Will Millennials Cause the End of Email?

Posted : 10-11-2016

As electronic communications have gradually gained preference over voice communications, many employees have begun to feel overwhelmed with the volume of email, leading them to seek alternatives. The average office worker sends or receives 123 emails a day, Read More »

Managing Mobility Is a Major IT Challenge

Posted : 10-10-2016

Enterprise mobility presents numerous benefits: increased productivity, potential cost savings and improved employee morale. It comes with many potential risks. Between "bill shock" from uncontrolled roaming costs to user negligence causing unmanaged overages to to data loss, managing mobility can be a major challenge.... Read More »

The Rise of Cyber-Crime as a Service

Posted : 10-07-2016

This year began with explosive growth in ransomware domains, according to a DNS threat index, driving an all-time high in new malicious domains. The threat index, which measures the creation of malicious DNSs including malware, exploit kits, phishing and other threats, was created by Infoblox, the network control... Read More »

Why Companies Are Cutting Back Cloud Investments

Posted : 10-05-2016

While the cloud remains a versatile resource for business functions, organizations are reducing their overall adoption of cloud tools, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. Don't get us wrong here: The resulting "Read More »

How to Find Answers When Google Doesn't Know

Posted : 10-05-2016

If Google can’t help, social networks can be effective for crowdsourcing some questions—but you'll get better results on sites where crowdsource volunteers congregate. Read More »