Oracle Releases Supply Chain Analytics Application for Health Care

Posted : 02-15-2011

Oracle's new analytics application aims to transform supply chain costs for the health care industry. Read More »

IT Spending: Gartner Sees Growth in 2010 + Beyond

Posted : 08-10-2010

Industry sectors that will experience the greatest increases in IT spending this year include government, utilities, communications media/services and healthcare. For 2011, the firm says a 3.5% increase in worldwide IT spending "is the most likely scenario." Read More »

Research Slideshow: Big Bucks For Biz Apps

Posted : 07-08-2010

Large enterprises are spending "mucho dinero" when it comes to key business applications for their employees. These companies spent an average of $363 per employee on various biz apps, according to an exclusive CIO Insight survey of 295 executives responsible for budget decisions at organizations with more than 500... Read More »

Careers Slideshow: 20 IT Skills on the Rise

Posted : 02-19-2010

Even though many IT professionals have seen flat to declining pay rates, there are some bright spots in the IT job arena. According to Foote Partners, publishers of the esteemed quarterly IT Skills and Certification Pay Index, there has been a definite demand for SAP and enterprise applications skills over the last six... Read More »

Do You Know Your 'Value Discipline`?

Posted : 11-06-2009

For businesses to operate at their most effective levels, they need to recognize--and act on--what's most important to them. Read More »


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