What Does Bezos's Law Mean for Your Data Center?

Posted : 06-27-2014

If the cost of cloud storage is dropping by 50 percent every three years, it might be time for many CIOs to get rid of their data centers and move to a cloud platform. Read More »

10 Things to Know About the Cost of DNS Attacks

Posted : 06-05-2014

The top challenge most organizations face in protecting networks against Domain Name Service (DNS)-based attacks is the cost of security solutions. Infoblox, a network control solutions firm, recently sponsored a survey on DNS protection which shows that many organizations hesitate to adopt new security solutions because... Read More »

CIOs Lack Control Over Obsolete Apps?

Posted : 06-03-2014

One in four applications could be retired, according to an estimate by Capgemini, but it's not always easy for CIOs to retire an out-of-date legacy app. Read More »

Security Strategies Must Be Integrated

Posted : 06-02-2014

Organizations where everyone works together to build a strong defense are more likely to succeed despite a lack of resources, proliferating security threats and new technologies. Read More »

Being a Lean IT Group—and Continuously Improving

Posted : 05-29-2014

Freddie Mac CIO Rob Lux discusses how, despite the constraints of a tight budget, he helped fuel IT and business innovation at the U.S. government-sponsored enterprise. Read More »