Companies Failing to Track Website Performance

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 06-20-2013
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Companies Failing to Track Website Performance

Crunch Time  21% say they don’t measure Website response time for mission-critical transactions, such as e-commerce and database-record retrieval.

A surprising number of organizations aren’t conducting the level of Website performance management required for business success, according to a recent survey conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Borland, a Micro Focus company. Nearly nine of 10 online visitors are less likely to return to a site after having a bad experience. Yet, CIOs and other top IT executives at a significant number of companies admit that they’re not really tracking site performance for load speed, ability to handle peak traffic and other key, user-experience impacting metrics. “Users have very little patience with poor performing websites today,” says Archie Roboostoff, Borland solutions portfolio director at Micro Focus. “Taking a passive approach to Website performance is a massive risk to reputation and—for e-commerce sites—revenue, too. A solid performing Website is still a competitive advantage, and any company delivering an equally good web experience on mobile is likely to win the customer retention and acquisition battle.” Nearly 600 senior IT decision-makers in global organizations with mainframes in their infrastructures took part in the research. 

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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