Top Advantages of DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Posted : 07-21-2015

CIOs and their tech teams are constantly under the gun to test and launch digital products and services faster–at lower costs. Fortunately, there are two increasingly popular ways to do so: continuous delivery and DevOps. A report from McKinsey & Company, titled "Read More »

8 Tips for Keeping the Business Secure and Productive

Posted : 07-20-2015

Security and productivity require a delicate balance. While an organization can have the best security technology in the world, unless everyone fully grasps why it's important, it doesn't matter. "As CIO, ask yourself if your employees... Read More »

Why Companies Struggle With Data and Analytics

Posted : 07-16-2015

Nearly all organizations are using data and analytics (D&A) solutions, but very few are satisfied with the results, according to a recent survey from KPMG International. The Read More »

Automation and the Modern CIO

Posted : 07-15-2015

The modern CIO runs one of the most critical departments in the business. IT is the seat of innovation, so the direction the CIO ought to take is discussed at the board level. In this transitional period for IT, trends have ever-shortening lifespans;... Read More »

How to Implement Data Governance Through PaaS

Posted : 07-15-2015

A provider of managed care services adopts a more robust IT and data management platform to support its growing business. Read More »


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