In Government IT, Innovators Are Gaining Ground

Posted : 08-04-2016

Some of technology’s brightest minds are leaving the private sector and applying agile practices to the tech problems faced by government agencies.  Read More »

Thrifty White’s CIO Has Big Plans for Growing Company

Posted : 06-20-2016

The regional pharmacy relies on technology and dedicated employees to ensure medication adherence and drug interactions are kept in check.  Read More »

Preparing for an Influx of Health Care Data

Posted : 06-08-2016

30 percent of all electronic data storage is health care data, and it is expected to grow by a factor of at least 20 by the end of the decade. Read More »

How IT Plays a Critical Role in Health Care

Posted : 05-17-2016

The CIO of a rural hospital system explains how, as health care goes digital, it has become imperative for IT leaders to join the conversation on patient care. Read More »

What Happens to Stolen, Sensitive Data?

Posted : 02-26-2016

An experiment designed to lure dark Web users to steal fake bank information showed that most hackers accessed other apps, downloaded and cracked encrypted files and attempted to cover their tracks. The goal of the experiment, known as Project Cumulus, was to help organizations understand what happens to sensitive data... Read More »