Don’t Fall on the Wrong Side of the Digital Divide

Posted : 04-08-2016

The majority of organizations are more focused on deploying analytics to improve operations than they are on customer-centric analytics efforts, according to a recent survey from Capgemini Consulting's Digital Transformation Institute. The resulting report, titled "Read More »

Is Data Collection a Waste of Time and Resources?

Posted : 03-28-2016

While IT and many organizations are in the midst of an unprecedented explosion in data-gathering, a new study finds that only 15 percent of all stored data contains business-critical information. The remaining 85 percent is either dark, meaning its value... Read More »

Refining Raw Data Into Marketing Gold

Posted : 03-23-2016

Marketing executives are determined to build more personalized campaigns and interactions with customers—but they don't feel they can do so with their current tech resources, according to a recent survey from... Read More »

Panning for Data: Turning Information Into Gold

Posted : 02-12-2016

The majority of CIOs and IT decision-makers say they can't keep up with storage demands for all of the data required for business, according to Read More »

How Bad Data Undermines Business Results

Posted : 02-10-2016

While most tech and business execs feel that data plays an essential role in their strategic initiatives, the majority of those surveyed believe that the presence of inaccurate data is hurting their ability to provide optimal customer experiences,... Read More »