CentralLite Makes Connection Count Through APIs

Posted : 04-13-2015

The manufacturer of energy management systems builds a robust API platform to support the Internet of things. Read More »

McCormick Spices Up Sales Through APIs

Posted : 11-26-2014

The spice and packaged goods giant turns to an API strategy to deliver greater value to its business partners and customers, while boosting brand loyalty. Read More »

10 Things You Need to Know About Java 8 Adoption

Posted : 11-17-2014

According to a new study, nearly two-thirds of Java developers have already migrated to Java 8, or are committed to doing so within the next year. The survey,... Read More »

IT Needs Better Service Management Tools

Posted : 11-04-2014

IT service management (ITSM) is considered a customer and stakeholder-centric approach to improving the implementation and management of tech functions. In other words, it ensures that business comes first, and tech comes second. Ironically, however, a clear majority of tech professionals say they aren't able to leverage... Read More »

Debunking Five Myths of Enterprise App Development

Posted : 10-29-2014

Many businesses harbor mistaken beliefs about building mobile apps, according to FeedHenry, which makes open standard-based mobile platforms for enterprise. The Burlington, Mass., firm has formulated five myths about enterprise app development and debunked them with five solutions. FeedHenry analyzed internal customer... Read More »