11 Great Things Companies Are Doing With Big Data

Posted : 08-25-2014

One company is using big data to improve the aviation industry's on-time performance. Another is turning to analytics to streamline the launch of complex marketing campaigns. A third is reducing its environment impact through these tools. By now, it's clear that the potential for data analytics is limited only by the... Read More »

The Importance of Location for Digital CIOs

Posted : 08-22-2014

University of Pennsylvania professor David R. Bell discusses how real worlds and virtual worlds influence and affect each other, and are increasingly merging together. Read More »

CIOs Should 'Own' Digital Business Technologies

Posted : 08-21-2014

CIOs should decide how to position their organization in relation to emerging digital business technologies, like the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, wearable technology and robotics, according to a new Gartner report titled "How CIOs Need to Think About Business Digital Technologies." IT organizations are used to... Read More »

Five Things to Know About Agile Development

Posted : 08-19-2014

Agile development has emerged at the center of a faster and more responsive approach to IT, but it presents some unique challenges. Read More »

A Key to Innovation

Posted : 08-17-2014

To take innovation to a new level, you need to harness information technology in a way that actually simplifies things and produces real-world results for real people. Read More »