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    Research Slideshow: Top 40 Tech Vendors of 2009 - 40-31

    Our annual Vendor Value Study reveals what CIOs think of their hardware, software, security, telecom and networking providers in terms of value, reliability and loyalty. Here are how IT executives ranked Nos. 40 down to 31.

    Slideshows Slideshow: The State of Enterprise Software Adoption

    How closely does your company monitor and measure software adoption, post-implementation? When things go wrong, does IT get blamed? Neochange, Sandhill Group and the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) recently surveyed 353 IT professionals to more

    Research Slideshow: Top 40 Tech Vendors of 2009

    Our annual Vendor Value Study reveals what CIOs think of their hardware, software, security, telecom and networking providers in terms of value, reliability and loyalty.

    IT Management Slideshow: 10 Reasons to Upgrade Financial Software Now

    Consultant Jacoby Garcia makes the case for investing even when times are tight.

    Security Slideshow: Security Audits Survive Budget Cuts

    IT dollars are tight, but most organizations are still spending on security audits. Amplitude Research surveyed 350 IT executives and network administrators about their security and compliance activities.

    Slideshows Slideshow: Eleven Ways Google is Evil

    by Edward Cone "Don't be Evil" is Google's motto. How's that going? In this context, "evil" does not mean wicked, like Sauron or Voldemort, or bad in the way some people might judge tobacco companies or corrupt enterprises like Enron. Nick Carr probably got it right more

    Careers Slideshow: Social Networking Without Tears

    A recent survey conducted by Robert Half Technology found that many businesses ban sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the workplace. Seen as a distraction by some, these sites do have potential value to IT employees who use them appropriately. Says Dave Willmer, more

    IT Management Slideshow: What CIOs Want the Boss to Know

    One of the major challenges IT executives face is communicating their challenges and concerns to line-of-business mangers and other non-IT leaders. A recent survey of CIOs conducted by the Society for Information Management examined IT leader's top priorities in more

    Careers Slideshow: Where the IT Jobs Are Now

    by Thomas Hoffman While the U.S. economy continues to struggle, there are pockets of strength in the IT labor market. To find the hot spots, both by specialization and by industry, we spoke with the following experts: David Van De Voort, IT workforce specialist, Mercer, more

    Research Slideshow: The 2010 IT Budget

    The Society for Information Management recently polled CIOs about their IT spending priorities and plans for dollar allocation in the coming year.

    Research Slideshow: CIO Priorities for 2010

    The Society for Information Management (SIM) surveyed CIOs and IT executive leaders about their top priorities for 2010, based on a list of 20 IT and business concerns.

    Search Slideshow: Smarter Search with Solr

    The open source search software behind some of the web's hippest sites.By David F. Carr Click here for Dave Carr's article on Solr, and here for a slideshow on a related project, Hadoop.

    Books Slideshow: Must-Read Fall Books for IT Execs

    This season's new books include a few potential "instant classics" on IT leadership, strategy and innovation. (Note: All publication dates are subject to change.)

    Workplace Slideshow: How Green Is Your Valley?

    IT Going Green is a report offering an in-depth look at results from a survey of 150 IT managers and executives conducted by BT in North America. It tracks results against intentions for environmental policies by IT and the business as a whole.

    Careers Slideshow: Questioning the Value of Recruiters

    IT workers on the hunt for greener pastures look for any advantage they can find to land that dream job. But just how useful are recruiters in the technology job market? asked as much this month in its September job update.

    Leadership Slideshow: Accelerating Out of the Recession

    C-suite executives of all stripes are thinking about what comes next as the economy heals. Deloitte Consulting recently tackled the topic of strategic decision-making during recessionary cycles in its latest report Here Today. Where Tomorrow? CIO Insight summarizes Deloitte's findings as they relate to CIOs and the entire executive line-up.

    Business Intelligence Slideshow: Business Intelligence for All

    Business Intelligence (BI) projects are often the domain of large enterprises, but small to medium businesses can also benefit from BI if they move carefully. Aberdeen Group recently released a report that detailed a number of recommendations for SMBs to more

    Careers Slideshow: Facebook Activities Haunting Job Seekers

    According to research conducted by CareerBuilder, social networking poses a serious threat to job seekers who have posted inappropriate information about themselves. With so many IT workers taking advantage of sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter these more

    Virtualization Slideshow: VMworld Focuses on Management

    Crowds gathered recently at the Moscone Center to discuss innovations in virtualization. With so many companies deploying virtualization solutions on a massive scale, this year's hot topics were around managing and optimizing virtualized platforms and systems.

    Security Slideshow: Managing Identity Risk During Mergers or Downsizing

    As companies merge or downsize to survive, they must change employee access to sensitive corporate data on very short notice, grant access privileges to new employees, adjust access privileges for re-assigned employees, and terminate access for more
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