The Social Side of Emotional Intelligence

Posted : 11-07-2014

The external aspects of emotional intelligence—social awareness and relationship management—can help you focus on others and build effective relationships. Read More »

The Rise of No-Location Jobs

Posted : 11-03-2014

Since the turn of the millennium, the value chain for IT back-office services has evolved dramatically, resulting in the use of talent from all across the globe. Initially, the impetus was to reduce costs through offshoring. Then came outsourcing, in which back-office operations were handled by specialized third-parties.... Read More »

Do We Need a CDC for Cybersecurity?

Posted : 10-30-2014

A centralized cybersecurity agency could leverage the mission and approach of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to proactively respond to cyber threats in real-time. Read More »

The Power of Two: When CIOs and CMOs Work Together

Posted : 10-30-2014

When CIOs and CMOs share a unified digital vision, IT and marketing have the ability to create the best-possible digital experience for their customers. Read More »

11 Outstanding State CIO Projects

Posted : 10-29-2014

One effort has vastly upgraded the communication tools of police officers and other public safety crews as they respond to highway accidents. Another project has dramatically reduced unemployment insurance fraud. And a third has established a central resource for an entire state's university curriculum offerings, serving... Read More »


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