Why IT Training Efforts Get Mixed Grades

Posted : 11-15-2016

While most organizations are investing in training for their tech talent, IT leaders and workers offer contrasting perspectives about the effectiveness of these efforts, according to a recent survey from... Read More »

How a Skills Gap Impedes the Use of New Tech

Posted : 11-11-2016

A lack of skills and understanding is delaying the implementation of the IoT, big data and other new technological trends, according to a new study. "Trends vs Technologies," a research report from Capita Technology Solutions in partnership with Cisco, reveals "a strong disconnect" between businesses' ability to realize... Read More »

Telltale Signs of a Terrible Resume

Posted : 11-03-2016

As a CIO, you probably think you've seen it all when it comes to bad resumes. But, as they say, you ain't seen nothing yet, judging by the following examples of all-time resume blunders, Read More »

How CIOs Can Drive Business Growth

Posted : 11-02-2016

More CIOs are expected to provide business innovation through tech, but legacy infrastructure remains a major roadblock. Read More »

Hiring the Best Talent From Tech Bootcamps

Posted : 10-31-2016

All coding bootcamps aren’t created equal, so finding talent in programs that align with the skills and experience valued by your organization can be a challenge. Read More »