How Companies Shortchange IT Innovation

Posted : 01-03-2017

While IT budgets are on the rise, companies are still allocating a much greater share of the funding to routine tech operational and maintenance needs rather than to innovation-driven initiatives, according to a recent survey from Protiviti. The resulting report, "Read More »

Why IT Budget Planning Can Give CIOs Nightmares

Posted : 11-29-2016

While most CIOs and other senior IT executives expect technology budgets to increase over the next year, the actual implementation and management of those budgets is growing increasingly complex, according to a recent Read More »

How to Ace Vendor Audits

Posted : 10-19-2016

A majority of companies have received software and hardware audit requests from vendors over the last 18 months—and many have undergone these audits several times during this time frame, according to a recent survey from BDNA. The resulting findings summary, titled the "Read More »

As Container Adoption Grows, ROI Soon Follows

Posted : 08-24-2016

The majority of organizations are either using container technologies today or plan to do so soon, according to a recent survey from NetEnrich. Simply stated, containers enclose pieces of code... Read More »

IT Spending Expected to Drop in 2016

Posted : 07-12-2016

Overall IT spending is forecast to decline slightly this year compared to IT spending in 2015, according to Gartner. Currency fluctuations primarily account for the anticipated dip, as well as lingering reservations about the global economy in general. In addition, the smartphone market is approaching saturation, Gartner... Read More »