Why a Compliance Gap Costs Time and Money

Posted : 03-16-2015

A new survey on workforce compliance reveals one-half of businesses use separate IT systems or manual processes for compliance requirements. Systems to handle human capital management, such as paying employees, managing... Read More »

Why Companies Struggle With IoT Data

Posted : 03-12-2015

With the Internet of things poised to grow into a nearly $9 billion market by 2020, organizations are only beginning to tap into its potential. And, like any relatively new technology, they're running into obstacles in attempting to translate tech investment into business-benefiting results. For starters, a great deal of... Read More »

Six Biggest Challenges Facing IT Managers

Posted : 03-06-2015

When it comes to being a boss, there are plenty of scary statistics out there–especially for CIOs. Nearly three out of 10 large IT projects fail. And the average cost overrun on IT projects is 27%, with one out of six IT projects having cost overruns of 200%. To get to the root of the causes behind these and other... Read More »

How to Respond When an M&A Sparks a Software Audit

Posted : 01-21-2015

Enterprises devote significant resources to integrating people and processes during a merger, but software licenses and compliance are often ignored.    Read More »

Five Keys to Establishing Better IT Metrics

Posted : 12-30-2014

In today's high-stakes and fast-changing IT environment, it's critical to build an effective framework based on the use of metrics. These guidelines can help. Read More »


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