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    IT Management Slideshow: Tech's Top 10 Winners of 2009

    Vivek Kundra, Sergey and Larry, and a number of others had big years in 2009. See who made our list for tech's biggest winners of 2009.

    IT Management Slideshow: Tech's Top 10 Losers of 2009

    2009 was a tough year all around, but these people (and a vendor) had the roughest of them all. See who made our list for tech's biggest losers of 2009.

    Careers Slideshow: 8 Principles to Moving Ahead in Your Career

    Mike Hawkins coaches executives-from CEOs to CIOs-to help them develop their leadership and strategic capabilities. The president of Alpine Link Corporation and author of the new book, Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself more

    Books Slideshow: 15 Must-Read Winter Picks for IT Leaders

    Experts from academia and the corporate world offer new works that deal with the most pressing issues in IT leadership. Note: Publication dates are subject to change.

    IT Management Slideshow: 8 Things Business Hates About IT

    Susan Cramm's forthcoming book, 8 Things We Hate About IT: How to Move Beyond the Frustrations to Form a New Partnership With IT (Harvard Business Press, March 2010), examines the frustrations common to the business-IT relationship. "Nobody hates the people in more

    Security Slideshow: Security Focus for 2010

    A look at some of the new year's big issues on the security front, courtesy of ICSA Labs, a vendor-neutral testing and certification lab used by many top security vendors.

    Leadership Slideshow: IT Leadership Lessons

    Great coaches can galvanize individuals with different interests and divergent objectives, and focus them on a common goal. Joe Frontiera, PhD and Dan Leidl, PhD, managing partners of Meno Consulting, spoke with elite lacrosse coaches, each of whom has led a team to at least more

    Trends Slideshow: Five CIOs Set Their Priorities for 2010

    We spoke to five IT leaders to determine their focus and goals for the coming year: Russ Finney, vice president and CIO, Tokyo Electron US Holdings, a provider of semiconductor production equipment; Roy Mentkow, director of technology, City of Roanoke, VA; more

    Careers Slideshow: 12 References You Don't Want to See

    Despite laws banning former employers from bad-mouthing past workers, some references are surprisingly blunt in their assessment of job performance and individual traits. Allison & Taylor, a reference-checking and employment verification firm based in Detroit, released a list of some real-life bad references encountered over the course of 2009.

    Leadership Slideshow: Ten Ways to Reenergize IT Workers

    Workforce motivation expert Jon Gordon, a consultant for the NFL and numerous Fortune 500 enterprises, and the author of The Shark and the Goldfish: Positive Ways to Thrive During Waves of Change, has ten recommendations for reenergizing and engaging employees in the face of economic turmoil.

    Trends Slideshow: Ten Top Tech Stories of 2009

    Eric Lundquist breaks down the year's biggest news and trends.

    Books Slideshow: The Best IT-Business Books of 2009

    2009 produced headaches for many CIOs, but it also produced some of the best IT-business books we've seen in years. CIO Insight looks back at the year's output in information technology, leadership, strategy and management to give you our Top 20. If you haven't read them yet, add them to your holiday wish-list.

    Careers Slideshow: Finding Talent Via Social Networks

    A recent report from Challenger, Gray and Christmas says social networking services such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the hottest tool in the job seeker's arsenal. Here are the recruiting firm's top tips for making the most out of social networks, along with some relevant statistics on social net usage.

    Careers Slideshow: Troublemakers on Staff

    Jean-Paul Sartre said "Hell is other people," and although he said it in French and was not known as an expert on the IT workplace, I think you know what he was talking about. Not all people, of course - I'm sure nobody on your team has any of the characteristics of the folks on this list. Right?

    Careers Slideshow: Hiring Ahead for IT

    CIOs are growing more bullish about future hiring. According to Robert Half Technology's quarterly IT Hiring Index and Skills Report, the IT hiring surplus-the percentage of CIOs expecting to add staff minus the percentage expecting to reduce staff-is on the rise, which should more

    IT Management Slideshow: Virtualization Driving Server Sales

    As virtual machine density increases within the enterprise, more organizations will need to update their servers to handle the increased loads. So say the analysts at IDC and at Gartner. We examine the numbers from both, as well as figures from a recent survey of 290 IT decision makers conducted by Shavlik Technologies at VMworld.

    Trends Slideshow: Nine Vendors in Distress

    Whether through bankruptcy, bad business decisions, loss of big contracts or huge declines in shareholder value, these ten companies lost their luster this year.

    Careers Slideshow: IT Certifications Lose Luster

    According to IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index released by Foote Partners, every category of IT certification, save one, saw a decline in pay premiums over the last 12 months. The percentages shown are the change in pay premium over the given period of time.

    Careers Slideshow: Hot IT Jobs for 2010

    Even in a jobless recovery, some skills are in demand and command a pay premium. The most recent Foote Partners survey ranked the following non-certified IT skills as the hottest on the market as of the end of October; the firm publishes its IT Skills & Certifications Pay Index quarterly.

    IT Management Slideshow: 10 Reasons Your Team Hates You

    Mike Figliuolo of thoughtLEADERS, LLC says workers often are less happy with their bosses than they let on. "If you don't start fixing some of these behaviors, you might end up with a mutiny on your hands," he writes. Here's Mike's list of 10 obstacles to a happy team.
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