Personal Use of Company Tech Disrupts Work

Posted : 12-11-2014

A clear majority of professionals working on company-provided computers also use the machines for personal pursuits, according to a recent survey from GFI Software. It's not as if internal users are unaware of policies governing... Read More »

The Disaster Recovery Blame Game

Posted : 12-10-2014

Backup and disaster recovery are crucial for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), and, if not implemented correctly, it can lead to finger-pointing if critical data is wiped out. A new report, "Read More »

E-Signatures Soar With KLM

Posted : 12-09-2014

The global airline turns to e-signatures and e-contracts to take business processes to new heights, and plans to integrate the tools into other applications. Read More »

Why Companies Should Start Celebrating Millennials

Posted : 12-08-2014

Business needs to stop complaining about Millennials and start celebrating them. Here are two steps that can change your company’s perception of Millennials. Read More »

How to 'Fail Better' on IT Projects

Posted : 12-05-2014

Playwright Samuel Beckett famously wrote, "Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Such advice would greatly benefit modern IT teams, given that 17 percent of projects fail completely, and two-thirds fall short of expectations, according to the Project Management Institute. In the recent book, Read More »


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