Danforth Pewter Modernizes Its Retail System

Posted : 01-31-2017

The producer of handcrafted metal gifts and accessories adopts a more sophisticated, advanced and integrated approach to managing its retail management system. Read More »

How Citizen Developers Improve App Delivery

Posted : 01-27-2017

The most valuable developers of custom apps for your organization may not even work in the IT department. That's because the growing presence of employees and managers called "citizen developers" are creating custom apps in a very efficient and business-focused manner, according to a recent survey from FileMaker. The... Read More »

Citizen Development Is Spreading Rapidly

Posted : 01-19-2017

So-called "citizen developers" are increasingly building custom business applications without code, giving employees better access to data and leading to faster decision making, according to a new report. The study, "2016 State... Read More »

How Online Account Access Can Lose Customers

Posted : 11-09-2016

CIOs must help their organizations find an easier way for customers to access their online accounts, Read More »

How Tech Tools Can Grow Customer Loyalty

Posted : 10-28-2016

If talk really is cheap, then can the act of listening pave the path to untold riches? It's quite possible—at least from a corporation's perspective, according to a recent survey from HundredX. IT solutions which enhance the ability to listen to customers,... Read More »