Companies Grow More Vulnerable to Insider Threats

Posted : 05-19-2017

An increasing majority of managers feel their company is more vulnerable to insider threats compared to last year, according to a new survey. Seventy-four percent of respondents to Haystax Technology's "Read More »

IT Transformations Revamp Operations, Create Jobs

Posted : 05-18-2017

For CIOs and business leaders, digital transformation is about far more than "new tech toys." It's about overhauling the way organizations execute their core operational strategies and create jobs, according to "Digital Transformation Expected to... Read More »

The 7 Keys to IT Success in 2017—and Beyond

Posted : 05-17-2017

As IT journeys from the backroom to the boardroom, an IT leader’s success will increasingly depend on the ability to work as a true partner with the business. Read More »

IT Modernizations Are Delayed by Security Issues

Posted : 05-16-2017

While the vast majority of IT decision-makers believe that modernized technology systems have become critical, what are considered conventional or legacy technologies account for most of today's apps, infrastructure and workplace tools, according to a recent survey from Avanade. The resulting report, "Read More »

Prepare for Disruption, Distortion, Deterioration

Posted : 05-15-2017

A recent report predicts that traditional business models will be disrupted over the next two years, and it advocates "unprecedented levels of collaboration" within enterprises and among external partners, manufacturers, vendors and regulators to safeguard security. Disruption results from an over-reliance on fragile... Read More »