Ten Strategic Execution Trends for 2015

Posted : 01-06-2015

Project teams will deliberate less and plan in real-time more. Companies will recognize a cultural difference as a point of strength, rather than a source of confusion. And, more than ever, IT will emerge as a leading influence on the critical decisions that drive organizational success. These and other developments are... Read More »

Five Keys to Establishing Better IT Metrics

Posted : 12-30-2014

In today's high-stakes and fast-changing IT environment, it's critical to build an effective framework based on the use of metrics. These guidelines can help. Read More »

10 Reasons to Serve on Customer Advisory Boards

Posted : 12-30-2014

Customer advisory boards can be useful strategic approaches for business-to-business companies to engage senior decision-makers. CABs invite executives, particularly CIOs and other IT leaders, from top customer firms to create a forum to offer unvarnished guidance and insight to the sponsoring company. They also review... Read More »

COO Manages Strategic Initiatives, Costs and Tech

Posted : 12-17-2014

As the COO for UK General Insurance and Shared Services, Barry Perkins handles all the big decisions on run costs, strategic initiatives and technology. Read More »

Leading IT With Dealers and Customers in Mind

Posted : 12-01-2014

At Asbury Automotive, CIO Barry Cohen leads the IT organization with dealers and customers in mind, and is making IT a broader driver of value to the company. Read More »


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