Why Dark Data Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

Posted : 08-01-2016

For enterprises to keep up with the impending surge of data—most of which will be unstructured—they must first understand what dark data is and how it will affect their operations. Gaining that knowledge is the first step toward developing a set of data management processes that will "light up" and extract... Read More »

Execs and Their Role in Digital Transformations

Posted : 07-29-2016

At this point, everybody's talking about the need for a digital transformation. And, fortunately, words are translating to action, according to a recent survey from Pegasystems and The Economist Intelligence Unit. The resulting report, titled "Read More »

Are You Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Posted : 07-26-2016

If your CEO seems a bit distracted these days, give a benefit of a doubt: Today's corporate leaders have a lot on their minds, according to KPMG's most recent U.S. CEO Outlook survey. The accompanying report, titled "Read More »

Data Integration Is Vital to Customer Experience

Posted : 07-22-2016

Most organizations are now using analytics and metrics in a broad range of ways to measure the impact of customer engagement, according to a recent survey from Forbes Insights and SAS. The resulting report, titled "Data Elevates the Customer Experience:... Read More »

Does Data Collection Waste Time and Resources?

Posted : 07-07-2016

While IT and many organizations are in the midst of an unprecedented explosion in data-gathering, a new study finds that only 15 percent of all stored data contains business-critical information. The remaining 85 percent is either dark, meaning its value... Read More »