NASCAR Uses Big Data to Better Engage With Fans

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NASCAR supports its vast ecosystem--race teams, sponsors and more—with custom-tailored analysis of fan sentiment about its products and services.

Meanwhile, the success of the custom-built solution HP created for NASCAR has prompted other companies to inquire about how the platform can be replicated to meet their needs, reports HP’s Salameh. “They want to know about consumer sentiment regarding their new products, marketing campaigns, partners and suppliers. Their needs are no different from NASCAR’s.”

While Salameh says he can’t provide the names of recent inquirers, he revealed that the movie and TV production company DreamWorks Animation is an HP partner and uses a similar technology to better understand its industry.

Salameh‘s advice to CIOs about using social media and technology to better engage with customers is to communicate with their company’s business units, perhaps its CMO, to discuss how information analytics can help support the business from a marketing operations standpoint.

“Ask the business leaders about how the understanding of complex information sources can be structured in a way that can create intelligent insights,” he says. “We’re seeing more and more of the business units pushing on the CIOs to do that–and not vice versa.”

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