Managing an Employee's Multiple Devices

Posted : 07-10-2014

Delivering consistency across multiple devices and managing endpoint devices in a user-centric fashion is critical to enabling success in the enterprise. Read More »

Digital Projects Face Critical Tipping Point

Posted : 07-09-2014

CIOs and other top executives are transitioning their digital strategies from revving up mode to active enterprise deployment, according to a new survey from McKinsey & Company. The report, titled "The Digital Tipping Point," indicates that the majority of CIOs,... Read More »

Welcome to the Zero Marginal Cost Society

Posted : 07-07-2014

In a zero marginal cost society, the collaborative commons will bypass the conventional marketplace, and society will shift from an exchange-oriented economy to a shared one. Read More »

Nine Things Digital Leaders Do

Posted : 07-03-2014

The age of experimentation with digital is over, according to two recent reports from McKinsey & Company. Organizations must move beyond any existing baby steps or trial mindsets and transform themselves into digital companies. The CIO, of course, stands at the forefront of this transformation. Which means today's... Read More »

10 Classic Project Management Mistakes

Posted : 07-01-2014

Organizations frequently struggle with project management, and tech initiatives are no exception. Research reveals that 45 percent of large IT projects go over budget, while delivering 56 percent less value than promised. Meanwhile, three-quarters of project participants lack confidence that their efforts will succeed,... Read More »