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    Slideshows Slideshow: 8 Reasons Google Won't Leave China

    The Google-China standoff has entered week eight, and no one's budged yet. China's still demanding that Google censor its search results there. Google's still refusing to censor them, while publicly lingering on its intentions to pull out of China if the government doesn't more

    Careers Slideshow: 20 IT Skills on the Rise

    Even though many IT professionals have seen flat to declining pay rates, there are some bright spots in the IT job arena. According to Foote Partners, publishers of the esteemed quarterly IT Skills and Certification Pay Index, there has been a definite demand for SAP and more

    Trends Slideshow: IT Certifications Still Offer an Edge

    The quarterly Foote Partners IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index examines in depth how certain skills and certification can affect the pay of IT professionals. Unsurprisingly, the index found that most skills and certifications decreased in value last year. more

    IT Management Slideshow: 10 Technologies for Driving Revenue in 2010

    Becoming a revenue generator-instead of a cost center-is the dream of every IT shop.

    CIO Insight Research asked almost 170 IT executives which deployed technologies have the best potential for driving revenue generation. Here's what they said.

    Careers Slideshow: 5 Books for Understanding the Millennial Generation

    The 80-million strong Millennial generation is going to change the IT landscape in countless ways, whether CIOs like it or not. Dealing with this unique generation can be difficult-given their work habits, interests and deep grounding in technology as a way of life. more

    IT Management Slideshow: 10 Steps for Pushing Your Agenda

    Change is hard. Doing what you've always done is easy. Doing something new that requires a change in thinking, changes in procedures, and changes to systems are difficult. That's where leadership comes in. Executive coach and former technology executive Mike Hawkins explains how leaders can win support for their priorities and initiatives.

    Slideshows Slideshow: 15 Data Center Priorities for 2010

    Applied Research West recently tallied up surveys from over 1,700 organizations of all sizes from around the world for Symantec's annual State of the Data Center report. Unsurprisingly, the biggest priorities within these organizational nerve centers focused on more

    Trends Slideshow: IT Trends: 7 Growing Priorities for 2010

    Among the various prognostications of what technologies will be hottest in 2010, one trend is common: that consumer-focused tools will continue to permeate the enterprise. Witness the latest survey from CompTIA. The IT industry association polled more than 300 more

    Trends Slideshow: IT Spending: Better Times Ahead

    Forrester Research recently updated its predictions for IT spending in 2010. So far, the outlook looks bright - particularly compared to last year, which saw an 8.9% drop in global IT spending. Forrester reports an expected 8.1% increase in spending globally and 6.5% rise within the U.S.

    Careers Slideshow: IT Pros: Economy, Job Market Strengthening

    IT employee confidence rose to its highest level in the fourth quarter of 2009 in almost two years, according to the latest survey by IT staffing firm Technisource. IT workers also expressed much higher confidence in the economy in job availability than in the same period in 2008. Click through to see the full results.

    Strategic Tech Slideshow: Server Virtualization for Everyone

    CDW's Server Virtualization Life Cycle Report compiles results of a survey of nearly 400 IT managers, from companies with 100 or more employees, about server virtualization. The report showed that the vast majority of organizations are in some stage or another of implementing server virtualization, but even the best have room to improve.

    IT Management Slideshow: Data Center Staffing Shortfalls

    IT leaders say they're having trouble keeping their data centers staffed with competent, trained employees. Budget strains, training woes, and recruiting issues are among the issues at hand. These statistics come from the 2010 edition of Symantec's annual State of the Data Center report.

    IT Management Slideshow: The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Operations

    Running an effective, efficient IT operation is no easy task. Chris Oleson (an IT manager), Mike Hagan (an IT executive) and Christophe DeMoss (a national consultant) co-authored "Achieving IT Service Quality: The Opposite of Luck" (Synergy Books, 2009). This is more

    IT Management Slideshow: Tech's Top 10 Winners of 2009

    Vivek Kundra, Sergey and Larry, and a number of others had big years in 2009. See who made our list for tech's biggest winners of 2009.

    IT Management Slideshow: Tech's Top 10 Losers of 2009

    2009 was a tough year all around, but these people (and a vendor) had the roughest of them all. See who made our list for tech's biggest losers of 2009.

    Careers Slideshow: 8 Principles to Moving Ahead in Your Career

    Mike Hawkins coaches executives-from CEOs to CIOs-to help them develop their leadership and strategic capabilities. The president of Alpine Link Corporation and author of the new book, Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself more

    Books Slideshow: 15 Must-Read Winter Picks for IT Leaders

    Experts from academia and the corporate world offer new works that deal with the most pressing issues in IT leadership. Note: Publication dates are subject to change.

    IT Management Slideshow: 8 Things Business Hates About IT

    Susan Cramm's forthcoming book, 8 Things We Hate About IT: How to Move Beyond the Frustrations to Form a New Partnership With IT (Harvard Business Press, March 2010), examines the frustrations common to the business-IT relationship. "Nobody hates the people in more

    Security Slideshow: Security Focus for 2010

    A look at some of the new year's big issues on the security front, courtesy of ICSA Labs, a vendor-neutral testing and certification lab used by many top security vendors.

    Leadership Slideshow: IT Leadership Lessons

    Great coaches can galvanize individuals with different interests and divergent objectives, and focus them on a common goal. Joe Frontiera, PhD and Dan Leidl, PhD, managing partners of Meno Consulting, spoke with elite lacrosse coaches, each of whom has led a team to at least more
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