Why a Compliance Gap Costs Time and Money

Posted : 03-16-2015

A new survey on workforce compliance reveals one-half of businesses use separate IT systems or manual processes for compliance requirements. Systems to handle human capital management, such as paying employees, managing... Read More »

Two Outlooks on Managing Service Integration

Posted : 03-16-2015

The function of overseeing the multi-vendor service delivery environment is important, but the optimal approach to managing this function is subject to debate. Read More »

How Malware Bypasses Detection Tools

Posted : 03-03-2015

More than one-half of security breaches occur through companies' browsers despite malware-detection technologies, according to a new study. That means companies are spending millions without success to protect themselves, according to the Ponemon Institute, which was commissioned by Spikes Security to prepare the report,... Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Putting Apps in the Cloud

Posted : 02-23-2015

It's clear that the cloud is profoundly changing the way organizations approach business and IT. It's ushering in huge efficiency and cost gains–and enabling a more agile and flexible framework that taps into the opportunities of the digital age. Yet, many organizations continue to struggle with the question of how... Read More »

The Challenges and Rewards of Enterprise SaaS

Posted : 02-10-2015

A new study identifies key trends in the enterprise Software-as-a-Service space, and how CIOs are adjusting to the fast-changing environment. Read More »


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