Eight Interesting Facts About Java

Posted : 02-29-2016

Java, the long-lasting programming language, remains immensely popular—and for many good reasons. Java is the go-to language for millions of software developers. Java emerged as a tech juggernaut because of its unique portability and its capability of operating similarly on any hardware or operating system.... Read More »

Aligning Agile Practices With Quality Assurance

Posted : 01-29-2016

While the adoption of agile software development for Web apps is nearly ubiquitous among organizations today, the change isn't leading to much notable advancement in quality assurance and testing, according to a recent survey from Sauce Labs and Dimensional Research. The resulting "Read More »

When Apps Fall Short of User Expectations

Posted : 01-04-2016

While there's no way to eliminate every glitch and problem in applications, it is possible to approach application performance management in a better way. Read More »

The Dangers of Neglecting a DevOps Strategy

Posted : 11-18-2015

The majority of organizations are replacing existing tech with DevOps solutions, Read More »

Top Advantages of DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Posted : 07-21-2015

CIOs and their tech teams are constantly under the gun to test and launch digital products and services faster–at lower costs. Fortunately, there are two increasingly popular ways to do so: continuous delivery and DevOps. A report from McKinsey & Company, titled "Read More »