Five Habits of Highly Successful Digital Companies

Posted : 04-04-2014

Digitally innovative organizations outperform their peers by providing personalized service to their customers, building one streamlined app that does it all, and conveying information electronically. Read More »

The Three Attitudes of a Disciplined IT Department

Posted : 04-03-2014

To be trusted, IT organizations should focus on the customer experience, communicate proactively and effectively, and choose adaptability over rigor. Read More »

Global Business Services Gaining Traction

Posted : 04-03-2014

If you're not entirely familiar with the concept of a Global Business Services (GBS) model, there's a good chance you will be soon. GBS refers to a multi-functional operating model which integrates internal and retained business services with third parties, managing them with an enterprise-capability perspective. The... Read More »

Green Clinic's Healthy Approach to IT Support

Posted : 04-01-2014

A regional health-care clinic gives its IT support staff a booster shot through new technology and tools, which are also helping drive efficiency gains and cost savings. Read More »

Why CIOs Need to Use Predictive Metrics

Posted : 03-31-2014

Being able to accurately predict the future is a skill that only certain IT professionals possess. Some IT leaders can see upcoming trends, adapt to them before they make their presence known to competitors, and their company benefits as a result. At least, that's the moral of "Predicts 2014: Business Process Reinvention... Read More »