How to Keep a Customer for Life

Posted : 06-25-2014

As organizations cope with a growing array of customer channels, technologies and tools, CIOs and CMOs must work together and adopt the appropriate customer experience management solutions. Read More »

Big Data Overview: How's Your Company Doing?

Posted : 05-08-2014

Big data analytics is a leading business priority for most mid-size and large companies, but managing and analyzing large and ever-growing data sets remains a persistent challenge. Read More »

Why 2014 is a Key Year for the Internet of Things

Posted : 04-10-2014

Due to a fortunate combination of technological, economic and physical factors, 2014 will be an important year for the consumer and industrial Internet of Things. Read More »

A Crisis of Data Confidence

Posted : 02-03-2014

Many business executives lack confidence in the accuracy of the data they use for business decisions. IT needs to improve the quality of the data and develop self-service apps. Read More »

More C-Suite Support Needed for Analytics

Posted : 11-21-2013

Most CIOs want to implement new analytics projects—and can demonstrate a track record of ROI to justify their proposals. And they're getting the required support from the business side. However, they're still facing headwinds, according to a recent survey from IBM. The accompanying report, "Analytics: A Blueprint... Read More »


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