How Digital Labor Reduces Business and IT Costs

Posted : 10-06-2014

Robotic process automation will provide a great advantage for the CIOs who embrace it—and be dangerously disruptive for the businesses that disregard its transformational potential. Read More »

Doing Automation Right

Posted : 10-05-2014

CIOs should pursue automation as a way to improve processes and workflows, but not let it get in the way of building long-term relationships with customers. Read More »

Nine Best Practices for DevOps Teams

Posted : 09-30-2014

It is a phrase that neatly combines the words "development" and "operations." And it holds much promise to overhaul the way IT teams produce software. In this case, we're referring to "DevOps," a concept which focuses on product features, tests and delivery in the interest of rapid turnaround time with greater quality... Read More »

Six Key Lessons of DevOps

Posted : 09-05-2014

DevOps is growing rapidly. But achieving success is far from guaranteed. The agile approach requires different thinking and approaches. Read More »

10 Tips for Managing Open Source Vulnerabilities

Posted : 09-04-2014

As software development becomes more collaborative, technology organizations are increasingly incorporating open source content into their software development environments. Linux is prevalent in data centers and Apache is in web services. And OSS is more prevalent in the Internet of Things than ever. Developers have... Read More »