Ten Tips to Secure the Data Center

Posted : 07-29-2015

Securing a data center can be challenging for a variety of reasons. You can't secure what you don't see, for example, and almost everything has remote access capabilities and IP addresses to interface with the Web. Too... Read More »

How to Successfully Migrate a Data Center

Posted : 07-28-2015

What to do with a legacy data center is one of the most challenging questions CIOs face. After years of cycling people, hardware and software in and out of IT, CIOs often want to consolidate and streamline their data centers, but they're not aware of everything residing there. They fight daily time-consuming, costly... Read More »

How to Implement Data Governance Through PaaS

Posted : 07-15-2015

A provider of managed care services adopts a more robust IT and data management platform to support its growing business. Read More »

How Idle Servers Cost $30 Billion

Posted : 07-13-2015

Ten million servers in data centers worldwide, including 3.6 million in the U.S., are powered up but idle, according to Read More »

How Data Projects Drive Revenue Goals

Posted : 07-09-2015

The vast majority of organizations have either already implemented a big data project or plan to do so, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. The report, titled "Read More »


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