Enterprises Double Down With Cloud Investments

Posted : 06-12-2014

Large enterprises are poised to increase their SAP cloud investments, but are committed to a future of hybrid clouds for security, privacy and compliance issues. Read More »

Scripps Networks Broadcasts a Cloud Approach

Posted : 06-10-2014

A major U.S. television broadcast company turns to the cloud and more advanced IT infrastructure monitoring and management—and likes the results. Read More »

When Remote Access Equals No Access

Posted : 05-22-2014

Outdated, under-performing network hardware and the rise in extreme weather-related disruptions are causing IT organizations to struggle to meet employees' expectations about working remotely, according to a new survey by Pertino. The average desk job has moved beyond... Read More »

Everything as a Service Goes Mainstream

Posted : 05-19-2014

In order to transform their operations and become a digital business, a growing array of organizations is embracing an everything-as-a-service approach. Read More »

Organizations Taking Outage Risks in the Cloud

Posted : 05-08-2014

When it comes to establishing a customer-facing presence in the cloud, how much downtime is too much? An hour? Two hours? An entire working day? If those times seem long, then you may be surprised to learn that one-quarter of IT professionals say that up to just under nine hours a year or even longer is perfectly... Read More »