Building an IT Framework to Improve Performance

Posted : 11-17-2014

Mavis Discount Tire, a fast-growing chain of tire stores in the northeast U.S., turns to clustering software to build a high-availability IT infrastructure. Read More »

12 Ways to Shift to a Consumption-Based IT Model

Posted : 11-14-2014

Since enterprises began deploying cloud computing several years ago, IT has struggled to find the right balance between operational management and cost transparency. Detailed costs across the legacy, public and private clouds have been difficult to collect and report, and hybrid IT cloud computing has made managing... Read More »

Delivering on the Social Promise

Posted : 11-14-2014

As a growing number of CIOs have discovered—sometimes the hard way—communication and collaboration don't just happen, even with the best tools and technologies. Read More »

11 Facts You Need to Know About the Cloud

Posted : 11-13-2014

This is the first year that the majority of organizational workloads are expected to take place in the cloud, which means that CIOs need to gather actionable information about this dominating tech topic. Given all of the interest, TeleTech has come up with the following combination of revealing Read More »

Drizly Takes a Spirited Approach to Mobile CRM

Posted : 11-13-2014

A high-profile Internet startup turns to mobile CRM and a retail partner network to deliver liquor, beer and wine to consumers located in nine U.S. cities. Read More »


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