Top Concerns of Today's CIOs

Posted : 05-14-2015

CIOs have a lot on their minds these days: Their CEOs and other C-suite colleagues are constantly pushing them to come up with the Next Great Disruptive Innovation, while their CFOs are telling them to keep spending in check. Their organization's... Read More »

Ten Traits Effective CIOs Have in Common

Posted : 05-12-2015

There's an awful lot of talk these days about the changing role of the CIO–and that's a good thing. As the authoritative voice of the IT department, CIOs no longer are dismissively perceived as merely keepers of the infrastructure. Nor are they confined to an operational “keep the buses running on... Read More »

Ten Job Interview Deal Killers

Posted : 04-27-2015

A bad hire can take a big bite out of your budget. The average cost of a failed hiring decision equates to 30% of the staffer's first-year potential earnings, according to industry research. Two-thirds of employers say they've experienced negative effects of bad hires, with 37% saying the situation lowered department... Read More »

What CEOs Expect From IT Investment

Posted : 04-17-2015

CEOs no longer perceive of tech operations as some esoteric organizational function that they can keep at a distance. In fact, the majority of corporate leaders believe IT plays an essential role in making strategic decisions, according to a Read More »

Non-Tech Skills to Look for in Tech Workers

Posted : 04-16-2015

As a CIO, you want your IT employees to command a high level of hard skills–specifically their tech experience and know-how, as demonstrated by certifications, degrees and work history. But how much attention do you pay to the less tangible soft skills and traits that still prove so critical? Soft skills cover a... Read More »


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