Putting State IT in the Hands of the Private Sector

Posted : 08-18-2015

The COO of the Georgia Technology Authority drives substantial value through privatizing infrastructure and managed network services. Read More »

The Best Way to Use Data to Cut Costs? Delete It

Posted : 08-17-2015

A recent mindset challenges the assumption that data storage costs will continue to decline and argues that collecting and indiscriminately storing data can be detrimental to business. The solution: deleting some data. In his thought piece, "Read More »

Why CIOs Need a Chief Data Officer

Posted : 08-11-2015

The volume of data that CIOs and their teams oversee is growing immensely–increasing the need to hire a Chief Data Officer (CDO) if they don't already have one on board, according to a recent survey from Experian Data Quality. The... Read More »

8 Reasons to Update Your Approach to Data Security

Posted : 08-10-2015

It's time to shift your thinking about data security, according to security and data experts at DataGravity, a data-aware storage platform. "Many people consider data security to be synonymous with perimeter security," said Perry Dickau, director of product management at Read More »

Why IT Spends Too Much Time on Asset Management

Posted : 08-05-2015

When it's time for a software or compliance audit, tech departments are spending too much time collecting asset inventory data and reconciling asset inventory sources, according to Read More »


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