Why IT Pros Need Better Soft Skills

Posted : 05-12-2016

A significant share of CIOs say today's tech pros need to improve upon their communications interactions and other soft skills, Read More »

Top Challenges of Managing a Virtual Team

Posted : 05-06-2016

The majority of employees today work on global virtual teams, according to a recent survey from RW³ CultureWizard. In fact, the accompanying "2016 Trends in Global Virtual Teams" report reveals that a notable share of... Read More »

Why Hirers Use Social Media to Screen Candidates

Posted : 04-29-2016

A growing number of CIOs and other hiring managers are screening job candidates by checking out their social media pages, Read More »

Why IT Spending Will Decline in 2016

Posted : 04-25-2016

Overall IT spending is forecast to decline slightly this year compared to IT spending in 2015, according to... Read More »

U.S. Users Targeted Most by Ransomware

Posted : 04-14-2016

Four percent of Americans, or 13 million people, have been targeted by ransomware, malicious software that blocks access to a computer or computer system until the victim pays a sum of money. Ransomware caused $350 million in damage last year, "living up to its reputation as the most significant menace targeting Internet... Read More »