Managing IT for a Diverse Portfolio of Businesses

Posted : 05-07-2015

The CTO of Graham Holdings keeps the organization’s diverse business properties flexible and agile by adopting the strategy of a service provider. Read More »

Why Some Business Transformations Fall Flat

Posted : 05-06-2015

Nearly all companies are pursuing some kind of organizational transformation, according to a recent survey from KPMG. However, a significant share of these initiatives are failing to achieve intended business benefits. Barriers to... Read More »

Ten Effective Principles for IT and Marketing

Posted : 05-05-2015

As long-term strategies continue to bring tech and marketing departments together, the combined efforts often focus on visitor clicks or Twitter followings as ways to measure success. But how often do tech and marketing take a step back from a project and ask, "Does it work?" in delivering upon meaningful,... Read More »

How Innovation Stacks Up Around the World

Posted : 04-20-2015

U.S. companies are innovating faster and more frequently than their European counterparts, according to a new study. The study also finds that automation is the key to managing an increasingly diverse, complex business environment and delivering fast, flexible services that meet escalating demand. But there is global... Read More »

What CEOs Expect From IT Investment

Posted : 04-17-2015

CEOs no longer perceive of tech operations as some esoteric organizational function that they can keep at a distance. In fact, the majority of corporate leaders believe IT plays an essential role in making strategic decisions, according to a Read More »


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