Why CIOs Must Change Their Leadership Style

Posted : 07-17-2015

A clear majority of CIOs are redefining the essence of their leadership, according to the 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda survey report. The report, titled "Flipping to Digital Leadership," indicates that CIOs are placing less emphasis... Read More »

Job Candidates Are Often Kept in the Dark

Posted : 07-10-2015

The majority of job seekers expect to hear back from employers after they apply-but most employers typically don't respond to candidates' applications, according to Read More »

CIOs Question Their Ability to Drive Business Growth

Posted : 07-03-2015

More CIOs are expected to provide business innovation through tech, but legacy infrastructure remains a major roadblock. Read More »

Ten Simple Ways to Engage Your Employees

Posted : 06-30-2015

Nearly seven out of 10 workers are disengaged at work–with more than 17 percent describing themselves as “actively disengaged.” Low levels of employee engagement translate directly to attrition–something CIOs can’t afford when tech talent is in short supply. Fortunately, in a section of the... Read More »

Why Big IT Projects Fall Short of Expectations

Posted : 06-23-2015

It can get pretty rough out there for CIOs who oversee large-scale IT projects: For projects requiring more than $10 million in investment, the chances of delivering on time and on budget, while meeting all needed objectives, is just one in 10, according... Read More »


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