The CIO’s New Mindset in the Digital Age

Posted : 03-10-2015

IT is either an enabler and a trusted business partner, or a disabler that is perceived as grinding the wheels of progress to a screeching halt. Read More »

Eight Ways to Bridge the Gap in IT and Business

Posted : 03-09-2015

The divide between IT and business departments in the enterprise is unnecessary and can be overcome by communication and collaboration, according to IT leaders. Cesar Fernandez, director of Product Solutions at PMG, draws on the wisdom of computer scientist Landon Curt Noll, now a cryptologist and security architect with... Read More »

How Will CIOs Use Their Growing Influence?

Posted : 03-05-2015

CIOs play a more direct role in board-level priorities, so it is only natural that their leadership will be more scrutinized. Read More »

CIOs Are Emerging as Vital Business Influencers

Posted : 02-20-2015

CIOs face a greater variety of challenges than ever, thanks to an ever-proliferating number of impactful tech developments. The digital universe is expected to grow to 40 zettabytes by 2020, due to a 50-fold increase in enterprise data. In two years, workloads made possible by virtual servers and private clouds will... Read More »

Fatigue Cited as Cause of Many Workplace Mistakes

Posted : 02-19-2015

Technology has helped create today's state of 24/7, always-on status among workers. And the non-stop connectivity and demands appear to be taking a toll: Nearly one-half of U.S. professionals said constant fatigue is distracting them from doing their jobs, according to a Read More »


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