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    How Document Management Drives Workers Crazy

    Knowledge workers are fed up with document-management snafus, according to a recent survey released by Perforce Software. The vast majority say these problems have caused them to lose precious productivity. They often can't find the file they're more

    Ten Essential Leadership Qualities of a CIO

    True leaders are always looking for ways to improve, whether they're employees or middle managers or CEOs. Of course, that includes CIOs. So consider the following as a list of skills and qualities that you always want to work on. They more

    Web-Borne Attacks Besiege the Enterprise

    The sheer number of ways companies can be attacked is staggering. But a whopping 80 percent of them are finding that the Web is a major threat. Security in the enterprise is a scary thing. The corporate world is being hit from all angles by threats that could more

    Companies Seek Improved Unified Communications

    The vast majority of large enterprises are actively involved in planning and budgeting for improved unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions, according to a recent global survey from Dimension Data. Among the more

    Job Hunting: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    CIOs and other senior tech managers confess that too many IT workers' resumes contain both exaggerations and flat-out fibs, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. And tech workers are inclined to agree with that assessment. The overall more

    Wasted Dollars: The Problem of Unused Software

    A significant percentage of organizations will increase their software budgets for the indefinite future, according to a recent survey from Flexera Software. However, there's also an alarming rise of "shelfware," indicating that too much money is more

    Most IT Admins Suffer From Work-Related Stress

    Does it seem like your IT administrators are on edge all the time these days? You're not imagining things. Most IT admins say they're feeling overwhelmed by stress, and are paying the price in their professional and personal lives—even at more

    Nine Ways to Correct an Employee Performance Issue

    It's a tough—but necessary—conversation: Too often, CIOs resign themselves to personnel shortcomings while never directly confronting the under-performing employees. Yes, they realize it's a major problem when a systems more

    BYOD Emerges as 'New Normal' for Mobile Generation

    CIOs and their IT teams are spending less time managing company-distributed hardware and more time attempting to navigate the ever-rising surge of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) popularity, according to a new international survey from more

    IT Spending to Grow at Steady Rate for 2013

    Global IT spending will increase at a steady clip this year and next, according to projections recently released by Gartner. The Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast indicates that demand for devices such as smartphones, tablets and more

    Inside the IT Job Market

    It’s no secret what it takes to get the job done in IT. From being able to handle emergencies to protecting data to ensuring that employees have the right tools, the IT function is vastly important in today’s corporate world. And in an increasing more

    It's Time for Big Data to Deliver

    The majority of major, global organizations are now fully immersed in big data projects. And CIOs who are helping lead these efforts are under pressure to perform: These initiatives are stretching into the eight-figure range in terms of budgeting, and more

    IT Lacks Resources to Resolve Performance Issues

    We recently reported that IT spends too much time tending to "fireman" tasks, with departments dealing with 20 unexpected issues every week. Now, the company behind that survey, TeamQuest Corp., has released additional research about the serious more

    Ten Reasons Why CIOs Fail

    Although estimates run the range, as many as seven of 10 IT projects fail, according to industry research. If you and your IT teams are linked to more than your fair share of these, you'll likely be perceived as a failure as well. That's not exactly more

    Cloud Savings in Spite of IT Skills Shortage

    It seems that every time a person in the IT field turns around, they're being inundated with an array of questions about cloud computing. What is it best used for? What is the extent of the cost savings? Is the future really in more

    Organizations Struggle to Build Customer Loyalty

    Technology has empowered customers with more information than ever—for better and worse. While they can call up your company's products and services with a single click, they can do the same for virtually every one of more

    Despite Weak Security, BYOD Rules the Workplace

    Bring Your Own Device is the craze that has swept the enterprise and all but revolutionized the way the corporate world views product purchases. Gone are the days when CIOs and their buyers decided which products employees will use more

    Millennials and Boomers: Living in Harmony?

    Hey, maybe we can all get along, after all. The most recent engagement study from Randstad reveals that Millennials and Baby Boomers are actually united on a number of key workplace issues, such as personal motivation and their organization's more

    Competition in Network Security Industry Increases

    Network security is a huge concern for every CIO. Increasingly, the business side is requiring CIOs to come up with Web-based solutions, and malicious hackers, knowing that, are trying to tunnel into corporate networks to steal as much sensitive more

    IT Pros Worry About Their Future

    At the moment, CIOs may feel like the most highly skilled of IT professionals have a distinct advantage over them in terms of negotiations for compensation, perks and other recruitment enticements. And perhaps that's true—for now. But here's an more
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