Tech Budgets and Staffing Are in Transition

Posted : 01-08-2015

While overall IT budgets are going up, they account for noticeably less of organizations' total revenues compared with three years ago, according to a recent survey from the Global Institute for IT Management. In... Read More »

Disruption Is the New Normal

Posted : 01-05-2015

Attempting to apply old-school approaches and invoke protectionist practices in today's ever-changing business environment is a recipe for disaster. Read More »

10 Reasons to Serve on Customer Advisory Boards

Posted : 12-30-2014

Customer advisory boards can be useful strategic approaches for business-to-business companies to engage senior decision-makers. CABs invite executives, particularly CIOs and other IT leaders, from top customer firms to create a forum to offer unvarnished guidance and insight to the sponsoring company. They also review... Read More »

Data Centers Use Renewable Energy to Contain Costs

Posted : 12-16-2014

While growth in data demand is expected to last for the indefinite future, the use of energy to power data centers is expected to sharply decline, according to a recent survey from Mortenson. Data center owners will continue to increase capacity to... Read More »

CIOs Anticipate Bigger Budgets in 2015

Posted : 12-01-2014

CIOs are forecasting increased budget growth for next year, according to a recent survey report from CEB. A significant share of the spending is supporting innovation and business-benefiting programs,... Read More »


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