How Data Visualization Tells the Story of Data

Posted : 04-15-2015

Data visualization analysts make sense of the ever increasing barrage of data impacting a company and provide ways of making this data meaningful. Read More »

How Smart Apps Create Value From Big Data

Posted : 04-14-2015

The power of applying big data science and analytics at the point of action has the potential to create tremendous financial impact in an organization. Read More »

Why IT Is Increasing Spending for Data Warehouses

Posted : 04-13-2015

The vast majority of organizations are increasing their investment in data warehouses, according to a recent survey from Snowflake Computing. In many cases, they're motivated to do so after struggling with challenges related to their... Read More »

10 Tips to Transform Your IT Department

Posted : 04-09-2015

Cloud computing and data analytics are two of the fastest-growing areas of IT today. They are expected to grow by 26 percent annually over the next five years, according to a new report, "Global Cloud Analytics Market 2015-2019," by Research and Markets. CIOs should be aware of why trends like these are taking hold and... Read More »

Why Organizations Struggle With Data Quality

Posted : 03-31-2015

A significant amount of data within organizations is inaccurate, and many executives admit that they frequently can't fix data quality issues before they negatively impact business, according to a recent survey from Experian Data Quality. One problem:... Read More »


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