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    IT Management Slideshow: CIO Guidebook for Taming Change

    The spectre of change can spread uncertainty and fear within an organization, resulting in knee-jerk reactions, ill-conceived strategies and/or a lack of unified corporate response. Organizations that welcome change as a constant, lasting part of business are more

    Trends Slideshow: 9 Android Apps Every CIO Should Be Using

    With the announcement of Android 2.2, Google made it clear that the new version of its mobile operating system would be the first to target the corporate world. The latest iteration of the platform includes robust Exchange support, plus far better security more

    Careers Slideshow: Business School Truths for the Career-Minded CIO

    CIOs are considered a critical part of an organization's overall business structure. Technology, after all, serves the goals of marketing, sales, etc. -- not the other way around. So how do you go from being the designated "top tech guru" to being a more

    Strategic Tech Slideshow: Business Performance Management is in Demand

    Business Performance Management (BPM) is how IT supports managerial/analytics processes that allow organizations to define, measure and oversee performance goals. BPM can impact financial operations, consolidations, performance indicators and a host more

    Trends Slideshow: 9 Reasons Smartphones Will Take Over Business Computing

    In her first post as Editor In Chief of CIO Insight, Susan Nunziata made no bones about her bullishness for the future of mobile computing in the enterprise. We'll go one step further here, skipping right over laptops and tablets, and offer you a more

    Enterprise Technology Slideshow: 9 iPhone Apps Every CIO Must Have

    Although Apple's iPhone 4 is experiencing antenna issues that could turn some enterprise customers away, the company's devices are host to some of the best smartphone applications available for CIOs. Currently, Apple offers more than 240,000 more

    Careers Slideshow: The C-Suite: 6 Skills To Advance Your Career

    Are you are a C-level executive looking to build a solid executive management team yet having trouble finding employees who have what it takes to advance to the upper reaches of your organization? Or, are you a talented management executive who has delivered more

    Trends Slideshow: IT Agility Embraced By Top-Performing Companies

    A new kind of IT organization has emerged in the wake of the recession -- one that has reduced fixed costs by using on-demand strategies, according to a new study from The Hackett Group. This degree of "IT agility" helps organizations better capitalize on more

    Leadership Slideshow: The Real Value In Making Work Meaningful

    "Meaning making" is as valued as "money making" for your work teams today, according to University of Michigan business professor Dave Ulrich, who is also co-founder of business consultance The RBL Group. While corporate money-making has obvious ROI, Ulrich more

    Careers Slideshow: What Kind Of CIO Are You?

    What kind of CIO are you? A Gatekeeper? A Beancounter's Apprentice? The Chief Widgeteer? Most likely you're already saying "all of the above…and so much more." While the day-to-day functions of the CIO can vary based on organizational structure, industry vertical and more

    Research Slideshow: Big Bucks For Biz Apps

    Large enterprises are spending "mucho dinero" when it comes to key business applications for their employees. These companies spent an average of $363 per employee on various biz apps, according to an exclusive CIO Insight survey of 295 executives responsible for budget more

    IT Management Slideshow: iWorkers: CIOs Are In The Dark About Tech-Savvy Employees

    Who are the "iWorkers"? They're those gadget-juggling, multi-tasking employees who rely upon a host of consumer electronics devices for both work and play. A Unisys-sponsored study of 2,820 tech-savvy workers in 10 countries found that more

    IT Management Slideshow: Sustainable IT: Your CEO Wants It

    The vast majority of CEOs say that IT solutions are needed to improve sustainable business practices, according to a study from United Nations Global Compact and Accenture. Accenture surveyed 766 CEOs worldwide on behalf of the UN Global Compact, an initiative more

    IT Management Slideshow: How To Innovate

    There's a big difference between "invention" and "innovation," according to David Croslin. He should know. He holds 25 patents and served as chief technologist within HP's communications, media and entertainment division. In his new book, Innovate the Future (Prentice Hall), more

    Books Slideshow: Books To Boost Your CIO IQ

    Looking for a "CIO edge"? How about tips to tune up your team management skills? Add these popular titles to your summer reading list, and get ready for a noteworthy collection of new releases on the way this fall. You'll gain management secrets and IT insight about a wide range of timely topics.

    Security Slideshow: 12 Security Budget Drainers

    Large enterprises (500+ employees) overspent on IT security budgets in 2009, according to a new study from CIO Insight. They laid out an average of $61 per employee for various security solutions. Check out where those security dollars are going. Check out the complete IT spending report here.

    Careers Slideshow: IT job hiring forecast

    With the worst of the recession hopefully behind us, recruiters are gunning to boost their IT talent base, according to a new survey from and Technisource.

    Careers Slideshow: Labor Costs Slowly Increasing

    As the recovery struggles to take wing, IT salaries in 2010 are rising just slightly over last year's. At the same time, a number of benefits are on the decline. Some benefits, though, such as flex-work schedules, are increasing in popularity as employers attempt to keep valuable IT staffers, according to a new survey from Janco.

    IT Management Slideshow: Virtual Teams Feel Disconnected

    "What we have here ... is a failure to communicate," went the famous line from Cool Hand Luke. All too often, the same can be said for teams that work virtually throughout the world. Employees at multinational corporations report an assortment of more

    Strategic Tech Slideshow: Time to Outsource Infrastructure

    A clear majority of IT and business-decision makers no longer understand why their organizations are running infrastructure operations in-house, according to a new report from Savvis Inc. So what's stopping them from getting out of this aspect of the IT business right now? In many cases, it's a "business as usual" mentality, Savvis reports.
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