IT Worker Confidence Remains Strong

Posted : 04-04-2014

IT employees are decidedly optimistic about their careers—as well as the future of their organizations, according to a new survey from Randstad Technologies. Their overall confidence is high, and they're more self-assured when it comes to finding a new... Read More »

Employee Distractions Reaching Epidemic Levels

Posted : 03-25-2014

With 24/7/365 access to the Internet and social media—not to mention a relentless barrage of incoming e-mails—employees are constantly facing challenges when it comes to workplace distractions. In fact, the average professional sends and receives 105 e-mails a day, and check their in-boxes 36 times an hour,... Read More »

Seven All-Time Inventive Late Excuses From Workers

Posted : 03-24-2014

CIOs and other managers value accountability, and showing up for work on time remains a reliable testimony to one's sense of personal responsibility. That said, certain workers can't seem to get the hang of professional punctuality: Nearly one-quarter of employees admit to being tardy at least once a month on average,... Read More »

The Workplaces of Tomorrow Are Winning Today

Posted : 03-20-2014

For companies to flourish and become a workplace of tomorrow, they must jettison not just their legacy systems and infrastructure, but also their legacy thinking. Read More »

10 Signs That an Employee is Going to Quit

Posted : 03-17-2014

We've reported frequently on the growing challenges that CIOs and other managers face in their talent recruitment and retention efforts. Most recently, for example, we revealed that more than one-half of hirers say they currently have positions open for which they can't find qualified candidates, and that one-third say... Read More »