How Data Projects Drive Revenue Goals

Posted : 07-09-2015

The vast majority of organizations have either already implemented a big data project or plan to do so, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. The report, titled "Read More »

What IT Leaders Seek From Windows 10

Posted : 07-01-2015

The majority of IT departments have either already tested–or are actively testing–Windows 10, according to a recent survey from Spiceworks. The resulting report, "Read More »

Deltion College Turns to SDN to Boost Performance

Posted : 06-22-2015

An SDN network is far less complex, easier to manage, more robust and more dynamic and scalable for the IT team at Deltion College. Read More »

Eight Steps to Securing IP in the IoT Era

Posted : 06-15-2015

Product development practices require collaborators to share files across hardware and software teams, projects and geographies. These files, which include source code, hardware design specs, media and project plans, are a company's most valuable intellectual property (IP). They are increasingly exposed to external... Read More »

Databases Are the Weak Point in Big Data Projects

Posted : 06-02-2015

Big data is at the core of today's businesses and is recognized as the key to helping companies unlock never-before-seen opportunities and competitive advantages. But going from data points to competitive advantage can be a challenge filled with many variables. Chad Jones, Chief Strategy Officer at Read More »


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