Tech Industry Struggling With Talent Gap

If the tech sector is feeling optimistic about the future, that's good news for CIOs. After all, when vendors ramp up capital and product investment and boost staffing levels, it's fueled by an overall increase in demand for tech. It also translates to better products and services which CIOs will be able to acquire on the market. Fortunately, a recent survey from Read More »

'Game Over' for BlackBerry in the Enterprise?

Enterprise customers of BlackBerry products should find alternatives within six months, a new Gartner report urges. BlackBerry calls Gartner’s advice “purely speculative.”

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CIOs Must Prepare for New Era of IT

Even if you've been a CIO for only a year, you may think that you've already seen a vast amount of shifts within the technology landscape. However, you'll need to prepare for even more for the immediate—and indefinite—future, according to a recent survey from A.T. Kearney. Forecasting into the year 2020, the research reveals... Read More »

The Business Impact of Failed IT Projects

It's hard to think of a single significant business process these days that is not dependent on IT. As a result, any time there is a problem with IT, the cascading effects on the business can be catastrophic. A recent global survey of 304 executives... Read More »

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