12 Steps for Analyzing Unstructured Data

Posted : 02-02-2015

Increasing digitization and the proliferation of multichannel processes and transactions have resulted in a data deluge. Now organizations rely on unstructured data to make business decisions, such as determining customer sentiment, cooperating with discovery requirements and personalizing their products for customers.... Read More »

Big Data Analytics Leaders Face Big Misgivings

Posted : 01-27-2015

A majority of companies are falling short of expectations in deploying big data analytics, according to a recent survey from Platfora. The Read More »

Why Resisting Digital Transformation Is a Mistake

Posted : 01-26-2015

The majority of executives making tech-purchase decisions said that enterprises are reaching a turning point when it comes to digital transformation–one that will result in a failure to maintain a critical competitive edge if their organizations fall behind. And many companies are turning to shared IT services and... Read More »

Questions That Result in Actionable Cost Analyses

Posted : 01-16-2015

All IT organizations perform current cost analyses, but what value do they really provide? Favorable outcomes of IT cost analysis can include better decisions, accelerated decision making, changing the conversation with the business department, influencing behavior, and improving reporting by making it more efficient,... Read More »

Getting to Real Time

Posted : 01-09-2015

An integrated, end-to-end big data and analytics platform is critical to an organization's ability to gain real-time insights from a growing number of sources. Read More »


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