How Data Drives Better Customer Experiences

Posted : 05-05-2016

Most organizations are now using analytics and metrics in a broad range of ways to measure the impact of customer engagement, according to a recent survey from Forbes Insights and SAS. The resulting report, titled "Data Elevates the... Read More »

Young Entrepreneur Uses Tech for a Good Cause

Posted : 05-04-2016

Tim Hwang has headed up charity organizations since he was 14 years old, and today, at the seasoned age of 23, Hwang now uses analytics to unravel legislation. Read More »

How Next-Gen Databases Elevate IT Performance

Posted : 04-20-2016

The majority of organizations predict that their deployment of next-generation database tech will outpace traditional database deployment within the next two years, according to a recent survey from Datos IO. The resulting report, titled "Read More »

Why Simplifying Data Is Complicated Business

Posted : 04-18-2016

In assessing big data capabilities, only a minority of CIOs and other tech and business leaders give their organizations high marks, according to a recent survey from Snowflake Computing. The report, titled "Overcoming the Reality Gap... Read More »

Why Better Tech Is Needed to ‘Get Personal’

Posted : 04-13-2016

Marketing execs are determined to build more personalized campaigns and interactions with customers—but they don't feel they can do so with their current tech resources, Read More »