How to Win Over Digital Customers

Posted : 09-08-2016

While the majority of companies are out-performing their competitors in delivering a digital customer experience, very few are exceeding customer expectations, according to a June 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Accenture Interactive. The study, titled "Read More »

How CIOs Shape a Digital Transformation Strategy

Posted : 08-22-2016

When IT takes the role of a partner to the business, the benefits are remarkable. Read More »

Is Your IT Team Reactive or Strategic?

Posted : 08-12-2016

What's the difference between strategic companies and the rest of the pack? For starters, the former grows revenue at a much faster rate than the latter, according to a recent survey from Kaseya. The resulting "IT Operations... Read More »

Why Tech Teams Consider Windows 10 a Win

Posted : 08-03-2016

The majority of IT professionals said their organization has been satisfied with Windows 10 since adopting it, according to Read More »

Tech Leaders Struggle in an Agile vs. Legacy World

Posted : 07-15-2016

Very few project management offices (PMOs) command enough agility to readily "pivot" whenever there's a business change—an increasingly essential quality among today's organizations, according to a recent survey from Changepoint. The resulting... Read More »