Why Businesses Need a Search Party to Find Relevant Data

Posted : 09-09-2015

It's been well-reported that the accumulating volume of enterprise-managed data is presenting major challenges for organizations. But they're also struggling with the amount of tools they must use to collect and analyze it, according to a recent survey from Alteryx and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. The... Read More »

Why Transformation Is a Top Business Priority

Posted : 07-27-2015

More than nine out of 10 companies are either undergoing or preparing for a major transformation, according to industry research. And they're doing so because the potential consequences of "status quo" are severe, according to Read More »

Why ERP Systems Struggle to Deliver Business Value

Posted : 07-13-2015

Managing value expected from an ERP project is actually quite simple and can start with a basic piece of paper listing the project’s business goals. Read More »

CIOs Give Managed IT Services High Marks

Posted : 06-25-2015

With a large share of organizations either outsourcing IT functions or considering doing so, an overwhelming majority pursuing managed services are satisfied with the outcomes, according to a Read More »

Why Big IT Projects Fall Short of Expectations

Posted : 06-23-2015

It can get pretty rough out there for CIOs who oversee large-scale IT projects: For projects requiring more than $10 million in investment, the chances of delivering on time and on budget, while meeting all needed objectives, is just one in 10, according... Read More »