Finding the Key to Unlock Data’s Potential

Posted : 06-03-2016

It's no secret that data increasingly defines the enterprise. In fact, a growing number of observers believe that it will emerge as a genuine currency in the years ahead. But putting it to maximum use and achieving optimal results remains a huge challenge. Read More »

4 Steps to Consider in a Cloud Integration Framework

Posted : 05-11-2016

The transition from only a handful of monolithic systems to a more disparate ecosystem of applications has made cloud integrations more challenging. Read More »

Approaching Cloud Security From the Inside-Out

Posted : 05-03-2016

It's important to have a plan in place to protect against the most common threats to your cloud infrastructure. Understanding your vulnerabilities by thinking like an attacker and mapping your defenses to the cyber kill chain can go a long way in protecting your organization. Taking preventive actions will result in an... Read More »

Shifting to Hybrid IT Is No Simple Task

Posted : 04-21-2016

Most businesses have shifted from on-premise infrastructures to hybrid IT environments, creating a dual mandate for IT professionals: increase efficiency through cloud services and ensure that critical systems, databases and applications are secure, according to a... Read More »

How Cloud Users Put the Business at Risk

Posted : 04-19-2016

By now, CIOs and their IT teams must think that they've spent countless hours talking to their organization's employees about the inherent dangers of the Internet age. But risky user behavior is still alive and well, according to a recent survey from... Read More »