Five Things to Know About Agile Development

Posted : 08-19-2014

Agile development has emerged at the center of a faster and more responsive approach to IT, but it presents some unique challenges. Read More »

Millennials, Gen X Express Strong Job Satisfaction

Posted : 08-14-2014

Millennials and (to a lesser degree) Gen Xers sometimes get saddled with an "over-entitled and under-worked" label. But CIOs and other managers should know that this may be a mistaken impression. The vast majority of employees under age 45, in fact, feels valued by their organization, and is savoring the daily... Read More »

11 Traits of Successful IT Leaders

Posted : 08-07-2014

CIOs arguably sit on an organization's hottest seat: Every user and stakeholder depends upon daily access to productivity-boosting IT tools. And the C-suite looks to you as the authority on new solutions which will advance business goals. Meanwhile, you must not only impart a sense of tech expertise,... Read More »

Trust Me, You Need a Transformation Ambassador

Posted : 08-06-2014

Merck IT Transformation Ambassador Judith Chuisano shares lessons from her year in a pioneering role established to change the pharmaceutical company's culture. Read More »

Great IT Leaders Must Be Great Connectors

Posted : 08-06-2014

If you want to be a Digital Renaissance Man or Woman, you must be a world-class connector of people with different backgrounds, disciplines and world views. Read More »