Execs and Their Role in Digital Transformations

Posted : 07-29-2016

At this point, everybody's talking about the need for a digital transformation. And, fortunately, words are translating to action, according to a recent survey from Pegasystems and The Economist Intelligence Unit. The resulting report, titled "Read More »

Are You Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Posted : 07-26-2016

If your CEO seems a bit distracted these days, give a benefit of a doubt: Today's corporate leaders have a lot on their minds, according to KPMG's most recent U.S. CEO Outlook survey. The accompanying report, titled "Read More »

Data Integration Is Vital to Customer Experience

Posted : 07-22-2016

Most organizations are now using analytics and metrics in a broad range of ways to measure the impact of customer engagement, according to a recent survey from Forbes Insights and SAS. The resulting report, titled "Data Elevates the Customer Experience:... Read More »

Does Data Collection Waste Time and Resources?

Posted : 07-07-2016

While IT and many organizations are in the midst of an unprecedented explosion in data-gathering, a new study finds that only 15 percent of all stored data contains business-critical information. The remaining 85 percent is either dark, meaning its value... Read More »

Why Data Pros Have a Need for Speed

Posted : 06-29-2016

As a means of achieving what's called "fast data/big data," a majority of organizations are deploying tech tools which enable near real-time data pipelines, according to a recent survey from OpsClarity. The resulting report, titled "Read More »