Twitter, Facebook Find Friends in the Enterprise

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-12-2012
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Twitter, Facebook Find Friends in the Enterprise 06

The Social Business Council found that discussions and forums were the second-most-important aspect of their efforts.

The enterprise hasn’t always been so willing to play nice when it comes to social networking. In fact, for years, access to sites like MySpace, Twitter, and even Facebook was blocked by corporate firewalls. The idea of allowing those sites was simply too much for C-level executives to bear. Top-level managers on the business side argued that allowing access to social networks would hurt productivity. And many CIOs decided that blocking the sites would be best for security. However, when it comes to social media, the tide has turned. Now more than ever, the corporate world is allowing employees to access these sites, and they're increasingly warming to the idea of leveraging social networks for their own financial gain. From tweeting out news to building a community around a Facebook page, companies have found value in social networks. A new study from the Social Business Council makes this point abundantly clear. The enterprise is willing to embrace social networks. And with any luck at all, in the coming years, all of that will benefit the corporate world.

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