Businesses Need Help With Data Analytics Tools

Posted : 06-26-2014

A clear majority of organizations want to move forward with data analytics initiatives. But they're stumbling out of the gate to do so. Here's why: The majority of analysts and a great deal of data scientists say they don't have access to the tools they need to pursue data projects or they aren't even aware of which ones... Read More »

Call Centers Heading to the Cloud

Posted : 06-17-2014

If your organization's call center is premise-based, it's highly likely you'll be moving it to the cloud soon, according to a recent survey from Evolve IP and the Contact Center and Customer Care Industry Professional Network. The survey's accompanying "2014 North... Read More »

How Big Data is Redefining the Role of a CIO

Posted : 06-04-2014

Organizations are empowering CIOs to maximize the value of all things data, whether structured or unstructured. In the process, these CIOs are expanding their impact by redefining their jobs, according to a new paper from McKinsey & Company. Simply stated, these... Read More »

Rethinking Privacy

Posted : 06-02-2014

Enterprises need to strike a balance between gathering and using data effectively and delivering the sense of privacy that consumers increasingly demand. Read More »

How to Align Business and IT Metrics

Posted : 05-28-2014

Metrics are more important than ever. But building an optimal framework in today's digital environment presents significant challenges. Read More »