Convoluted Security Processes Hamper Productivity

Posted : 04-22-2014

A lack of visibility, time-consuming manual processes, poor change management practices and an abundance of applications are challenging IT security, network operation teams, and application owners, according to a new AlgoSec study. The security policy management firm... Read More »

The Secrets of a High Organizational Digital IQ

Posted : 04-21-2014

Does your company really have an outstanding "digital IQ"? If you're like the vast majority of CIOs, the honest answer would be "no," according to a recent survey report from PwC. The report, titled "The Five Behaviors That Accelerate Value From Digital Investments," is the sixth annual digital IQ... Read More »

CIOs Must Bleed Open Source

Posted : 04-18-2014

Many executives say open source gives their organization a competitive advantage, which is one of the reasons why CIOs need to better support open source initiatives. Read More »

Private Cloud Fuels Formula One Racing Dynasty

Posted : 04-16-2014

The Infinite Red Bull racing team has won the last four consecutive Formula One championships thanks, in part, to its selection and usage of computing resources. Read More »

AETs: The Dirty Little Truth About Security

Posted : 04-16-2014

When it comes to security, every CIO experiences some level of angst and frustration. Despite growing investments in security, data breaches continue to regularly occur. A major reason is that digital miscreants of all types have access to advanced evasion techniques (AETs) which use a combination of evasion techniques,... Read More »