Have the Courage to Change

Posted : 01-13-2017

As we start this new year, I will leave you with a simple thought: Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. Read More »

IT Jobs and Salaries Will Increase in 2017

Posted : 01-12-2017

U.S. CIOs and other tech executives are feeling optimistic about prospects for IT jobs and salary growth in 2017, according to a recent survey from Janco Associates. Thousands of domestic technology jobs are expected to be added every month, findings show. And... Read More »

10 Ways to Deal With Hacktivist Attacks

Posted : 01-11-2017

Hacktivist attacks affect everyone. You don't have to be a high-profile oil or pharmaceutical company to suffer from one. Just combining personal and work activities while online, posting too much information to social media or otherwise attracting unwanted attention could make you a magnet for hacktivists. Defending... Read More »

How Decentralized IT Can Lead to Chaos

Posted : 01-10-2017

The ongoing decentralization of IT management—fueled by increasingly empowered business departments that are taking ownership of some tech areas—is putting a strain on CIOs and their teams, according to a recent survey from VMware. The resulting "Read More »

10 Reasons Why Social Media Compliance Matters

Posted : 01-09-2017

Companies are challenged every day to figure out how to balance the risks versus rewards in allowing social media communications and permitting the use of personal networks to promote the business. Preapproval of social communications can mitigate risk, but that impacts the timeliness of the communications. Social... Read More »