Top 10 IT Priorities for State CIOs

Posted : 12-04-2013

They work within a tight budget that might only get tighter. Yet, at the same time, they're tasked to oversee transformative change with respect to consolidation, cloud migration and other IT innovations. In this case, "they" are the CIOs of the U.S. state governments. And if their challenges sound familiar, then it's... Read More »

CIA Wrestles With Analytics Challenges

Posted : 08-23-2013

Like IT, the intelligence community is searching for innovations that would enable it to rapidly analyze massive amounts of data regardless of where the data resides. Read More »

VSE Corp. Gains Much-Needed Operational Visibility

Posted : 07-11-2013

With its new IT operations analytics solution, VSE Corporation can quickly investigate data-related incidents and verify information for audit purposes. Read More »

Government CIOs Strive to Embrace 'Open Data'

Posted : 12-06-2012

City governments are embracing open data, but major challenges--such as putting paper records in a digital format and issues of quality control--abound. Read More »

Ten Tech Innovations for State Government

Posted : 11-05-2012

One organization needed a better, faster way to process highway occupancy permits. Another deployed a business intelligence (BI) tool to save millions of dollars. A third sought a tech solution to greatly reduce travel costs. What do all three of these efforts have in common? They were all initiated by state governments.... Read More »