Facebook Hacks the Data Center

Posted : 10-07-2014

The Open Compute Project can change the way organizations think about and manage their data. Stanford University research fellow Jonathan Koomey offers insights about the Facebook-led initiative.

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SIM IT Trends: Tomorrow Will Be Faster Than Today

Posted : 09-11-2014

The role of CIOs and IT organizations is increasingly business oriented, and successful CIOs will need people skills—not technical smarts—to succeed in the workplace. Read More »

IT Budgeting Stats, Trends and Best Practices

Posted : 09-02-2014

More than ever, today's CIOs must combine impact-worthy strategic contributions which reflect equal parts business and tech insights. As previously reported, marketing is expected to take on greater ownership of IT budgeting. So to continue advancing as vital, senior-level contributors within their organizations, CIOs... Read More »

Useful Virtualization Stats, Trends and Practices

Posted : 08-28-2014

We live in an "Everything as a Service" universe. That's because CIOs and other tech leaders are transitioning all forms of tech resources and support—from hardware to software to storage to platforms—to a virtualized environment. As a technology, virtualization is nothing new. The term dates back to the... Read More »

Despite Gains, Companies Don't Budget for Mobile

Posted : 08-26-2014

Although mobile technology improves employee productivity, particularly in customer service, many small and medium-sized businesses do not budget for mobile devices, according to a new survey by Sage North America. Instead, they take an ad hoc approach,... Read More »


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