10 Reasons to Serve on Customer Advisory Boards

Posted : 12-30-2014

Customer advisory boards can be useful strategic approaches for business-to-business companies to engage senior decision-makers. CABs invite executives, particularly CIOs and other IT leaders, from top customer firms to create a forum to offer unvarnished guidance and insight to the sponsoring company. They also review... Read More »

Data Centers Use Renewable Energy to Contain Costs

Posted : 12-16-2014

While growth in data demand is expected to last for the indefinite future, the use of energy to power data centers is expected to sharply decline, according to a recent survey from Mortenson. Data center owners will continue to increase capacity to... Read More »

CIOs Anticipate Bigger Budgets in 2015

Posted : 12-01-2014

CIOs are forecasting increased budget growth for next year, according to a recent survey report from CEB. A significant share of the spending is supporting innovation and business-benefiting programs,... Read More »

11 Facts You Need to Know About the Cloud

Posted : 11-13-2014

This is the first year that the majority of organizational workloads are expected to take place in the cloud, which means that CIOs need to gather actionable information about this dominating tech topic. Given all of the interest, TeleTech has come up with the following combination of revealing Read More »

Trolling for Trolls

Posted : 11-11-2014

Savvy business leaders use legitimate feedback to shape their products and services. They also take steps to address the problem of fake reviews from trolls. Read More »


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