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    Security Slideshow: 12 Security Budget Drainers

    Large enterprises (500+ employees) overspent on IT security budgets in 2009, according to a new study from CIO Insight. They laid out an average of $61 per employee for various security solutions. Check out where those security dollars are going. Check out the complete IT spending report here.

    Careers Slideshow: IT job hiring forecast

    With the worst of the recession hopefully behind us, recruiters are gunning to boost their IT talent base, according to a new survey from and Technisource.

    Careers Slideshow: Labor Costs Slowly Increasing

    As the recovery struggles to take wing, IT salaries in 2010 are rising just slightly over last year's. At the same time, a number of benefits are on the decline. Some benefits, though, such as flex-work schedules, are increasing in popularity as employers attempt to keep valuable IT staffers, according to a new survey from Janco.

    IT Management Slideshow: Virtual Teams Feel Disconnected

    "What we have here ... is a failure to communicate," went the famous line from Cool Hand Luke. All too often, the same can be said for teams that work virtually throughout the world. Employees at multinational corporations report an assortment of more

    Strategic Tech Slideshow: Time to Outsource Infrastructure

    A clear majority of IT and business-decision makers no longer understand why their organizations are running infrastructure operations in-house, according to a new report from Savvis Inc. So what's stopping them from getting out of this aspect of the IT business right now? In many cases, it's a "business as usual" mentality, Savvis reports.

    Careers Slideshow: Few Staffing Increases Planned

    While few CIOs are planning staffing cuts, the vast majority aren't looking to add staff either, according to a new survey from Robert Half Technology.

    Security Slideshow: Responding to a Security Crisis

    Mike Theriault, CEO of B2B Computer Products LLC, offers these tips. The goal is a quick, but considered response. Gather the facts as quickly as you can and act as soon as you have enough information to respond correctly. Don't take any action until you can accurately define the problem (not necessarily the cause) and know its scope.

    Careers Slideshow: The Future of the CIO

    The CIO Executive Council, an IDG project involving over 1,400 IT leaders at some 750 global enterprises, has released its "Future-State CIO" initiative, which attempts to define the CIO role in the years ahead. The promise: "Strategies and tactics for CIOs to grow their more

    Trends Slideshow: Top Risk Factors for IT Companies

    It's an uncertain business environment at best, and your vendors and partners -- not mention your employer -- must navigate a host of dangers. BDO's RiskFactor report looks at threats and challenges facing technology companies. How well will the companies that matter more

    IT Management Slideshow: Why IT Projects Fail

    The failure rate for IT projects, long a concern for both business and technology managers, seems to be on the rise as recession-era budgets pare needed preparation and support. The costs of failed projects, in terms of time, money, opportunity, and morale, can be huge. What causes so many projects to go awry?

    Government Slideshow: IT Spending Priorities in Local Government

    Even as state and local government spending continues to get squeezed by the Great Recession and its aftermath, demand for information technology is growing in the public sector. Among the top priorities for state and local IT decision-makers are justice, more

    Trends Slideshow: Father's Day Geek Guide

    With Father's Day bearing down on us, a device-obsessed nation once again struggles with what to get the geek dad who has everything. The thing is, they don't have everything, because there's always a steady string of new geeky toys hitting the market. Here are 9 gifts your geek more

    Workplace Slideshow: How Telecommuting Pays Off

    Telecommuting—workers like it, the environment benefits from it, but a lot of bosses still disdain it. In a tight economy, though, it is harder than ever to argue with the bottom-line numbers. Allowing employees to work outside the office provides a great cost savings more

    Careers Slideshow: What Workers Will Do To Get Ahead

    Stalking recruiters! Deceiving co-workers! Stealing credit! For some tech workers, it's "anything goes" in getting a job, promotion or raise, according to a new survey from the IT Job Board.

    Careers Slideshow: Security Pros Give Security Poor Marks

    A SenSage survey of IT security staffers says management of IT security is ineffective and processes are inadequate.

    Strategic Tech Slideshow: Seven Technologies Users Want Now

    As the economy heals, IT strategies are shifting from cost-cutting mode toward innovation. Forrester Research predicts that IT spending will rise 6.6 percent during 2010, a compared with a drop of 8.8 percent in 2009. Forrester names seven technologies that more

    Careers Slideshow: State of the CIO Survey

    Pay freezes and budget cuts have been economic survival realities for CIOs, according to revealing survey from PA Consulting Group and Harvey Nash.

    Careers Slideshow: Healthy Ideas For Your Employees

    Outside magazine picked the top 50 companies to work for in terms of healthy/active-lifestyle perks. A non-tech company, Natural Habitat Adventures, was #1, but here are ten IT/tech-related companies that made the list. No reason your company can't cop some of these ideas.

    Trends Slideshow: IT Gets Out The Checkbook

    Worldwide IT spending is on the upswing, according to reports by IDC and Gartner. After last year's recessionary dip, technology spending looks to be recovering strongly on the back of overdue capital spending on hardware equipment. Previously, Variable Forecasts,

    IT Management Slideshow: Management Advice from NBA Legends

    With the NBA playoffs in full swing, these quotes from all-time great players, coaches reveal valuable lessons for tech pros.
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