CIO Helps Prepare the Classroom of the Future

Posted : 05-27-2016

The CIO of Columbia University's Teachers College helps put the right infrastructure in place to ensure the school is prepared for the future. Read More »

When Executives Ignore Security Policies

Posted : 05-19-2016

A new study finds that a surprisingly high percentage of IT executives—45 percent—knowingly circumvent organizational security policies, and many have even successfully hacked their own or another organization. IT decision-makers between the ages of 18 and 44 demonstrate a "much more cavalier" toward IT... Read More »

Setting the Right Tone for Risk Management

Posted : 05-09-2016

Without one person in an organization responsible for managing third-party risk, companies face a serious barrier to achieving effective third-party risk management, according to a new study. The study, "Tone at the Top and Third-Party Risk," was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Shared Assessments, a... Read More »

The Essential Requirements of a Digital CIO

Posted : 05-02-2016

What's the difference between "yesterday's CIO" and the modern-day digital one? Digital CIOs maintain a higher profile in the corporate board room, where board members have raised their expectations of IT performance and the delivery of new, business-benefiting innovation, according to a recent survey from BT. The... Read More »

Brown University's CIO Touts the Digital Classroom

Posted : 04-28-2016

Ravi Pendse is a CIO who also teaches students, and his quest to make Brown University a leader in tech use has shaped how technology anchors the digital classroom.  Read More »