Internal IT Coming to Terms With the Cloud

Posted : 02-21-2014

The challenge facing nearly every IT organization today is not whether to make use of cloud computing services, but the degree to which they want to manage it. Despite the popular perception that internal IT organizations are threatened by cloud services, a new survey suggests that most of them aspire to manage only... Read More »

Three Flawed Issues About Cloud Computing

Posted : 02-10-2014

CIOs who embrace cloud computing will be able to focus less of their time on the utility aspect of IT and more of their time on adding business value to their organization. Read More »

CIOs Need Better Tools to Meet Expectations

Posted : 01-10-2014

Consider the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) as the ultimate "report card" for CIOs and tech departments. Metrics reflecting systems uptime and availability, overall performance, and data protection all loom large in evaluating whether IT is up to the task. Fortunately, the majority of organizations are doing a pretty... Read More »

For Enterprise IT, Cloud Pricing Isn't Simple

Posted : 12-19-2013

With the rise of cloud computing, pricing models and business agreements are becoming increasingly complex. 451 Research cloud economist Owen Rogers offers guidance. Read More »

The Emerging Economy

Posted : 12-17-2013

As continues to extend its reach beyond software as a service it's becoming clear the company is emerging as a major cloud computing resource in the enterprise. A new survey of more than 450 business and IT professionals conducted... Read More »