Focus on 5 Strategic Issues in 2017

Posted : 01-04-2017

As the pace of technological change accelerates and the level of digital disruption grows, IT and business leaders must focus on five essential factors in 2017. Read More »

How Companies Shortchange IT Innovation

Posted : 01-03-2017

While IT budgets are on the rise, companies are still allocating a much greater share of the funding to routine tech operational and maintenance needs rather than to innovation-driven initiatives, according to a recent survey from Protiviti. The resulting report, "Read More »

What's the Cloud's Role in Digital Transformation?

Posted : 12-22-2016

A new study reports that while digital transformation is a top priority for enterprises, most IT decision-makers have not fully implemented the technology needed to address initiatives that are critical to digital business. The report, "Read More »

New Cyber-Security Model Spurs Innovation

Posted : 12-20-2016

Forward-thinking organizations are adopting a new model for cyber-security that acts on analytic inputs and adapts to evolving risks and threats, said a new report from PwC. As a result, cyber-security is leading to innovations. The new approach includes data analytics and real-time monitoring, managed security services,... Read More »

IT Execs Are Challenged by Digital Transformation

Posted : 12-09-2016

IT leaders are grappling with how to cost-effectively transform their organization into a digital enterprise even though they are being limited by traditional enterprise thinking. Many struggle to achieve the transformation while simultaneously delivering measurable operational and business improvements and staying... Read More »