Why IT Is Increasing Spending for Data Warehouses

Posted : 04-13-2015

The vast majority of organizations are increasing their investment in data warehouses, according to a recent survey from Snowflake Computing. In many cases, they're motivated to do so after struggling with challenges related to their... Read More »

10 Tips to Transform Your IT Department

Posted : 04-09-2015

Cloud computing and data analytics are two of the fastest-growing areas of IT today. They are expected to grow by 26 percent annually over the next five years, according to a new report, "Global Cloud Analytics Market 2015-2019," by Research and Markets. CIOs should be aware of why trends like these are taking hold and... Read More »

Why Organizations Struggle With Data Quality

Posted : 03-31-2015

A significant amount of data within organizations is inaccurate, and many executives admit that they frequently can't fix data quality issues before they negatively impact business, according to a recent survey from Experian Data Quality. One problem:... Read More »

Challenges Abound in Unlocking Data’s Potential

Posted : 03-26-2015

It's no secret that data increasingly defines the enterprise. In fact, a growing number of observers believe that it will emerge as a genuine currency in the years ahead. But putting it to maximum use and achieving optimal results remains a huge challenge. Read More »

How to Overcome Big Data Barriers

Posted : 03-18-2015

A clear majority of senior leaders feel that big data capabilities will determine whether their organizations remain relevant and competitive. But most say IT development processes are creating barriers with respect to arriving at crucial insights when needed, according to a recent survey from Capgemini and EMC. The... Read More »


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