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    Are You Meeting Your Employees' Mobile Needs?

    The world is changing. You know it. Your employees know it. And, finally, the business side knows it. Whereas IT was once viewed as an expense at many companies, it's now seen as a way to gain a leg up over competitors. And with more more

    Like Your Employees, You're Headed to the Cloud

    The cloud is the future. That’s what everyone says. In fact, it’s what the vast majority of vendors, like IBM and Microsoft, say when they’re asked about their enterprise marketing efforts. The web is being more

    The Top Malware Threats of 2013

    Ever since the enterprise adopted Windows, CIOs have been forced to handle all types of security threats. And at one time or another, those security woes have caused a lot of headaches and have dramatically harmed productivity and data safety. It’s unfortunate, more

    Tech Investments Create New Strength, More Agility

    If your company is sitting on the sidelines when it comes to making significant investments in the cloud, mobility and collaborative technologies, it may well suffer bottom-line fallout in the near future. Global companies that commit more

    BYOD: A Cost-Saving Must-Have for Your Enterprise

    If last year could be marked by anything, it was the BYOD craze. Companies across the globe increasingly invested in consumer products, and allowed their employees to bring their own devices into the office. That has been good news for more

    The State of Cloud Storage Adoption

    If a CIO has heard it once, he or she has heard it a thousand times: The cloud is the future. From storage, to computing, to data recovery, the cloud is viewed by many to be the panacea that the corporate world has always been waiting for. more

    Employees Most Value Salary and Quality of Life

    CIOs and other top managers have always struggled to find new, creative ways to recruit and retain quality employees. In prior years, an effective way to reward someone without actually paying them was to give them a fancy job title. more

    Big Problems for Big Data

    Memo to CIOs: Your IT teams really want to help you tackle big data. After all, such projects serve an essential purpose in supporting organizational goals. And, yes, knocking this kind of undertaking out of the park looks great on your resume. But, more

    Enterprises Slowly Adopting Cloud Computing

    The cloud is moving indoors. Well, at least in a figurative sense, as a significant share of IT decision-makers say internally based cloud projects will move to the forefront of tech plans for 2013, according to recent research more

    Top Ten Business and IT Priorities for 2013

    A new survey of 2,053 global CIOs conducted by Gartner finds some interesting differences of opinion when it comes to the relative importance of business goals and technologies, such as business intelligence and mobile computing. A more

    Mobile Devices Increase Employees' Productivity

    It's no secret that smartphones and tablets have changed the way companies and government organizations do business. Previously, employees would leave the office and be free from their ties to work. Now, wherever they go, including at more

    10 Things CIOs Should Know About BlackBerry 10

    On Jan. 30, Research In Motion not only changed its name to BlackBerry, but also unveiled many of the details about its new operating system, BlackBerry 10. Along with that, the company showed off a new line of BlackBerry 10-ready more

    How to Respond to Overused Job Interview Phrases

    Have you ever heard a job interviewee tell you that he's not a "people person" or a "self-starter"? Unfortunately, these and other phrases favored by applicants are repeated so often that they've become empty clichés. As the hiring more

    CIOs' Tech Priorities: BI, Mobility, the Cloud

    An annual state-of-the-CIO survey from Gartner’s Executive Programs reveals that today’s senior technology executives are experiencing a period of transition. They realize that they’re only beginning to fully exploit tech& more

    Now Hiring: IT's Haves and Have-Nots

    With each new year comes new opportunities. A good number of employed IT professionals are currently looking for a new job. And many companies are deciding what positions they will fill this year, and are actively looking for personnel for those slots. more

    How BYOD is Viewed in the Enterprise

    The BYOD craze is sweeping the enterprise. Companies around the globe are warming to the idea of allowing consumer-focused products into the enterprise for the purpose of doing business. And in some cases, the benefits of BYOD have registered more

    CIOs' Top Eight Trends in 2013

    What's on your radar for 2013? If you're like many CIOs, you want more insight into which cloud models to pursue for your organization. You and your IT staffers are struggling to make better use of big data. And you're keenly interested in more

    Ten Ways to Kill Innovation

    Do you feel like your organization "talks a good game" when it comes to innovation, but fumbles when it comes to execution? Ever wonder why you and your teams spend so much time laboring on routine, process-based IT tasks rather than putting new, creative more

    All-Time Boneheaded Job Interview Mistakes

    You may want to think twice about asking certain prospective hires to just "Be honest and be yourself" during a job interview. That's because there are some job seekers out there who don't have a good sense of what's appropriate to say during more

    iPad Adoption on the Rise in the Enterprise

    Apple has been saying for well over a year now that the iPad is making headway in the enterprise. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the slate is being adopted by the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies. Smaller enterprises are more
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