How IT Drives Innovation in Customer Content

Posted : 04-07-2016

Nearly all execs feel that delivering personalization in content remains key to reaching customers—and many are relying on tech advancements to do this, according to a recent survey from PwC and Forbes Insights. The resulting report, titled "Read More »

How Repetitive Tasks Waste $1.8 Trillion

Posted : 03-18-2016

Unwieldy technology in the workplace hinders productivity and results in hidden, large financial losses for U.S. businesses, according to a recent survey. Why? Technology does not fit an organization's needs, and mundane tasks that could be automated, such as password reset requests, new employee on boarding, contract... Read More »

Why IT Faces Difficulties in Adopting New Tech

Posted : 03-07-2016

The majority of IT professionals say the current tech in place at their organization is keeping them from acquiring and implementing new tech, according to a recent survey from Insight Enterprises. This leaves them with a current state of IT infrastructure that performs at less than superior levels, findings reveal.... Read More »

Why Companies Are Increasing UX Testing Efforts

Posted : 03-02-2016

Organizations are increasing their stake in user experience (UX) testing efforts, according to a recent survey from UserTesting. The "UX Industry Report" reveals that UX testing is still very much in a developmental stage for most companies.... Read More »

How to Respond When an M&A Sparks a Software Audit

Posted : 03-02-2016

Enterprises devote significant resources to integrating people and processes during a merger, but software licenses and compliance are often ignored.    Read More »