More Business Apps Are Delivered Over the Internet

Posted : 12-30-2014

The deployment of business apps over the Internet will increase considerably during the next year, according to a recent survey from Akamai Technologies. Much of this is driven by the mobility-driven demise of the... Read More »

Five Ways to Maximize Enterprise Mobility

Posted : 12-15-2014

Mobile technology introduces new opportunities and challenges. CIOs must walk a fine line between enterprise requirements and the needs and desires of users. Read More »

12 Lessons Learned From Software Meltdowns

Posted : 12-12-2014

Software for high-risk operations and mission-critical services requires a level of discipline and care above and beyond normal product development. Below are 12 software malfunctions (some are also coupled with hardware faults) and lessons learned, according to Perforce Software, which offers a management and... Read More »

Cost &Time Burdens Plague Mobile App Development

Posted : 12-09-2014

The majority of CIOs and mobile leaders think mobile app development takes too much time and costs too much money, according to a recent survey from Kinvey. The accompanying "State of Enterprise Mobility"... Read More »

E-Signatures Soar With KLM

Posted : 12-09-2014

The global airline turns to e-signatures and e-contracts to take business processes to new heights, and plans to integrate the tools into other applications. Read More »


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