A Key to Innovation

Posted : 08-17-2014

To take innovation to a new level, you need to harness information technology in a way that actually simplifies things and produces real-world results for real people. Read More »

Every Organization Needs a Data Analytics Champion

Posted : 08-15-2014

For analytics to gain widespread acceptance and usage across an organization, an analytics champion can play an important role. Read More »

IT Hiring Forecast Heats Up

Posted : 08-14-2014

CIOs and other managers are planning on boosting overall staff size for the second half of 2014, with IT emerging as the hottest sector for increased headcount, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder. In fact, the tech industry will expand hiring at a... Read More »

Millennials, Gen X Express Strong Job Satisfaction

Posted : 08-14-2014

Millennials and (to a lesser degree) Gen Xers sometimes get saddled with an "over-entitled and under-worked" label. But CIOs and other managers should know that this may be a mistaken impression. The vast majority of employees under age 45, in fact, feels valued by their organization, and is savoring the daily... Read More »

Mobile App Risks in Highly Regulated Industries

Posted : 08-13-2014

Mobile apps deployed by organizations in highly regulated industries must conform with multiple regulations, including record retention, patient privacy and data breach notifications. Read More »