Finding the Key to Unlock Data’s Potential

Posted : 06-03-2016

It's no secret that data increasingly defines the enterprise. In fact, a growing number of observers believe that it will emerge as a genuine currency in the years ahead. But putting it to maximum use and achieving optimal results remains a huge challenge. Read More »

Big Data’s Biggest Challenges

Posted : 05-30-2016

While the vast majority of organizations are headed in the right direction in leveraging big data effectively, a number of challenges are keeping them from maximizing this resource, Read More »

Why IT Must Pursue an Information Governance Plan

Posted : 05-25-2016

The majority of IT executives said their organization is either implementing a formal information governance (IG) program or is planning to do so, according to a recent survey from Veritas. The resulting "State... Read More »

How to Break Through Big Data Roadblocks

Posted : 05-24-2016

The majority of organizations are pursuing big data projects, yet a number of barriers prevent these initiatives from reaching their full potential, according to a recent survey from 2nd Watch. Companies are often willing to... Read More »

Why Bad Data Quality Is Bad for Business

Posted : 05-17-2016

With big data only expected to get bigger, IT professionals and other organizational leaders admit that they lack complete confidence in their company's data quality management (DQM) practices, according to a recent survey from Blazent. The accompanying... Read More »