Tompkins County Crumples the Paper Jam

Posted : 04-30-2014

A county in upstate New York turns to a sophisticated ECM system to revamp and revolutionize the way it handles documents and records. Read More »

Developing a Mobile App Strategy

Posted : 04-28-2014

Mobile applications are fundamentally altering the way businesses interact with employees, partners and customers. Building an effective strategy is paramount. Read More »

Convoluted Security Processes Hamper Productivity

Posted : 04-22-2014

A lack of visibility, time-consuming manual processes, poor change management practices and an abundance of applications are challenging IT security, network operation teams, and application owners, according to a new AlgoSec study. The security policy management firm... Read More »

CIOs Overwhelmed With Obsolete Apps

Posted : 04-07-2014

CIOs and other senior tech executives say IT is supporting far too many apps that are no longer relevant to business support, according to a recent survey from Capgemini. Most agree that app-modernization initiatives would help address the issue, but they also say that they don't have a formal strategy to align app... Read More »

Mobility Tops the List of Digital Priorities

Posted : 04-02-2014

If you thought either big data analytics or cloud computing initiatives rank at the top of today's digital agenda, guess again. Mobility strategies hold a clear edge, according to a recent survey from Accenture. The resulting report, "Mobility:... Read More »