Every Organization Needs a Data Analytics Champion

Posted : 08-15-2014

For analytics to gain widespread acceptance and usage across an organization, an analytics champion can play an important role. Read More »

CIOs Should Be Their Company's First Customers

Posted : 08-13-2014

SunGard Availability Services CIO Gary Marshall discusses being an end user-centric CIO, IT's value proposition and why CIOs do or don't get fired. Read More »

10 Advantages of IT Cost Transparency

Posted : 08-12-2014

A new niche—technology business management (TBM) software—is emerging with an emphasis on cost transparency to provide enterprise IT organizations with useful data and insights. Because TBM software offers detailed, granular data about the cost of providing applications and services, it enables CIOs to make... Read More »

Companies Investing Heavily in Digital Strategies

Posted : 08-07-2014

Organizations are allocating staggering amounts of money toward digital investments to better reach—and engage—customers, according to a new survey from Tata Consultancy Services. The accompanying report, "The Road to Reimagination: The State... Read More »

Trust Me, You Need a Transformation Ambassador

Posted : 08-06-2014

Merck IT Transformation Ambassador Judith Chuisano shares lessons from her year in a pioneering role established to change the pharmaceutical company's culture. Read More »