Machine Learning Audits in the 'Big Data Age'

Posted : 04-19-2017

How can companies be confident that the algorithms they are employing are providing the service intended but are not reinforcing policies they did not intend? Read More »

Can Characteristic-Based AI Fight Malware?

Posted : 04-03-2017

Artificial intelligence can give organizations a much-needed edge over their sophisticated and evasive adversaries, according to "Signature-Based Malware Protection Is Dead," a whitepaper... Read More »

Why Digital Transformation Is a Work in Progress

Posted : 03-28-2017

The vast majority of global CEOs feel that a failure to embrace digital transformation will prove damaging to their organization. However, relatively few strongly agree that their company understands what it means to be digitally transformed, according to a recent survey from the Conference Board. The report, "Read More »

Technology for People, by People

Posted : 03-28-2017

Digital tools are adapting to us by interacting in more human ways, using elements such as touch displays, mixed reality and natural-language processing. Read More »

IT and Business Units Share Tech Responsibilities

Posted : 03-23-2017

The line between IT organizations and line-of-business units is getting increasingly blurry, according to "Building Digital Organizations," a new report from CompTIA. By the end of this year, seven out of 10 Global 500... Read More »