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    Security Slideshow: Managing Identity Risk During Mergers or Downsizing

    As companies merge or downsize to survive, they must change employee access to sensitive corporate data on very short notice, grant access privileges to new employees, adjust access privileges for re-assigned employees, and terminate access for more

    Enterprise Technology Slideshow: Mainframes Still Important to the Enterprise

    CA recently polled 100 technology executives at companies that use IBM System z mainframes. They reported that their loyalty to mainframe technology stems from its ability to meet requirements for reliability, resilience, security, management, and compliance.

    Careers Slideshow: Top CIO Salaries: Eastern U.S.

    Wondering how much your peers in other cities are making? Technology staffing firm KForce gathered data on IT salaries from their consultants in various cities across the U.S. Here's what they estimate as the going rate for new hires in the eastern region of the U.S. See also salary data for Central and Western regions.

    Careers Slideshow: Top CIO Salaries: Central U.S.

    Ever wonder what other CIOs make in base salary? Or want to know what your CIO boss takes home? KForce, a technology staffing firm with 41 offices across the U.S., asked their thousands of consultants for input on CIO pay in various markets. Here's what they estimate as more

    Careers Slideshow: Top CIO Salaries: Western U.S.

    Wondering how much the top dog in the IT shop makes? KForce, a technology staffing firm with 41 offices across the U.S., asked its consultants for the going rate for CIO base salaries in various cities. Here's what they say about the western portion of the U.S. See also salary data for Eastern and Central regions.

    Security Slideshow: Real Data Rampant During Development

    Organizations leave themselves vulnerable to attack by ignoring security throughout their application development and testing process, according to a new study by Ponemon Institute and MicroFocus. The comprehensive look into data security during testing is the more

    Careers Slideshow: Have Job? Will Travel.

    More American workers are willing to pull up stakes to find work, according to a new report by the employment experts at Challenger, Gray and Christmas, a global outplacement consultancy.

    Careers Slideshow: Keeping IT Workers Happy

    According to the latest survey from, salaries just keep dropping. But that doesn't mean that employers can't incentivize their geeks to work hard. Dice recently polled workers about what employers can offer beyond salary to keep them happy.

    IT Management Slideshow: Finding Value in IT investments

    The economic decline has changed the way businesses value IT investments, but new data shows that there's still plenty of room for improvement. That's what ISACA ( revealed in its Value of IT 2009 study. Here are some of the key findings for U.S. CIOs, more

    Education Slideshow: Ten Hot IT Certifications

    The following ten certifications were identified in the Foote Partners July 2009 Hot List as the hottest in the tech business, as judged by IT spending trends, market value increases reported in the company's pay index, interviews with IT management and projections for more

    Security Slideshow: Security Mid-Year Reports

    Recently both McAfee and Symantec released reports on the state of malicious online activity in 2009. Here are some highlights from the stats and findings of Symantec's Mid-Year Update and the McAfee Threats Report.

    Careers Slideshow: Eight Non-Certified Skills in the Money

    According to the most recent Foote Partners IT Skills & Certifications Pay Index, the non-certified IT skills listed below give those who have honed them a bit more leverage when sitting for an interview or a pay review. The quarterly index systematically categorizes and establishes value for discrete skills categories.

    Books Slideshow: 10 Kindle Books for CIOs

    The Amazon Kindle is a great tool for busy executives, enabling them to page through a whole digital library while on the go. The following 10 books are all Kindle-friendly and valuable for IT leaders.

    Virtualization Slideshow: 10 Reasons to Virtualize Your Desktop Environment

    What Embarq Corp. learned during a major project.

    Careers Slideshow: Nine Hot IT Jobs in a Lukewarm Market

    Things are tough out there, but IT recruiters report that there's still a market for the right skillsets. According to Tom Silver, senior vice president for IT employment firm, Dice is seeing lots of demand from hiring managers in the following nine categories.

    Careers Slideshow: IT Employment Forecast

    Will IT employment prospects look any brighter anytime soon? Our magic eight ball says, "Reply hazy, try again." Here are some highlights from the most recent reports, which show sometimes contradictory outlooks.

    IT Management Slideshow: 7 Ways to Reduce Costs as the Recession Eases

    Paring costs at the onset of a recession is easy compared to finding savings after months of budget cuts -- especially with the need to prepare the enterprise for future growth. "I'm alarmed by the number of IT organizations that can't justify many more

    IT Management Slideshow: Tech Job Losses Lessening

    Outplacement consultants with Challenger, Gray & Christmas say the number of technology jobs lost last quarter went down dramatically compared to first quarter figures.

    IT Management Slideshow: Who Buys IT Today?

    IT vendors have tried going around the CIO and straight to top business executives or specific business-line managers to sell their wares. But who has the most influence? Forrester Research asked almost 1,000 enterprise decision-makers in North America and Europe to find out (percentages may not add up to 100 due to rounding).

    Application Development Slideshow: 12 Recession-Resistant Software Investments

    IT leaders want to invest more in software initiatives, but the economy forces them to be more discriminating than ever. Forrester Research asked 431 North American and European executives what platform and infrastructure software they'll be more
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