Ten Incredibly Cool Workspaces

Posted : 11-09-2015

As a CIO, you want to create the most inviting office environment that you can, right? So perhaps you've arranged for fresh fruit, juices and other snacks in the kitchenette, along with stylish collaborative areas and maybe a Foosball table? That's all... Read More »

How Working Parents Cope With Burnout

Posted : 10-29-2015

Nearly all working parents have experienced burnout, and most of them say the situation has led to troubling health-related consequences, according to a recent survey from Bright Horizons. The resulting "Read More »

Company Memo: We Can't Protect Consumer Data

Posted : 10-12-2015

The majority of technology, risk and business professionals revealed customers should not feel confident that their personal information is fully secured, according to a recent survey from ISACA. The report, titled "Read More »

How IT Spent Its Summer

Posted : 09-04-2015

So how was your summer? Hopefully better than the one that some of your IT employees endured, as they were constantly getting stressed out by a deluge of remote users who seemingly always had computer or network issues that needed attention, according to Read More »

The Last of the Millennials

Posted : 09-03-2015

Given the lingering IT skills shortage, CIOs must focus on the next generation of employees to develop promising recruitment pools for future positions. In this case, we're referring to high school seniors—who are considered among the last of the Millennials. To lend insight about these young people, CareerBuilder... Read More »