Cultural Issues Derail Digital Transformations

Posted : 07-14-2017

There's a huge difference between how companies' executives believe they are encouraging a digital culture and how employees think their leadership is doing, according to a recent survey from Capgemini and Brian Solis, a prominent digital analyst and author. The resulting report, "Read More »

Why More CEOs Want to Direct Tech Investments

Posted : 07-13-2017

The majority of CEOs are embracing technology disruption as a potential opportunity, even though most of them admit that their organization may not be prepared for rapid disruption, according to a recent survey from KPMG LLP. The resulting report, "Disrupt and... Read More »

Two-Speed IT: Juggling Competing Agendas

Posted : 07-12-2017

How can IT leaders juggle seemingly competing agendas: to meet the business’ demands for increased innovation, while cutting costs and slashing budgets? Read More »

Building Positive Relationships With Stakeholders

Posted : 07-12-2017

Trust and credibility require putting your money where your mouth is. They are the foundation of all meaningful relationships—whether personal or professional. Read More »

Advanced Analytics Tools Offer a Competitive Edge

Posted : 07-11-2017

While analytics is driving a majority of business decisions today, only a minority of executives feel strongly that their organization is deploying sophisticated analytics, according to a recent survey from Dun & Bradstreet and Forbes Insights. The resulting report, "Read More »