Andre Mendes' Journey From CIO to COO

Posted : 09-25-2014

Thanks in part to approaching his CIO role as a business-minded executive, Andre Mendes has been promoted to a COO-like position at the Broadcasting Board Of Governors. Read More »

Employees Frequently Indulge in Tech Distractions

Posted : 09-22-2014

Constant connectivity is demolishing the wall which once stood firm between one's work time and "me time." With the dominance of bring your own device, professionals don't hesitate to use their gadgets in the office to call family and friends, check personal emails, post on their social networks or even play games,... Read More »

What CIOs Can Learn From Derek Jeter's 'Boot Camp'

Posted : 09-19-2014

As Derek Jeter learned early on in his baseball career, employee education and training can provide numerous benefits, like increased performance and productivity. Read More »

The Differences Between CIOs and CEOs

Posted : 09-17-2014

When the priorities of the CIO and CEO are not in synch it inevitably leads to misunderstandings about the value that IT is delivering to the organization. Read More »

Top Staffing Challenges for CIOs

Posted : 09-11-2014

While CIOs would love to hire new staffers, nearly seven of 10 say they're struggling with limitations in terms of the quantity and quality of available tech talent, with one of four CIOs indicating that the shortage is "significant," according to research. And once CIOs successfully recruit talented IT professionals,... Read More »