Ten Tech Innovations for State Government

Posted : 11-05-2012

One organization needed a better, faster way to process highway occupancy permits. Another deployed a business intelligence (BI) tool to save millions of dollars. A third sought a tech solution to greatly reduce travel costs. What do all three of these efforts have in common? They were all initiated by state governments.... Read More »

BYOD in Minneapolis: Managed Services Cures Headaches

Posted : 09-27-2012

"There's always this question of whether or not you build versus buy, do it in house versus hosted," says Otto Doll, CIO of the City of Minneapolis. "[Enterprise mobility] is one of those areas that we feel the industry provides solutions all the way down through management and that was a good way for us to go." Read More »

FCC to Begin Mobile Broadband Speed Tests

Posted : 09-06-2012

The FCC is ready to start grading mobile broadband performance under its Measuring Mobile America program. Read More »

FBI Indicts Alleged LulzSec Hacker for Attack on Sony Network

Posted : 08-29-2012

FBI agents arrested an Arizona man who has been indicted on charges of impairing a protected computer and conspiracy in connection with a hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment's network. Read More »

No Cellphones in Flight: FAA Studies Safety of Electronic Devices on Airplanes

Posted : 08-28-2012

Those of you fearing a "Tower of Babel" experience in the air can rest easy: The existing ban on in-flight cellphone use will continue indefinitely. However, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is launching a working group to study whether other types of portable electronic devices can be used safely aboard... Read More »