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    Ten Ways Apple Is Infiltrating the Enterprise

    Apple has done the impossible. For decades, the company was largely ignored by enterprise customers as CIOs viewed it as a firm with products designed specifically for consumers. The very thought of bringing Apple products into the more

    IT Aids in Company Efficiency and Business Growth

    For CIOs, identifying the value of IT departments isn’t all that difficult. For years, you’ve been working in a field that values technology and understands its benefits for the average company. And chances are you’ more

    Bigger Budgets, Higher Salaries Expected in 2013

    Yes, it's the time of the year when we provide some informed predictions to give you a sense of what to expect in 2013. Fortunately, the forecasts won't send you hiding beneath your desk in a frenzied panic. Many CIOs and other tech more

    Guess What? Your Employees Don't Care What You Say

    A strange thing is happening in the enterprise. Whereas once it was the CIO who decided what technology would be used in the workplace, nowadays employees are often making that decision. With BYOD and consumerization impacting more

    IT Expected to Transition to 'Third Platform'

    According to new research from IDC, the IT world will transition to what’s being called the “third platform” in 2013. Comprised of mobile computing, cloud services, social networking and big data analytics, the third more

    Ten Outrageous Office Holiday Party Incidents

    In addition to overseeing the tech stuff, you may be called upon to help organize the IT department’s holiday party this season. Or be expected to attend a company-wide event. If so, watch out. Because combining employees with an more

    Ten Ways to Conduct a Great Performance Review

    As a CIO, do you perceive the annual employee review as an opportunity to inspire continuously improving performance or "a necessary evil?" You may lean toward the latter, unfortunate impression--and your staff may well agree. In fact, 55 more

    BYOD Supported by Employees' 'Live-to-Work' Ethos

    The BYOD craze has swept the world. From mature markets to developing markets, IT decision makers are increasingly allowing employees to bring their own devices into the office and use them for work purposes. In a surprising number of more

    CIOs Turn to Social Media as a Purchasing Tool

    By now, we all know that organizations are taking full advantage of social media to closely connect with customers and to promote their products and services. But new research presented by LinkedIn reveals that social networks more

    Why Microsoft's Impending Doom Is Overblown

    Microsoft is currently under fire from critics who say its Windows 8 was a massive misstep. The operating system was such a blunder, they say, that Microsoft’s entire Windows division could eventually come crashing down. Those folks more

    Managers Unclear About Impact of Social Business

    The social-media train continues to gain momentum. Especially when more companies than ever now view social business as a key focus of current and future investment, according to a recent survey from IBM. Yet, while executives more

    10 Employee Issues to Watch for This Holiday Season

    With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, the time has come once again for CIOs to worry. Each year, the shopping season arrives and delivers all types of security and productivity-related problems to the average CIO’s more

    How Mobile Devices Are Impacting the Enterprise

    Mobile devices are infiltrating the enterprise at an astounding rate. From smartphones to tablets, the corporate world is being inundated with products that are designed to keep employees working while they're away from the office. more

    Businesses Lack Insight Into Network Activity

    Enterprises are increasing their investment into network-centric computing to improve end-user productivity, manage costs and increase IT efficiencies. But these advancements are also adding to the overall lack of visibility into more

    Gaining a Digital Advantage

    Over the last few years, a confluence of devices, systems and processes has resulted in a business environment that's increasingly digital, but how digitally innovative a company is varies greatly. According to a recent Capgemini Consulting and MIT Sloan more

    Empowered Employees Might Increase Security Woes

    The corporate world is increasingly encouraging CIOs to put power in the hands of employees. In the past, employees were expected to toe the line with company-provided technology, but nowadays the business side wants you to hand over more access to more

    Does the Enterprise Take Security Seriously?

    The enterprise has been worried about security for about as long as anyone can remember. Like it or not, there are malicious hackers and cyber-criminals around the world who would like nothing better than to take sensitive corporate data and exploit it. more

    Ten Top Priorities for State CIOs in 2013

    They are being asked to do more with less. Yet, at the same time, they're directed to continue finding newer and better ways to pursue tech—to maximize its value as a cost-savings and efficiencies-creating tool. And if this sounds familiar, it more

    The Office Fax Machine Is Alive and Well

    From smartphones to tablets to big data, CIOs are being hit from all sides by technologies that are state of the art today and may be outdated tomorrow. Planned obsolescence is a key component in the success of technology products, and CIOs more

    Ten Ways to Lead Your Department in a Crisis

    There's no greater test of an IT department—or your leadership abilities—than during a crisis. Whether it's a crippling budget cut, a blown deadline or a project that isn't meeting expectations, you'll be forever evaluated by more
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