12 Things Enterprises Don’t Know They Can Automate

Posted : 03-24-2015

Today, IT departments operate in increasingly complex environments with an array of heterogeneous technologies. Traditional batch processing and job-scheduling solutions only allow for the execution of one or more jobs on a single system and often require manual intervention. “While most operating systems,... Read More »

How Sharing Health Data Helps Patients

Posted : 03-09-2015

Leaders of Delaware's largest health systems agreed that patients are best served if clinical data is available at every stage in the continuum of care. Read More »

3D Printing Is Transforming the Supply Chain

Posted : 03-02-2015

More than one-quarter of middle market companies are in the pilot phase of 3D printing initiatives, or actually have projects in the works. Read More »

10 Words Forever Changed by Tech

Posted : 01-14-2015

As a CIO, you're responsible for the digital transformation within your organization. Yet have you ever stepped back and thought about how technology has permanently changed the very meaning of words that have been around seemingly forever? In a section of the book, Read More »

Ten Strategic Execution Trends for 2015

Posted : 01-06-2015

Project teams will deliberate less and plan in real-time more. Companies will recognize a cultural difference as a point of strength, rather than a source of confusion. And, more than ever, IT will emerge as a leading influence on the critical decisions that drive organizational success. These and other developments are... Read More »


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