11 Challenges for Today's CIO

Posted : 09-09-2014

The 21st Century will be remembered as a highly transitional time for CIOs—for better and worse. On the positive side, there are more opportunities than ever to ascend to a senior leadership role. But there's also much at stake as CIOs have to advance the capabilities of tech... Read More »

Six Key Lessons of DevOps

Posted : 09-05-2014

DevOps is growing rapidly. But achieving success is far from guaranteed. The agile approach requires different thinking and approaches. Read More »

Digitalization: The Time to Speed Up is Now

Posted : 09-04-2014

Digitalization will be a never-ending commitment for enterprises, but it has the potential to create significant business impact and ensure relevance in the marketplace. Read More »

Forget Outsourcing, Think Smart Sourcing

Posted : 09-02-2014

A granular approach of outsourcing and insourcing will enable savvy CIOs and other executives to adopt a more targeted strategy for handling specific needs within business and IT. Read More »

12 Amazing Facts About Mobility

Posted : 09-01-2014

"It has become appallingly obvious," Albert Einstein once observed, "that our technology has exceeded our humanity." If that's how the legendary 20th century physicist perceived technology in his day, then you can... Read More »