Perennial Issues Faced by IT Leaders

Posted : 05-31-2016

Enterprise tech constantly evolves, but IT leaders must address certain constants: careless users, changing budgets and constant pressure from the business. Read More »

Why IT Spending Will Decline in 2016

Posted : 04-25-2016

Overall IT spending is forecast to decline slightly this year compared to IT spending in 2015, according to... Read More »

How to Excel Using Contract Workers

Posted : 02-11-2016

Contingent workers make up nearly 35% of today's workforce, and 70 percent of surveyed companies expect to increase the number of contract workers, according to a recent study. The rub? Only 51% of external labor and services spend is formally accounted for in corporate planning, budgeting and forecasting. The study, "Read More »

Why IT Spending Is All About the Business

Posted : 02-09-2016

While most CIOs, IT execs and senior managers agree that it's important to link tech investments to key business outcomes, relatively few feel their organization does a very good job of doing so, according to a recent survey from Datalink. The report,... Read More »

Which CFO Personality Is Right for IT?

Posted : 01-18-2016

When it comes to getting approval for IT purchases, the buck often stops with the CFO. And, in many cases, there's a specific CFO personality type that can make such decisions easier (or harder) for CIOs and their teams, according to Read More »