How to 'Fail Better' on IT Projects

Posted : 12-05-2014

Playwright Samuel Beckett famously wrote, "Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Such advice would greatly benefit modern IT teams, given that 17 percent of projects fail completely, and two-thirds fall short of expectations, according to the Project Management Institute. In the recent book, Read More »

Top Enterprise Productivity Killers

Posted : 11-20-2014

Enterprise professionals aren't spending even half of their work day on their primary job duties, according to recent survey research from AtTask. So what's keeping them from focusing on tasks at hand? Incessant emails... Read More »

Getting the Most From Content Management Systems

Posted : 11-18-2014

Whether used for project oversight, legal or regulatory compliance, digital marketing initiatives or the sharing of best practices, organizations are looking to get the most out of their content. Every day, enterprise users generate seemingly endless streams of content, but they face hurdles in trying to access what they... Read More »

11 Ways to Introduce Coaching in Your Company

Posted : 11-07-2014

Using coaching to enhance executive leadership development is vital for overall employee development. Organizations increasingly realize the benefits of having a robust coaching culture because it is linked to higher employee engagement. But according to a new study, "Read More »

IT Needs Better Service Management Tools

Posted : 11-04-2014

IT service management (ITSM) is considered a customer and stakeholder-centric approach to improving the implementation and management of tech functions. In other words, it ensures that business comes first, and tech comes second. Ironically, however, a clear majority of tech professionals say they aren't able to leverage... Read More »


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