Why IT Needs to Step Up as a Business Partner

Posted : 05-16-2016

While most tech and C-level execs believe that IT should serve as a collaborative partner of business, only a minority said this is actually happening, according to a recent survey from McKinsey & Company. The accompanying article, titled "Read More »

Shedding Light on the Problem of Dark Data

Posted : 05-13-2016

For enterprises to keep up with the impending surge of data—most of which will be unstructured—they must first understand what dark data is and how it will affect their operations. Gaining that knowledge is the first step toward developing a set of data management processes that will "light up" and extract... Read More »

Why IT Pros Need Better Soft Skills

Posted : 05-12-2016

A significant share of CIOs say today's tech pros need to improve upon their communications interactions and other soft skills, Read More »

Why BYOD Programs Face Limitations

Posted : 05-10-2016

Given the benefits to both employees and employers, there should be stratospheric adoption of BYOD across all industries—but this isn’t the case. Read More »

Setting the Right Tone for Risk Management

Posted : 05-09-2016

Without one person in an organization responsible for managing third-party risk, companies face a serious barrier to achieving effective third-party risk management, according to a new study. The study, "Tone at the Top and Third-Party Risk," was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Shared Assessments, a... Read More »