The Evolving State of Cyber-Threats

Posted : 04-28-2015

Over the last few years, cyber-threats have become more sophisticated and persistent. Every day, there's news of yet another breach or breakdown. What's more, confronting the problem and mitigating risk has become more difficult. A new survey from QuinStreet Enterprise, “Read More »

Top Challenges of an IT and Marketing Collaboration

Posted : 03-30-2015

CIOs and IT teams are working more closely than ever with their companies' advertising and marketing executives, but they face significant challenges to ensure these collaborations produce meaningful results, according to a recent Read More »

Doubts Raised Over IT's Strategic Potential

Posted : 03-02-2015

While the majority of executives–both IT and non-IT–agree that the tech department must play a lead role in the improvement of business effectiveness, they're expressing considerable doubts about the department's ability to do so, according to a recent survey from McKinsey. And many of the doubts are being... Read More »

How CIOs Ensure the Multivendor Approach Works

Posted : 01-16-2015

IT professionals need to go the extra mile to make disparate products and interfaces from various vendors work harmoniously. But it’s worth the effort. Read More »

Tech Budgets and Staffing Are in Transition

Posted : 01-08-2015

While overall IT budgets are going up, they account for noticeably less of organizations' total revenues compared with three years ago, according to a recent survey from the Global Institute for IT Management. In... Read More »


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