Execs Confronted With Worker Performance Issues

Posted : 04-08-2014

CIOs, organizational leadership and other senior executives are finding it difficult to drive their employees to peak performance levels, according to a recent survey, "Corporate Executives' Views on Leadership, Employee Performance & Innovation," conducted by Harris Interactive for Read More »

IT Worker Confidence Remains Strong

Posted : 04-04-2014

IT employees are decidedly optimistic about their careers—as well as the future of their organizations, according to a new survey from Randstad Technologies. Their overall confidence is high, and they're more self-assured when it comes to finding a new... Read More »

The Three Attitudes of a Disciplined IT Department

Posted : 04-03-2014

To be trusted, IT organizations should focus on the customer experience, communicate proactively and effectively, and choose adaptability over rigor. Read More »

How to Create a Tech-Friendly Office Space

Posted : 04-01-2014

We've often written about the extensive efforts—usually involving compensation, benefits and career-advancement opportunities—that CIOs and other organizational managers are making to recruit and retain in-demand tech talent. But how much thought have you put into the actual physical environment of your... Read More »

Translating IT Speak Into Business Speak

Posted : 03-31-2014

To communicate effectively, it's incumbent for CIOs to talk about every technology initiative in terms of its business benefit and value. Read More »