Three Ways to Slash Your IT Costs

Posted : 11-21-2014

A new breed of business is re-imagining IT budgets, and looking to the cloud and subscription software to slash IT expenses and connect remote employees. Read More »

Top Enterprise Productivity Killers

Posted : 11-20-2014

Enterprise professionals aren't spending even half of their work day on their primary job duties, according to recent survey research from AtTask. So what's keeping them from focusing on tasks at hand? Incessant emails... Read More »

An Unconventional Solution to a Big IT Problem

Posted : 11-20-2014

Users believe IT will somehow divine a perfect system for them. As much as IT pros wish this unrealistic expectation would go away, they know it’s not possible. Read More »

Automation of Business Processes Drives Benefits

Posted : 11-19-2014

The majority of IT professionals said the automation of business processes is essential in today's corporate environment, although demand for speed is stressing IT's abilities and resources. A new study by PMG, which offers an enterprise service catalog and business... Read More »

Five Ways to Get More Out of Social Business

Posted : 11-19-2014

Collaboration and social business are at the center of the digital enterprise. But building a platform designed for interaction and success can be challenging. Read More »


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