-paid CIOs at publicly traded companies, as taken from a more

    Is the Battle for Network Security a Lost Cause?

    As if the sheer number of malware samples roaming the world isn’t enough to keep CIOs up at night, a new study from software security firm Lieberman Software has revealed that increasingly sophisticated hackers, coupled more

    10 Ways to Command Influence

    You need more than a lofty job title or a long list of potential benefits. And, frankly, you need more than a strong proposal. No, in order to gain important advocates within your organization for your IT-driven plans, you have to emerge as more

    The BI Collaboration Challenge

    One of the larger assumptions that IT organizations make is that end users want to collaborate with each other within the context of the business intelligence (BI) application they are using. But a new global survey of 1,182 IT and more

    Leaders Confront Tech-Enabled Reputational Risks

    For today's organizations, the overwhelming impact of social media, mobile, the cloud and big fata have created a whole new—and foreboding—category of risk, according to a recent global survey from Deloitte Touche more

    Mobile QA Testing Rises, Especially for Security

    Less than 31 percent of companies reported validating mobile applications last year, according to Capgemini’s new World Quality Report 2013-2014. This year, the data show a rapid rise in mobile testing more

    Eight Myths About Creativity and Innovation

    Why are the concepts of creativity and innovation such elusive mysteries? Perhaps because, unlike a tablet, smartphone or USB cord, you can't pack these two qualities in a case and take them to work. However, they're intangible yet more

    Lack of IT Resources Hinders Data Analytics

    A recent survey from Lavastorm Analytics presents a classic “good news/bad news” picture. The good news? An overwhelming majority of organizations recognize the rising value of data analytics. In fact, analytics technologies more

    Companies Investing More in Innovation

    In recent years, a running theme in many of our slideshow features has been the elevation of CIOs to the role of strategic leaders who help drive innovation, as opposed to being strictly operational managers. And, obviously, a strategic more

    How Companies Can Improve Their Big Data Analytics

    If you had a car with a fantastic engine in your garage, you'd drive it, wouldn't you? After all, it makes no sense to invest in such a product and leave it hidden under a tarp, right? If so, then think of big data as the great, more

    ITaaS Delivery Models Expected to Soar

    Traditional means of acquiring and deploying business-driving tech solutions appear to be getting, well, lost in a cloud, according to a new survey from PMG. In fact, cloud computing and IT as a service (ITaaS) delivery models are expected more

    Cloud Emerging as Best Option for BI

    As big data continues to increase its impact upon today's organizations, CIOs must continue to incorporate effective business intelligence (BI) solutions to support revenue-enhancing efforts. In fact, these solutions now account for a more

    Managers Getting Good Grades From Employees

    If you're like a lot of CIOs, you probably worry that your IT staff is feeling too much pressure, stretched too thin and tasked with a staggering slew of deadlines. While there may be more than a grain of truth to this, your teams may more

    DevOps Produces Major Enterprise Impact

    While startup vendors have embraced the idea that developers and IT operations teams should work more closely together, making that partnership work in large-scale enterprise IT organizations is a whole other issue. But a more

    BYOD Challenges IT Support, Network Capabilities

    There's no stopping the bring your own device (BYOD) trend from winning over the enterprise. Although device costs should decline for IT because of the increased usage of personal devices in the workplace, it appears that more

    What IT Staff Worry About Most

    EiQ Networks, a company that offers security, risk and compliance solutions, recently conducted a survey, "What Keeps IT Pros Up at Night," which shows that regulatory compliance to protect corporate data continues to be one of the greatest challenges that more

    How to Hire—and Keep—the Next Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs preached "Think different" during his celebrated reign at Apple. But you may not realize that he cultivated this quality under a mentor who launched the restaurant chain, Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, that's right. Nolan Bushnell started more

    Six Completely Bizarre Resumes

    OK, we know you don't expect the typical IT department applicant to be a polished gem when it comes to resume writing. But you do maintain some semblance of standards when it comes to proofreading, relevancy and an overall sense of more

    Planning Failures Unleash IT Chaos

    Your IT staffers are devoting far, far too much time dealing with unanticipated tech problems, as opposed to initiating proactive efforts to support organizational goals, according to a recent survey from TeamQuest. In fact, tech employees spend an more

    Board Directors Seek to Increase Tech IQ

    Do you find yourself in front of the board of directors more often these days? You're not alone, according to a recent survey from PwC. Board leadership no longer views CIOs as simply those "tech people" who oversee relatively more
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