Commonplace–and Bizarre–Job Candidate Miscues

Posted : 01-22-2015

Have you ever interviewed an IT candidate and concluded early on that something wasn’t, well, right? If so, you’re far from alone. Many prospects essentially take themselves out of the running by exhibiting the following body-language errors during these discussions, according to a recent Read More »

Employees Aren't Fully Using Work Software

Posted : 01-14-2015

An overwhelming majority of workers don’t use the work software that IT has provided to them, according to a recent survey from Coupa Software. Among the reasons why: The products aren’t relevant to... Read More »

Personal Use of Company Tech Disrupts Work

Posted : 12-11-2014

A clear majority of professionals working on company-provided computers also use the machines for personal pursuits, according to a recent survey from GFI Software. It's not as if internal users are unaware of policies governing... Read More »

Why Companies Should Start Celebrating Millennials

Posted : 12-08-2014

Business needs to stop complaining about Millennials and start celebrating them. Here are two steps that can change your company’s perception of Millennials. Read More »

How to 'Fail Better' on IT Projects

Posted : 12-05-2014

Playwright Samuel Beckett famously wrote, "Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Such advice would greatly benefit modern IT teams, given that 17 percent of projects fail completely, and two-thirds fall short of expectations, according to the Project Management Institute. In the recent book, Read More »


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