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    Careers Slideshow: State of the CIO Survey

    Pay freezes and budget cuts have been economic survival realities for CIOs, according to revealing survey from PA Consulting Group and Harvey Nash.

    Careers Slideshow: Healthy Ideas For Your Employees

    Outside magazine picked the top 50 companies to work for in terms of healthy/active-lifestyle perks. A non-tech company, Natural Habitat Adventures, was #1, but here are ten IT/tech-related companies that made the list. No reason your company can't cop some of these ideas.

    Trends Slideshow: IT Gets Out The Checkbook

    Worldwide IT spending is on the upswing, according to reports by IDC and Gartner. After last year's recessionary dip, technology spending looks to be recovering strongly on the back of overdue capital spending on hardware equipment. Previously, Variable Forecasts,

    IT Management Slideshow: Management Advice from NBA Legends

    With the NBA playoffs in full swing, these quotes from all-time great players, coaches reveal valuable lessons for tech pros.

    Workplace Slideshow: Confidence Grows Among IT Workers

    A new survey from Technisource says moods are lifting in the IT shop. After a rough 2009, workers feel more confident about their own company's prospects. And even though they feel better equipped to find a new job, most want to stay put for now.

    Strategic Tech Slideshow: Virtualization and Cloud Report Card

    Attendees at the annual Network Instruments conference used the meet-up to discuss the challenges and opportunities of virtualization and cloud deployments. A survey of 105 IT decision makers at the event yielded the following results.

    Security Slideshow: Theft and Espionage Risk Rises Online

    The risk of politically and economically motivated cyberespionage is growing, as governments and criminals are unleashing digital assaults on businesses and other governments.

    IT Management Slideshow: Mining Social Media for Customer Trends

    With its SPSS Modeler software, IBM aims to help enterprises make better customer decisions based upon what's being posted on social-media sites.

    Trends Slideshow: Not That Green After All

    Office buildings fall short when it comes to taking advantage of smart technology to reduce power and water consumption, along with other ways of supporting green policies, according to new survey findings from IBM.

    IT Management Slideshow: Rate Your Capacity Management Maturity

    How mature is your IT organization in planning for capacity management? If you're like many organizations, probably not very. "A majority of IT organizations - nearly 60 percent - are in a reactive state," says Per Bauer, technical account manager for the more

    IT Management Slideshow: Managing Lean IT

    CIOs interested in leaner operations -- and that's pretty much everyone these days -- can learn from decades-old concepts that worked for Toyota, according to Informatica's John Schmidt and David Lyle. Find out how with these guidelines from their book, Lean Integration, and Schmidt's Informatica blog.

    Careers Slideshow: The CFO Runs IT

    New research from Gartner indicates that the CFO - not the CIO or CEO - often calls the shots when it comes to organizational IT decisions.

    IT Management Slideshow: Project Management Tips From Watts Humphrey

    A Senior Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute, Watts Humphrey is a National Medal of Technology winner who is known as the "Father of Software Quality." He pioneered concepts such as the Capability Maturity Model in more

    IT Management Slideshow: IT Dream Team on Data Management

    The amount of information in the enterprise is growing rapidly and IT needs to ensure that companies are making the best use of it. That's the message from an EMC Corp-produced report based on a "Dream Team" of star CIOs and IT leaders from JPMorgan Chase, Fidelity, Bank of America, Wharton School, ESPN and other top organizations.

    Health Care Slideshow: IT Spending Due for Health Care Bump

    Health-care reform will require billions in IT investment by government agencies to achieve legislative mandates, according to a new report from INPUT.

    Careers Slideshow: What Your CEO Wants

    Where does your boss see the company headed in the next 12 months? Where do technology and the IT department figures into those plans? PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently conducted a survey of nearly 1,200 senior executives at enterprises around the globe. Here are some of the more

    Workplace Slideshow: Over-Connected, Over-Stressed

    Many of today's workers are always plugged in, and some are afraid to exist any other way, according to a new survey from InterCall.

    Security Slideshow: How Malware Spreads

    Like bacteria in a petri dish of warm sugar water, malware thrives in a computing environment full of unsecured P2P networking, remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, and free-flowing e-mail attachments. According to Symantec's recent Global Internet Security Threat Report, the more

    Security Slideshow: Your Employees Know Too Much

    Managers say workers have too much access to information they don't need, according to a new report from Ponemon and Aveksa. But whose fault is that?

    Strategic Tech Slideshow: Aging Hardware Drives IT Spending at Small and Mid-sized Companies

    A recent survey of small businesses shows a moderate increase in IT spending ahead. Conducted by Spiceworks, the survey questioned the IT spending habits and budget plans of 1,250 small businesses. The modest gains are driven in part by a need to refresh long-held hardware.
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