The Courage of the Transparent CIO

Posted : 04-21-2014

CIOs need to be open and honest about IT projects. Otherwise, their customers will not be able to make informed decisions and eventually won't trust the IT organization. Read More »

The Secrets of a High Organizational Digital IQ

Posted : 04-21-2014

Does your company really have an outstanding "digital IQ"? If you're like the vast majority of CIOs, the honest answer would be "no," according to a recent survey report from PwC. The report, titled "The Five Behaviors That Accelerate Value From Digital Investments," is the sixth annual digital IQ... Read More »

CIOs Must Bleed Open Source

Posted : 04-18-2014

Many executives say open source gives their organization a competitive advantage, which is one of the reasons why CIOs need to better support open source initiatives. Read More »

Eight Myths About CEO Succession

Posted : 04-18-2014

With the turnover rate of CEOs ranging from 10 percent to 15 percent in any given year, you might conclude that organizations are prepared for replacing their top leader at any given moment. But you'd be wrong. The majority of companies don't really have an effective succession game plan, according to a recent article... Read More »

Protecting Your Brand in Cyberspace

Posted : 04-17-2014

With the growth in generic top-level domains, organizations will need to better protect their brand online from business competitors and cybercriminals. Read More »