How to Implement a Cloud ‘Privacy by Design’ System

Posted : 06-03-2015

In 1995, the concept of Privacy by Design was introduced in the report, "Privacy-enhancing Technologies," written by a joint team of Canadian and Dutch government computer scientists. Its goal was to take privacy into... Read More »

Three Stages to Successful Cloud Implementations

Posted : 06-02-2015

Making the right decisions when moving applications and workloads to the cloud starts long before CIOs select the right service provider partner. Read More »

Quantum Aviation Takes a Trip to the Cloud

Posted : 05-26-2015

A provider of baggage handling systems for the aviation industry turns to a SaaS approach to boost performance and enable mobility. Read More »

Cloud’s ROI Is More Than a Numbers Game

Posted : 05-12-2015

Analyzing ROI based on specific factors will enable buyers to find the right cloud delivery model to meet business needs. Read More »

Using Knowledge to Fix Customer Service Centers

Posted : 05-11-2015

A new study reveals what customers dislike the most about customer service agents, such as when different agents give different answers, or they simply don't know the answer. Customers are also frustrated that they cannot find answers on companies' Websites, a problem IT leaders need to address. The online survey of... Read More »


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