Malware Declines, but Ransomware Soars

Posted : 03-30-2017

Last year, both good guys and bad guys achieved gains: Security professionals successfully fought off malware, but cyber-criminals benefited from an explosion in ransomware, according to the "2017 SonicWall Annual... Read More »

How Internet Disruptions Cripple Organizations

Posted : 03-15-2017

The vast majority of organizations have experienced a significant internet disruption within the last 12 months, according to a recent survey from Dyn. The accompanying report, the "Internet... Read More »

Social Media Blamed for Rise in Stolen Passwords

Posted : 03-13-2017

A statistical analysis forecasts that there will be 300 billion passwords for humans and machines by 2020, increasing the global attack surface for cyber-criminals. Of these passwords, 100 billion will be used by humans and 200 billion by machines. Between now and then, the password attack surface will grow by an order... Read More »

Cyber-Criminals Found a Home on Social Media Sites

Posted : 02-17-2017

The number of members in fraud-related groups on social media platforms has increased 70 percent in the past six months, according to a new study. It states that social media is a breeding ground for cyber-crime and is attracting fraudsters because these platforms are free, easy to use and offer global reach. According... Read More »

11 Cyber-Security Predictions for 2017

Posted : 01-25-2017

A new forecast predicts that automated malware attacks will have a devastating effect on the internet of things (IoT). It also predicts the rise of the Shadownet (IoT botnets that can't be seen or measured using conventional tools), cloud poisoning, more growth of Ransomware as a Service, and attacks on smart buildings.... Read More »