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    Ten Reasons Why CIOs Fail

    Although estimates run the range, as many as seven of 10 IT projects fail, according to industry research. If you and your IT teams are linked to more than your fair share of these, you'll likely be perceived as a failure as well. That's not exactly more

    Cloud Savings in Spite of IT Skills Shortage

    It seems that every time a person in the IT field turns around, they're being inundated with an array of questions about cloud computing. What is it best used for? What is the extent of the cost savings? Is the future really in more

    Organizations Struggle to Build Customer Loyalty

    Technology has empowered customers with more information than ever—for better and worse. While they can call up your company's products and services with a single click, they can do the same for virtually every one of more

    Despite Weak Security, BYOD Rules the Workplace

    Bring Your Own Device is the craze that has swept the enterprise and all but revolutionized the way the corporate world views product purchases. Gone are the days when CIOs and their buyers decided which products employees will use more

    Millennials and Boomers: Living in Harmony?

    Hey, maybe we can all get along, after all. The most recent engagement study from Randstad reveals that Millennials and Baby Boomers are actually united on a number of key workplace issues, such as personal motivation and their organization's more

    Competition in Network Security Industry Increases

    Network security is a huge concern for every CIO. Increasingly, the business side is requiring CIOs to come up with Web-based solutions, and malicious hackers, knowing that, are trying to tunnel into corporate networks to steal as much sensitive more

    IT Pros Worry About Their Future

    At the moment, CIOs may feel like the most highly skilled of IT professionals have a distinct advantage over them in terms of negotiations for compensation, perks and other recruitment enticements. And perhaps that's true—for now. But here's an more

    Six Steps to Reduce IT Complexity

    Organizations can be their own worst enemy when it comes to enterprise IT. There are far too many redundant applications, too much data that is duplicated, and not nearly enough insight into what types of application workloads are being processed and more

    Users Want Mobile Apps, Not Mobile Websites

    The mobile world is changing at a rapid rate. People around the globe are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets to get information, and companies are responding to that change through a host of measures. In some more

    Exploring Key Challenges of the IT Skills Gap

    When it comes to the IT job market, viewpoints regarding demand for different IT skills and what some consider a serious skills shortage vary. Tech companies, analysts and recruiters have cited shortages of Java, .Net and C++ developers, more

    Digital Marketing Needs More CIO Attention

    A new Digital Marketing Spending report from Gartner, which is based on a survey of more than 250 marketers from U.S. companies with more than $500 million in annual revenue, finds that spending on digital marketing currently more

    Who's Protecting Your Cloud?

    Cloud computing is what the world is focusing on right now. Both big and small companies around the globe are saying that cloud computing is improving productivity, making employees happier, and producing an overall positive impact on the more

    IT Getting Tough on March Madness Activity

    While it’s fun, the upcoming March Madness college hoops tournament clearly can disrupt your IT operations. In fact, four of ten IT pros say the resulting streaming downloads and other content demand will impact network traffic, more

    CFOs Want More Proof of Tech Investment ROI

    CIOs must do more to justify new IT projects based upon the potential to grow their organization's business as opposed to "keeping the buses running on schedule." And, right now, CFOs aren't particularly convinced by what they're seeing, more

    The Problems With Microsoft SharePoint

    A new survey of 1,000 administrators and business users of Microsoft SharePoint finds that despite the widespread deployment of the collaboration platform, IT organizations continue to struggle not only with security and storage, but more

    How Companies are Addressing the Generation Gap

    Boomers resent those "young 'uns" because they arrive at odd hours and seem over-entitled and underworked. Gen Xers get irritated with "know it all" Boomers who refuse to retire, keeping the Gen Xers’ mid-level careers "stuck in more

    CIOs Harbor Mixed Sentiments About Q2 2013

    There's much for CIOs to feel optimistic about, and far more of them are planning to expand IT staff, compared to those who anticipate a reduction in their tech department headcount, according to the latest Robert Half Technology IT Hiring more

    The Long Journey to Analytics ROI

    A new survey of 600 executives in the U.S. and the U.K. conducted by Accenture finds that belief in the business value of analytics at this point is more an article of faith than science. It’s clear that while the executives surveyed more

    Office Bullying Taking Toll on Workforce

    In the past, CIOs and other top managers may have given a collective shrug to the concept of office "bullying." After all, IT teams work in high-pressure environments and, in some cases, tempers flare. In other instances, senior tech execs more

    IT Spends Too Much Time on 'Firehouse Duty'

    It sounds somewhat like a bad IT joke that you’d hear in the office: “How many tech professionals does it take to fix an issue?” The answer is five, working a combined average of 100 hours of time that otherwise would be more
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