Ten Fastest-Growing States for Tech Jobs

Posted : 08-20-2015

If you're a CIO in the No. 1 state for tech-employment growth, you're not working anywhere near California, New York, Massachusetts, Texas or any of the other usual suspect states that show up on this type of list. Instead, "Go Midwest, young man," as the top state is actually not on the coast but in the heart of the... Read More »

Why Insider Threats Are Inevitable

Posted : 08-19-2015

The majority of surveyed security professionals, 62 percent, said insider threats have grown during the last year, according to a new report. A combination of factors are at play: 53 percent attribute the rise to insufficient data protection strategies and solutions, 50 percent point to the proliferation of sensitive... Read More »

As Demographics Change, Security Training Must Adapt

Posted : 08-19-2015

Shoring up an organization’s cyber-defenses takes more than simply providing handbooks during the new hire process—because one size does not fit all. Read More »

The Key to Battling Cyber-Crime Begins With Users

Posted : 08-18-2015

A day doesn't pass without news of a breach or security lapse somewhere in government or business. As a result, Americans are increasingly concerned about the risks posed by digital systems. Yet many do not follow basic security practices that reduce dangers. A new national Read More »

Why Risk Professionals Need More IT Support

Posted : 08-07-2015

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) professionals believe their current tech tools aren't capable of enabling them to monitor risk effectively, according to a recent survey from SAP. Read More »


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