IT: A Creative Arm of the Enterprise

Posted : 07-16-2014

CIOs and their IT organizations are on the defensive, their future in doubt. To remain relevant, IT must rightfully assert itself as a creative arm of the enterprise. Read More »

Inside IT With CenturyLink CIO Bill Bradley

Posted : 07-11-2014

A CenturyLink veteran, Bill Bradley talks about cultural challenges in the workplace, the advantages of cloud computing, and the importance of reacting positively to change. Read More »

IT Pros: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Posted : 07-10-2014

As IT has become integrated into businesses and is no longer considered a department of antisocial nerds, IT professionals are seeking ways to learn business skills. But many IT pros think that to get them, or to advance their career, they must leave their present company. A new study, "Hello, I Must Be Going: Hard Facts... Read More »

The Five Traits of the Digital Renaissance Man

Posted : 07-08-2014

IT needs more leaders who possess the necessary breadth of knowledge and experience to help organizations deal with the business challenges of today. Read More »

It's Google Time

Posted : 06-30-2014

If we're always connected to work, if we spend less and less time with our family and friends, if we don't take vacations and if we're constantly stressed out, are we doing something wrong as a society? Read More »