Five Surefire Ways to Find IT Talent

Posted : 11-10-2014

As the competition for IT talent heats up, CIOs and other tech and business executives are finding it necessary to broaden their thinking—and their strategy. Read More »

Why Situational Empathy Is a Challenge for IT Pros

Posted : 10-13-2014

The difficulty of IT pros to connect on an interpersonal level and have a meaningful, relevant work-related discussion from a business person’s perspective is a core problem. Read More »

To Be More Productive, Work Fewer Hours

Posted : 10-10-2014

To discover what its most productive workers do differently than its less productive ones, The Draugiem Group studied their work habits with a time-tracking app. The results might surprise you. Read More »

CIOs, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Posted : 10-02-2014

Being aware of your emotional triggers and having strategies to counteract the upheaval they can create is a critical set of competencies in today's workplace. Read More »

Is Too Much Sitting Killing You?

Posted : 09-26-2014

Excessive sitting, which is defined as nine or more hours of sedentary behavior per day, is associated with an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity and other diseases. Read More »


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