Navigating the Challenges of Insourcing

Posted : 06-06-2013

Businesses are exploring if they should bring some IT functions back in-house, but a successful repatriation involves a host of technical, legal and HR issues. Read More »

Ten Considerations for CIOs Seeking to Insource

Posted : 05-31-2013

Many organizations are now looking to transition outsourced assets and functions to an in-house model. CIOs, of course, are frequently in the loop here because many of these initiatives involve IT. So why are companies making this move? For starters, outsourcing transactions typically take 23 to 46 weeks to complete,... Read More »

IT Lacks Resources to Resolve Performance Issues

Posted : 04-01-2013

We recently reported that IT spends too much time tending to "fireman" tasks, with departments dealing with 20 unexpected issues every week. Now, the company behind that survey, TeamQuest... Read More »

Alternate Outsourcing Models Gain Popularity

Posted : 02-05-2013

As the cost advantages of offshore outsourcing wane, companies are looking at insourcing, selective multisourcing, captive offshore centers and more. Read More »

China to Become World's Largest Smartphone Market

Posted : 09-04-2012

China is expected to be 2012's largest smartphone market, thanks to falling prices of lower-end Android phones, says IDC. Read More »


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