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    Health Care Slideshow: IT Spending Due for Health Care Bump

    Health-care reform will require billions in IT investment by government agencies to achieve legislative mandates, according to a new report from INPUT.

    Careers Slideshow: What Your CEO Wants

    Where does your boss see the company headed in the next 12 months? Where do technology and the IT department figures into those plans? PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently conducted a survey of nearly 1,200 senior executives at enterprises around the globe. Here are some of the more

    Workplace Slideshow: Over-Connected, Over-Stressed

    Many of today's workers are always plugged in, and some are afraid to exist any other way, according to a new survey from InterCall.

    Security Slideshow: How Malware Spreads

    Like bacteria in a petri dish of warm sugar water, malware thrives in a computing environment full of unsecured P2P networking, remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, and free-flowing e-mail attachments. According to Symantec's recent Global Internet Security Threat Report, the more

    Security Slideshow: Your Employees Know Too Much

    Managers say workers have too much access to information they don't need, according to a new report from Ponemon and Aveksa. But whose fault is that?

    Strategic Tech Slideshow: Aging Hardware Drives IT Spending at Small and Mid-sized Companies

    A recent survey of small businesses shows a moderate increase in IT spending ahead. Conducted by Spiceworks, the survey questioned the IT spending habits and budget plans of 1,250 small businesses. The modest gains are driven in part by a need to refresh long-held hardware.

    Workplace Slideshow: Run a Better Meeting

    PGi commissioned a study to find out what people like - and don't like - about meetings. PGi specializes in meeting, conferencing and collaboration solutions for businesses.

    Trends Slideshow: Human Resources Turns to SaaS

    HR departments view SaaS as a way to stay on top of recruitment and other company goals, according to a new survey from Saugatuck Technologies and Plateau Systems. But CIOs must make sure that support comes with the package.

    Trends Slideshow: Big Changes Ahead for IT

    "The IT function of 2015 will bear little resemblance to its current state," says a research report from the Corporate Executive Board. The outlook is for "fundamental changes in how the function is organized and managed." Some predictions on trends, and outcomes for the IT shop.

    Expert Voices Slideshow: Former Coke CIO Bergstrand on Reinventing the Enterprise

    As CIO of Coca-Cola, Jack Bergstrand helped turn around a company that was losing $1 million a week. During his tenure, Coke's stock soared from $3 to $22. Now CEO of Brand Velocity, Bergstrand is out with the new book, Reinvent Your Enterprise. Here are some snippets of wisdom from the book, and Bergstrand's blog.

    Finance Slideshow: Priorities for State CIOs

    They're looking for IT tools to keep budgets from going out of control. They want consolidation solutions. And a whole lot more. Every year, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) surveys state CIOs on the biggest priorities for the year ahead. Here's a countdown of agenda items.

    News Slideshow: CIO Confidence Varies With Business Size

    CIOs and other IT decision-makers at large enterprises are much more confident about the future than their smaller-scale counterparts, according to the latest findings from CDW IT Monitor.

    Careers Slideshow: Tardy Workers Threaten Productivity

    One-quarter of IT workers say they are late to work at least once a week, according to a survey from, with 11% showing up late at least twice a week. Hiring managers contacted by the company gave some of the excuses offered by workers -- from the legitimate and to the outrageous. See also: Worst Job References.

    Trends Slideshow: The Connected States of America

    Americans are more connected than ever to the Web, social networks, mobile phones, etc. But survey numbers from a new Arbitron/Edison Research report show just how massive the popularity of these tech tools has become. What are the implications for your business?

    Careers Slideshow: IT Exec Salaries - Small/Medium Businesses

    You gotta root for the little guy. But when it comes to IT leaders at small and medium businesses, you gotta root even harder. Janco Associates found that IT executives and directors have suffered significantly over the last few years in terms of compensation. more

    Careers Slideshow: Executive Job Creation Grows

    The indicators for 2010 are stacking up for a much improved job situation for executive leaders, according to a new report by the professional networking and research group ExecuNet. In a recent survey of 184 executive recruiters conducted in March, ExecuNet found that more

    Careers Slideshow: IT Exec Salaries-Large Companies

    The past few years have been tough on our wallets, and for some IT pros, that much-needed pay bump hasn't come. Meanwhile, plenty of IT executives have seen their value increase. Janco Associates compared mean 2010 compensation (base and total) with the same figures from 2007. Here's what they found.

    IT Management Slideshow: 10 Tips for Managing Web 2.0 Projects

    IT executives are getting tons of pressure to ignite their companies' Web 2.0 presence. It's no easy task, according to Camden Consulting's Kris Girrell. This tip sheet, from her recent article, Web 2.0: Leading the Brave New World, gives leaders the advice they need to navigate the new Web frontier.

    Careers Slideshow: IT Careers: 13 Most Important IT Roles

    The age of IT specialization is dead, replaced by an emphasis on skills that can translate across the enterprise. That's one of the chief findings of a recent Forrester Research survey in which 128 IT decision makers were asked about their changing staffing needs. more

    IT Management Slideshow: iPad: 7 Self-Contradictions

    Having sold 300,000 iPads on the first day of availability, Apple's reach into our cultural consciousness is getting deeper. There's a reason why: Apple's sleek design results in seductive devices that speak to our inner child. For anyone who's even the slightest bit more
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