10 Building Blocks for Today's Leadership

Posted : 02-12-2014

The old school system of management has gone the way of the 9 to 5 workday. Today's top organizations recognize that the rules of leadership are changing to address the ever-expanding challenges caused by disruptive technologies and market forces. The new book, The Executive Checklist: A Guide for Setting Direction... Read More »

Three Keys to Effective Time Management for CIOs

Posted : 01-23-2014

To be the master of your time, you need planning and prioritization skills, communication and expectation-setting skills, and the support of strong direct reports. Read More »

10 Ways to Ask Great Questions

Posted : 01-23-2014

Let's face it: Most of us love great interrogation scenes in movies or TV shows. From countless detective shows to 24 to the climax of A Few Good Men ("You can't handle the truth!"), we get a vicarious rush when we see a protagonist grasp the essence of reality... Read More »

How to Get Work Done

Posted : 01-14-2014

Create a workplace where meetings have meaning, collaboration coexists with accomplishing work, and business goals are clearly defined and achievable. Read More »

Projects Suffer from Lack of Staffing, Resources

Posted : 12-19-2013

While stripped-down staffing and an overall commitment to do more with less is nothing new, many workers are struggling to get anything of value completed on time, according to a recent survey from AtTask. They're too often assigned to tasks that don't contribute to organizational strategies, findings show, and then... Read More »