The IT Industry Gets Into the Political Swing of Things

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-19-2012
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The IT Industry Gets Into the Political Swing of Things 03

What’s worse, 6 in 10 respondents said that they don’t believe a second Obama term will positively impact the technology industry.

With the U.S. Presidential election just weeks away, it’s hard to escape all of the news and information surrounding it. From the latest polls to the debates, just about everyone out there is in some way invested in the candidates. That, of course, has thrown political opinions into overdrive, and makes it hard for anyone – even those operating far away from the political industry – to find some peace. DLA Piper, a law firm, recently released a survey on technology leaders’ opinions on the Presidential election, which candidates they’d like to see win, and how such a victory could help the technology industry. The IT respondents even shared who they believe will win this year’s election. As DLA Piper notes, this election could have a profound impact on the IT industry. The policies that either President Obama or former Massachusetts government Mitt Romney put into place could either help or hurt the industry. And in turn, CIOs will need to make decisions based on that election that will ultimately impact the technologies employed in the enterprise.


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