10 Ways to Prepare for Cyber-Warfare

Posted : 06-02-2016

If you cannot see an attack, how are you expected to stop it? If you were a detective in the physical world, would you rather investigate a burglary using random photographs of what might have occurred, or by using surveillance video of the actual event? "You've heard the phrase ‘antivirus is dead,' right? That's... Read More »

How Tech Takes the Fear Out of Change

Posted : 05-31-2016

Most executives consider disruption as a constant—and likely lasting—dynamic within their industries, according to a recent survey from KPMG LLP. The accompanying report, titled "Read More »

How Tech Change Ramps Up Business Pressures

Posted : 03-15-2016

The vast majority of IT and business executives are bracing for what's expected to be unprecedented tech changes over the next several years, according to a recent survey from Accenture. Accenture's 2016 Technology Vision Report, titled "Read More »

Why Innovation Is All About Many Small Steps

Posted : 02-22-2016

While the vast majority of senior executives agree that innovation is an important organizational quality that helps them achieve goals, very few companies actually gain significant business benefits from innovation, Read More »

Why Formal Performance Reviews Won’t Disappear

Posted : 02-05-2016

Be honest with us: Are there times when you'd rather go to the dentist than give another performance review? It's never easy, after all, to come up with a comprehensive summary of an employee's valued contributions, outstanding work qualities and "improvement areas." And then there are review sessions that can get... Read More »