Tech Leaders Enlist Analytics to Fight Cyber-Crime

Posted : 07-06-2015

IT professionals are using advanced security analytics to identify and mitigate cyber-crimes before they have a significant impact on their organization and customers, according to a new report. Enterprise Management Associates, an IT and data management research and consulting firm, and Prelert, which provides machine... Read More »

Big Data Puts a Strain on Existing Data Centers

Posted : 06-30-2015

CIOs must make the important decision of whether to build a new data center, lease from a provider or renovate an existing facility. Read More »

IT Is Missing Real-Time Data Analytics Opportunities

Posted : 06-18-2015

The vast majority of organizational decision makers are challenged by data issues, and very few believe their IT department is adequately supporting their need for real-time data analytics, according to a recent survey from... Read More »

How to Overcome Big Data Project Roadblocks

Posted : 06-17-2015

The majority of organizations are pursuing big data projects, yet a number of barriers prevent these initiatives from reaching their full potential, according to a recent survey from 2nd Watch. Companies are often willing to... Read More »

Predictive Analytics Builds a More Agile Business

Posted : 06-08-2015

As organizations find themselves awash in growing volumes of data, there's a need to focus on actionable intelligence through predictive analytics. Read More »


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