The 10 Highest-Paid CIOs of Public Companies

Today's most impactful IT leaders often wear their non-tech backgrounds and interests like a badge of honor. For evidence, look no further than the following list of the 10 highest-paid CIOs at publicly traded companies, as taken from a top 20 ranking recently published by Janco Associates. Certainly, these executives represent a new breed... Read More »

Four Tech Skills on the Riseā€”and Four in Decline

"Rust never sleeps," as the classic rock song says. Neither does technology. Rapid shifts which directly impact key business strategies occur every day. So you have to adapt your approach to recruitment and hiring, according to a report from Global Knowledge. After all, you're no longer leading a department of support-service workers... Read More »

Workers Confident About Economy and Job Prospects

Employees continue to feel better about the overall economy, as well as their ability to find a new job, according to a recent survey from Randstad U.S. Given the high level of competition for available tech talent, CIOs should pay heed to the strength of their staffing engagement levels. Otherwise, if engagement is low, retention issues could arise. So, what's driving the positive... Read More »

CIO and IT Employee Salaries Remain Flat

The latest analysis of job and salary data from Janco Associates presents a mixed bag of results. Overall technology job staffing is heading up, but salaries remain surprisingly flat. For CIOs at large companies, the news is even worse, with a notable average cut in compensation compared to this time last year. Janco reports that a total of 88,900 IT jobs have been added in the last 12... Read More »

Job Market Bodes Well for IT Professionals

Dice, the company that tracks the IT job market, has some good news for professionals: the second half of 2013 is going to be an awfully favorable period for technology professionals. Things are so good, in fact, that companies are willing to invest an inordinate amount of the cash in their constrained budgets on new technology professionals. In a... Read More »

Demand for IT Pros Is On the Rise

The job market has improved over the last year, but most people would agree that things could be better for just about everyone. The unemployment rates in the U.S., Europe and worldwide is still high, and some people are having an exceedingly difficult time finding a job. It's to the point now that many people have become discouraged, and view getting a job as something that they will never... Read More »

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