The Essential Requirements of a Digital CIO

Posted : 05-02-2016

What's the difference between "yesterday's CIO" and the modern-day digital one? Digital CIOs maintain a higher profile in the corporate board room, where board members have raised their expectations of IT performance and the delivery of new, business-benefiting innovation, according to a recent survey from BT. The... Read More »

Why Hirers Use Social Media to Screen Candidates

Posted : 04-29-2016

A growing number of CIOs and other hiring managers are screening job candidates by checking out their social media pages, Read More »

Fighting a Security War With Yesterday’s Tech

Posted : 04-27-2016

Despite news stories highlighting nation-state hacks, the top external threat to enterprises is cyber-criminals, according to a new study. U.S. federal IT execs are the least likely to increase spending due to data breaches, however. The report, "Read More »

When Employee Expense Report Requests Go Bad

Posted : 04-11-2016

Could any task inspire more tedium than a marathon review of expense report submissions? You scroll and scroll—and scroll some more—with your eyes glazing over at the 25th request to get comped for a Big Mac value meal. Then, suddenly, something totally off-the-wall catches your attention—like an... Read More »

Oddball Interview Questions Asked by IT Bosses

Posted : 03-31-2016

As a CIO, you've probably asked a lot of IT job candidates a lot of interview questions. But have you ever inquired as to whether a potential hire would like to be a particular kind of gerbil? Or pose a challenge that involves weighing an elephant?... Read More »