How to Develop Talent for Large IT Projects

Posted : 09-09-2014

Large IT projects deliver 56 percent less value than their organizations project, according to a new survey report from McKinsey & Company. And the vast majority of large IT projects go over budget, findings show. Beyond funding and available tech tools, however,... Read More »

13 Ways to Manage Difficult Employees

Posted : 09-07-2014

A troublesome employee can inflict significant damage upon your IT department. In fact, six of 10 managers say bad hires have lowered productivity, brought down office morale and even resulted in legal issues, according to research from CareerBuilder. And more than... Read More »

Six Key Lessons of DevOps

Posted : 09-05-2014

DevOps is growing rapidly. But achieving success is far from guaranteed. The agile approach requires different thinking and approaches. Read More »

Nine Top Collaboration Tools

Posted : 09-03-2014

This could be considered a Golden Era of Collaboration. Thanks to cloud computing, broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity, and other tech innovations, professionals are taking advantage of an increasing number of tools to help them better communicate, monitor and track projects, and share, edit, and view documents. As a... Read More »

What Football and IT Organizations Have in Common

Posted : 09-03-2014

Like football, running an IT organization is a team sport. Every member of each respective group—not just the quarterback or the CIO—has an important role to play. Read More »