How to Embrace Rogue IT

Posted : 02-01-2016

You might as well embrace rogue IT, or shadow IT, which will continue to grow in importance, and its impact will be felt globally, according to Tim Kelleher, vice president of IT Security Services at Century Link. Rogue IT might just lead to innovation and competitive... Read More »

Aligning Agile Practices With Quality Assurance

Posted : 01-29-2016

While the adoption of agile software development for Web apps is nearly ubiquitous among organizations today, the change isn't leading to much notable advancement in quality assurance and testing, according to a recent survey from Sauce Labs and Dimensional Research. The resulting "Read More »

2016 Has the Markings of a Perfect Storm for Fraud

Posted : 01-28-2016

This year, cyber-criminals are expected to continue to outsmart traditional security defenses. They will leverage the latest mobile hacker tools to impersonate legitimate users and take control of consumer accounts en masse, according to a blog outlining the Read More »

Why Good Data Goes Bad

Posted : 01-27-2016

A minority of top execs express high confidence in their organization's data quality management (DQM), according to a recent survey from Blazent. The resulting report, titled "The State of Enterprise Data Quality:... Read More »

Six Customer Experience Game-Changers

Posted : 01-25-2016

Nearly nine out of 10 execs view the customer experience as the primary basis for competition this year, according to Gartner. By 2017, half of consumer product investments will be directed toward customer experience innovations. With this in mind,... Read More »