Why Companies Struggle With Data and Analytics

Posted : 07-16-2015

Nearly all organizations are using data and analytics (D&A) solutions, but very few are satisfied with the results, according to a recent survey from KPMG International. The Read More »

Automation and the Modern CIO

Posted : 07-15-2015

The modern CIO runs one of the most critical departments in the business. IT is the seat of innovation, so the direction the CIO ought to take is discussed at the board level. In this transitional period for IT, trends have ever-shortening lifespans;... Read More »

How Data Projects Drive Revenue Goals

Posted : 07-09-2015

The vast majority of organizations have either already implemented a big data project or plan to do so, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. The report, titled "Read More »

Tech Leaders Enlist Analytics to Fight Cyber-Crime

Posted : 07-06-2015

IT professionals are using advanced security analytics to identify and mitigate cyber-crimes before they have a significant impact on their organization and customers, according to a new report. Enterprise Management Associates, an IT and data management research and consulting firm, and Prelert, which provides machine... Read More »

Big Data Puts a Strain on Existing Data Centers

Posted : 06-30-2015

CIOs must make the important decision of whether to build a new data center, lease from a provider or renovate an existing facility. Read More »


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