How High Performers Pursue Digital Innovation

Posted : 09-30-2015

The speed of digital advancements is separating companies into the haves and have nots: High performers are much better at creating a digital-friendly work culture with cutting-edge project opportunities, while establishing strong tech leadership teams,... Read More »

Tech’s Indelible Impact on Society

Posted : 09-28-2015

A significant share of Americans feel that digital companies are gaining so much power that they'll eventually get regulated just as utilities are today, according to Read More »

Demand for Apps Grows but Quality Takes a Hit

Posted : 09-25-2015

Tech departments are allocating a significantly larger share of their overall budgets to quality assurance (QA) and testing, according to a recent survey from Capgemini. Produced in conjunction with HP, the resulting "Read More »

Want to Engage Employees? Feed 'Em!

Posted : 09-24-2015

In prior features, we've written about how CIOs and other IT leaders struggle to hire qualified tech employees for vacant, mission-critical positions. And, once those staffers are in place, it's difficult to keep them engaged so they remain with the IT... Read More »

How to Deceive Cyber-Attackers With a Kill Chain

Posted : 09-22-2015

Imagine that you could lie to the cyber-attacker on the other end of the command-and-control console, or fool malware at the affected endpoint, or both. Deception as a defense against attackers is an attractive strategy for enterprises, according to a new Gartner study. Deception technologies use feints to thwart... Read More »


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