Shedding Light on the Problem of Dark Data

Posted : 05-13-2016

For enterprises to keep up with the impending surge of data—most of which will be unstructured—they must first understand what dark data is and how it will affect their operations. Gaining that knowledge is the first step toward developing a set of data management processes that will "light up" and extract... Read More »

How to Implement an IT Overhaul

Posted : 05-12-2016

The CIO of Novelis, a producer of rolled aluminum used in everything from soda cans to Ford trucks, reveals how she helped revamp the company’s IT infrastructure. Read More »

How Custom Software Drives Digital Transformations

Posted : 05-11-2016

The vast majority of executives said their company has either already completed or is expecting to complete a digital business transformation within the next five years—and many said the deployment of custom software solutions is helping them get... Read More »

4 Steps to Consider in a Cloud Integration Framework

Posted : 05-11-2016

The transition from only a handful of monolithic systems to a more disparate ecosystem of applications has made cloud integrations more challenging. Read More »

How Security Laws Inhibit Information Sharing

Posted : 05-10-2016

A new report finds that although there is a need for actionable threat intelligence and information-sharing worldwide, significant obstacles exist because of data privacy and protection and national security laws. The result is a chilling effect on cross-border cooperation that must be addressed. In that spirit, the... Read More »