How Tech Megatrends Put More Pressure on IT

Posted : 02-27-2015

Tech "megatrends" such as the cloud, mobility, big data and social media are creating a perfect storm for IT departments, launching an era in which CIOs must step up as strategic leaders–or risk failure. The majority of global IT decision makers, in fact, view tech as a prime catalyst for business growth, according... Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Putting Apps in the Cloud

Posted : 02-23-2015

It's clear that the cloud is profoundly changing the way organizations approach business and IT. It's ushering in huge efficiency and cost gains–and enabling a more agile and flexible framework that taps into the opportunities of the digital age. Yet, many organizations continue to struggle with the question of how... Read More »

Five Key Takeaways About Cloud ROI

Posted : 02-17-2015

Clouds represent a fundamentally different way to conduct business. Traditional ROI measures may not apply. Read More »

Cloud Implementations: Addressing the 'Gotchas'

Posted : 01-07-2015

Anticipating and addressing cloud issues before making investments in cloud applications or infrastructure can yield significant benefits—and prevent headaches. Read More »

Analytics Deliver Healthy Results for CareFlow

Posted : 01-05-2015

A provider of electronic health records and other data for schools turns to a specialized data engine and private cloud to boost capabilities and efficiencies. Read More »


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