Business Taking DIY Approach to App Development

Posted : 07-03-2013

While outsourcing has dominated tech-related business headlines in recent years, one IT-led development appears to be bucking that trend: the deployment of apps for enterprise users, according to a recent survey from Antenna Software. In fact, a significant and... Read More »

How To Avoid Mobile App Overload

Posted : 06-25-2013

More than 85% of CIOs and IT managers surveyed believe there's a pressing need for them to retire apps that have outlived their usefulness. Read More »

Software Gets More Insecure, Not Less

Posted : 05-07-2013

It's no surprise the enterprise is worried about security. For decades now, companies have been getting hit hard by cybercriminals who have tried to take them down, and it seems like there hasn't been a single time when any company was absolutely secure. Quite the contrary, every enterprise has suffered the effects of a... Read More »

Users Want Mobile Apps, Not Mobile Websites

Posted : 03-22-2013

The mobile world is changing at a rapid rate. People around the globe are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets to get information, and companies are responding to that change through a host of measures. In some cases, companies have decided to launch mobile Websites aimed at making it easier to browse... Read More »

Agile Development Tail Wags the Business Dog

Posted : 02-19-2013

For several years now agile development methodologies have been gaining adherents across the developer spectrum. While it's taken some time for agile development to attain mainstream adoption in the developer community, the ripple effect of all that code is now starting to be felt across the business. A Read More »


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