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    Workers Still Value Personal Touch in Digital Age

    CIOs oversee tech departments that are more connected than ever, thanks to multiple mobile devices, BYOD and cloud computing. And you may think–especially after having a staff meeting during which some employees were clearly more

    Six Outrageous Questions From Job Candidates

    In a previous slideshow, we were happy to share some really bizarre questions that managers have asked job candidates. Since turnabout is fair play, we're now presenting the following outrageous interview questions that real-life potential more

    APTs: A Bigger, Badder Threat Than Ever Before

    Advanced Persistent Threats, or APTs, have been surfacing more and more in the security community. In fact, the unrelenting, stealth threats, which are designed to steal intellectual property and other information, have hit major enterprises without their more

    Tech Investments Falling Short of Full Potential

    Global organizations must take better command of their tech investments to manage change, according to a recent survey from The Hackett Group. On the positive side, this means a bigger budget for CIOs (albeit, not a staggering increase) more

    BYOD Improves IT and End-User Relationships

    There once was a time when the IT sector and employees weren't so friendly. The IT side viewed employees as a group of individuals that had meager appreciation for use policies, didn't understand the gravity of security breaches and more

    Nine 'Best Practices' For Telecommuting

    Despite Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s ban on telecommuting, CIOs and other senior managers are warming up to the idea of allowing certain employees to telecommute. For certain, these workers must hold job positions that are compatible with the more

    The Enterprise's Problem in the Cloud: Employees

    No matter where a CIO turns, he or she is inundated with discussions about cloud computing, its value to employees, and whether it will be the major change agent in the enterprise that so many people say it will. The cloud is not more

    The 12 Best States for 'Sticky' Tech Talent

    No CIO wants to invest a significant amount of time screening and interviewing countless job candidates only to have the subsequent new hires leave the department in a year or so. Strong retention translates to bottom-line benefits, given the more

    11 Blogging Best Practices for IT Teams

    Thanks to blogs and the ubiquitous nature of social media these days, everybody is a writer, right? And that also extends to your IT department staffers as they seek to impart their wisdom about technologies and industry trends to existing and more

    Companies Spend to Increase Social-Media Influence

    As indicated in prior features, CIOs are taking on a greater role in the business side of companies these days. This means they're spending more time with top marketing-department executives to develop ways for IT to help more

    Organizations Facing Bumpy Cloud Transition

    In theory, the cloud promises to help organizations cut operational expenses while paving the way for more agile business operations. However, the road to mass cloud adoption is paved with a number of transitional bumps, according more

    Agile Development Tail Wags the Business Dog

    For several years now agile development methodologies have been gaining adherents across the developer spectrum. While it's taken some time for agile development to attain mainstream adoption in the developer community, the more

    IT Growth Outlooks and Trends in 2013

    The biggest disrupters for tech today—cloud computing, mobility, social media and big data--will continue to, well, disrupt in 2013. That’s why CIOs must stay on top of the latest trends if they are going to help their companies stay more

    Are You Meeting Your Employees' Mobile Needs?

    The world is changing. You know it. Your employees know it. And, finally, the business side knows it. Whereas IT was once viewed as an expense at many companies, it's now seen as a way to gain a leg up over competitors. And with more more

    Like Your Employees, You're Headed to the Cloud

    The cloud is the future. That’s what everyone says. In fact, it’s what the vast majority of vendors, like IBM and Microsoft, say when they’re asked about their enterprise marketing efforts. The web is being more

    The Top Malware Threats of 2013

    Ever since the enterprise adopted Windows, CIOs have been forced to handle all types of security threats. And at one time or another, those security woes have caused a lot of headaches and have dramatically harmed productivity and data safety. It’s unfortunate, more

    Tech Investments Create New Strength, More Agility

    If your company is sitting on the sidelines when it comes to making significant investments in the cloud, mobility and collaborative technologies, it may well suffer bottom-line fallout in the near future. Global companies that commit more

    BYOD: A Cost-Saving Must-Have for Your Enterprise

    If last year could be marked by anything, it was the BYOD craze. Companies across the globe increasingly invested in consumer products, and allowed their employees to bring their own devices into the office. That has been good news for more

    The State of Cloud Storage Adoption

    If a CIO has heard it once, he or she has heard it a thousand times: The cloud is the future. From storage, to computing, to data recovery, the cloud is viewed by many to be the panacea that the corporate world has always been waiting for. more

    Employees Most Value Salary and Quality of Life

    CIOs and other top managers have always struggled to find new, creative ways to recruit and retain quality employees. In prior years, an effective way to reward someone without actually paying them was to give them a fancy job title. more
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