Delaying a Digital Transformation Is Bad Business

Posted : 10-18-2016

Very few organizations are taking advantage of digital transformation initiatives to gain business advantages over competitors, according to a recent survey from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with the Genpact Research Institute. The resulting report, titled “Read More »

Using Tech to Reduce Poverty

Posted : 10-18-2016

The CIO of the Inter-American Development Bank sees firsthand how technology has the ability to improve lives and reduce poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America. Read More »

Six Emerging IT Jobs for the Digital Revolution

Posted : 10-17-2016

Many jobs of today won't exist five years from now, experts say. They'll be replaced by new ones that will help organizations advance and stay competitive amid fast-changing technology and business shifts. CIOs, of course, will take a lead role in shaping these positions. As companies proceed with these efforts, they... Read More »

Engineering Analytics Uses IoT to Improve UX

Posted : 10-17-2016

When companies leverage IoT and engineering analytics, they can create immense value by eliminating waste, conserving energy and optimizing the supply chain. Read More »

CIO Leads Transformation at Denison University

Posted : 10-12-2016

The CIO of Denison University reveals why becoming more agile is essential and how the school is developing an infrastructure that is scalable and secure. Read More »