How Empowering Business Users Helps IT

Posted : 05-21-2015

Although traditionally IT and business users have not always seen eye to eye, a new study finds the relationship significantly improved since last year. The survey, "2015 PMG IT and the UX Study," was conducted by PMG. IT and... Read More »

How to Create an Information Governance Program

Posted : 05-19-2015

The goal of creating a trustworthy enterprisewide Information Governance program is to facilitate effective management of information authority, control, accessibility and visibility throughout the information lifecycle.... Read More »

How Drivers of Disruption Are Impacting Business

Posted : 05-18-2015

CIOs today are frequently under pressure to come up with new, disruptive technologies. But how many have a map to pursue such efforts? A recent paper from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) promises to deliver such a resource by pinpointing four critical... Read More »

How to Use Big Data for a Good Cause

Posted : 05-15-2015

News of fraud and data breaches can shake confidence and cause legitimate concerns, but not all data stories have a foreboding end. Experian DataLabs wants to call attention to the good that data can do. To that end, it has launched its Read More »

10 Steps to Swiftly Deploy Mobile Apps

Posted : 05-13-2015

To bridge the gap between mobile app supply and demand, speed is essential, and a Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) strategy helps IT teams meet the challenge. According to Gartner, 20 million enterprise apps will be built in the next five... Read More »


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