Nine Reasons Why the Enterprise Loves the iPad

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 05-22-2013
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Nine Reasons Why the Enterprise Loves the iPad

Longer PC Refresh Times  With iPads in the enterprise, Apple is able to dramatically improve PC refresh times in the corporate world. Apple enables companies to hold off a year or two from buying new computers because employees have an iPad that can allow them to handle the latest tasks. That's a welcome money-saver for IT budgets.

Apple has been a quandary for some in the technology industry. On one hand, the company's products are ideal for consumers who want (and can afford) elegant, intuitive and easy-to-use devices. On the other hand, Apple has frequently said that it wants to appeal to all customers, including the enterprise, but its policies, products and services over the years, however, haven't consistently backed up that claim.

Yet, it appears Apple has found a way to not only appeal to enterprise users, but to also deliver the high-quality products that those companies desire. And chief among Apple’s enterprise-popular devices is the iPad. The slender tablet, which launched in 2010, has gone from being one of the most exciting mobile products for consumers to one that has increasingly seduced corporate users. All the while, Apple has made clear that it wants enterprise users to incorporate its iPads in the workforce.

Late last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that nearly every company in the Fortune 500 has adopted the iPad or is testing to see if it's right for their company. Meanwhile, the majority of school districts across the U.S. have adopted the iPad for classroom use. Given Apple's success in the overseas corporate market, it appears that the iPad has earned its stripes as the business world's favorite slate. Here’s the story of how that happened.

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