What Companies Seek From the Industrial IoT

Posted : 05-22-2017

A clear majority of organizations have a growing or high interest in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), according to a recent survey from the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network. The resulting report, "The Impact of... Read More »

Why Companies Can't Keep Up With Digital Changes

Posted : 05-02-2017

While most business and technology executives feel that their company has a high "digital IQ," their confidence in their organization's tech acumen is slipping, according to a recent survey from PwC. The resulting report, "A Decade of... Read More »

KONE Elevates Its IoT Strategy

Posted : 04-26-2017

 A leading global manufacturer of elevator systems turns to the internet of things and analytics to take business performance to a higher level. Read More »

Innovation Thrives as CIOs Choose Collaboration

Posted : 04-25-2017

A new survey says that technological innovation is crucial to modern enterprises' ability to solve business challenges, pursue innovation and drive higher revenues. Almost half of CIOs must follow the board's vision, but one-third said they have "wide scope to pursue innovations, whether they receive a free hand on IT or... Read More »

Machine Learning Audits in the 'Big Data Age'

Posted : 04-19-2017

How can companies be confident that the algorithms they are employing are providing the service intended but are not reinforcing policies they did not intend? Read More »