How AI Will Change Business and Tech

Posted : 08-01-2017

A smarter IoT, more powerful chips and AI will change business and tech in profound ways, producing smarter drones, robots and wearables, and better analytics. Read More »

Dial Up Disruption With Emerging Tech

Posted : 07-28-2017

Emerging technologies represent an enormous opportunity for businesses. But formulating a tech strategy and putting it into motion can be challenging. Read More »

Why IT Leaders Have Too Little Time for Innovation

Posted : 07-20-2017

If your IT employees feel like they're on a perpetual hamster wheel—working hard but not really moving forward—they're far from alone: Tech leaders and staffers spend the vast majority of their time "keeping the lights on" instead of innovating, according to a recent survey from Sungard Availability Services.... Read More »

Cultural Issues Derail Digital Transformations

Posted : 07-14-2017

There's a huge difference between how companies' executives believe they are encouraging a digital culture and how employees think their leadership is doing, according to a recent survey from Capgemini and Brian Solis, a prominent digital analyst and author. The resulting report, "Read More »

CIOs Must Balance Daily Operations With Innovation

Posted : 07-10-2017

The line between business and technology strategies has begun to blur, according to a new study, and IT personnel increasingly operate at the core of their organizations. As a result, IT leaders face two sets of challenges: executing day-to-day IT operations efficiently and cost-effectively, and developing the... Read More »