Gartner Advises CIOs: Flip Your Focus

Posted : 11-11-2014

CIOs must shift their legacy-first orientation to digital-first to become visionary and inspirational digital leaders rather than observers, according to a new survey from Gartner, "Flipping to Digital Leadership: The 2015 CIO Agenda." The... Read More »

Five Surefire Ways to Find IT Talent

Posted : 11-10-2014

As the competition for IT talent heats up, CIOs and other tech and business executives are finding it necessary to broaden their thinking—and their strategy. Read More »

Why Situational Empathy Is a Challenge for IT Pros

Posted : 10-13-2014

The difficulty of IT pros to connect on an interpersonal level and have a meaningful, relevant work-related discussion from a business person’s perspective is a core problem. Read More »

To Be More Productive, Work Fewer Hours

Posted : 10-10-2014

To discover what its most productive workers do differently than its less productive ones, The Draugiem Group studied their work habits with a time-tracking app. The results might surprise you. Read More »

CIOs, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Posted : 10-02-2014

Being aware of your emotional triggers and having strategies to counteract the upheaval they can create is a critical set of competencies in today's workplace. Read More »


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