10 Trends CIOs Should Watch in 2013

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 11-02-2012
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10 Trends CIOs Should Watch in 2013

10 Trends CIOs Should Watch in 2013

A Deepening Mobile Reliance
According to Gartner, mobile devices will overtake PCs in 2013 as the most likely way employees will access the Internet. That will increase a company’s reliance on handsets and tablets, and force CIOs to determine which products are right for their employees.

Not that long ago, the enterprise was predictable year in and year out. Now CIOs knew that in the current year they would be using BlackBerry smartphones, and the next year they would be using the same devices. The cloud was something they heard vendors talk about, but not something that worried them. And the very idea that employees would come into the office with their own products and demand that the IT staff add corporate data to them was laughable. Major decisions were made, but one might argue that they were easier to make. Now, however, the corporate world is in a different place. From one year to the next, major changes are occurring. Today, CIOs might decide that BlackBerrys are still best for employees, but tomorrow, the iPhone might win out. Consumerization of IT is commonplace. And despite best efforts to keep things simple, securing data across a wide array of products and solutions, including mobile devices, is getting increasingly difficult. Simply put, CIOs have many more worries today. And the chances of things becoming simpler again are about zero. Realizing that, research firm Gartner recently announced the strategic technology trends that IT will deal with in 2013. From mobile devices to worries over HTML 5, there are an increasing number of issues CIOs will be forced to contend with in 2013. Find out the 10 technology trends that will affect the enterprise most greatly in 2013.

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