Why Innovation Is a Necessity—Not a Luxury

Posted : 10-23-2015

Through the cloud, mobility, wearable tech and the Internet of things (IoT), companies are discovering that their potential to revolutionize the customer experience is limited only by their collective imaginations. To illustrate, we're presenting the... Read More »

There’s No Finish Line for Digital Transformations

Posted : 10-21-2015

While organizations give lofty self-assessments of their digital transformation pursuits, most are essentially "talking the talk" here, according to a recent survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit. Very few, for example, have launched new digital... Read More »

Simplifying Health Care Through Technology

Posted : 10-19-2015

The more information collected on a patient and the more analytics are applied, the more likely it is that gaps in care can be identified. Read More »

Why Enterprises and Startups Collaborate

Posted : 10-15-2015

CIOs and other executives from large companies are learning how to foster a more innovative and effective digital business environment through their ongoing collaborations with entrepreneurs and startups, according to a recent survey from Accenture. However, the accompanying report, titled "Read More »

How High Performers Pursue Digital Innovation

Posted : 09-30-2015

The speed of digital advancements is separating companies into the haves and have nots: High performers are much better at creating a digital-friendly work culture with cutting-edge project opportunities, while establishing strong tech leadership teams,... Read More »