What CIOs Need to Run a Hybrid IT Environment

Posted : 04-05-2016

While the vast majority of CIOs, tech managers and IT professionals said cloud deployment factors greatly into long-term business strategies, most do not expect to migrate all of their company's infrastructure to the cloud, according to a recent survey... Read More »

Why IT Leaders Are Cloud Believers

Posted : 03-11-2016

About a decade ago, the cloud was still considered somewhat of a novelty. Today, it is considered as commonplace—and business-critical—as computing devices, servers or even electricity. For proof, look no further than a recent survey from... Read More »

How the IoT and BYOD Increase Business Agility

Posted : 02-11-2016

Just as evolution rewards the strong, businesses that embrace agility and IoT practices will be rewarded by becoming market leaders. Read More »

What’s Worse Than Stolen Data? Altered Data

Posted : 02-03-2016

Attacks that previously were considered advanced threats are commodities today, with sophisticated malware and exploits available for the price of a movie ticket, according to Amit Yoran, president of RSA, the security division of EMC. And yet,... Read More »

The Five Cloud Concerns Faced by All Industries

Posted : 01-22-2016

Of all industries, the financial services industry is the most exposed to risk in the cloud, according to a new report. Not surprisingly, security awareness is higher in technology firms, with most saying excessive sharing of data in the cloud is a top cyber-security concern. Conducted by the security intelligence arm of... Read More »