What Happens to Stolen, Sensitive Data?

Posted : 02-26-2016

An experiment designed to lure dark Web users to steal fake bank information showed that most hackers accessed other apps, downloaded and cracked encrypted files and attempted to cover their tracks. The goal of the experiment, known as Project Cumulus, was to help organizations understand what happens to sensitive data... Read More »

Big Pharma Uses Analytics to Improve Health Care

Posted : 02-24-2016

The CIO of Express Scripts offers a look into how pharmaceuticals and technology create a powerful partnership in health care. Read More »

Mining Company’s CIO Digs Into Tech Innovation

Posted : 10-08-2015

Hudbay Minerals, a Canadian mining company, becomes more data driven as it strives to create sustainable value in the communities where it operates. Read More »

Changing the Channels

Posted : 12-29-2014

CIOs and other executives must get past the idea that digital and physical sales channels are separate and distinct entities. They must connect them seamlessly. Read More »

State CIOs Benefit From Shifts in IT Management

Posted : 11-06-2014

If you think you have a lot on your plate, you should take a look at what state CIOs are taking on: A significant number are taking the lead role in dozens of major IT projects, with most budgeted at more than $20 million, according to a new survey from the Read More »