AETs: The Dirty Little Truth About Security

Posted : 04-16-2014

When it comes to security, every CIO experiences some level of angst and frustration. Despite growing investments in security, data breaches continue to regularly occur. A major reason is that digital miscreants of all types have access to advanced evasion techniques (AETs) which use a combination of evasion techniques,... Read More »

Becky Blalock's Big Dare

Posted : 04-15-2014

Former CIO Becky Blalock reflects on her decades-long career in IT and offers advice about self-confidence, risk taking, leadership and the lack of women in IT. Read More »

Digital Marketers Need More Centralized IT

Posted : 04-15-2014

Digital marketers are determined to expand their cross-channel campaigns in order to reach customers wherever they are, whether on the Web, social media, mobile devices and so on. However, marketer are struggling to make it happen due to tech-based barriers, according to a recent survey from Read More »

The Three-Step Process for Becoming the Next Apple

Posted : 04-14-2014

With this simple three-step procedure, your IT team will have the atmosphere, process and opportunity for them to suggest and help implement an array of innovative ideas. Read More »

Nine Steps to Defeating the Heartbleed Bug

Posted : 04-14-2014

The Heartbleed bug is a newly discovered flaw in the OpenSSL cryptographic library, CVE-2014-0160, which affects encrypted communications between web applications, e-mail exchanges, instant messaging clients and some SSL-based virtual private network connections. Via Read More »