Greenville Health System Treats Backups Seriously

Posted : 02-13-2017

The South Carolina health care provider modernized its storage system to deliver better access to patient records, greater efficiency and more reliable backups. Read More »

City Harvest Improves Data Feeds and Food Delivery

Posted : 02-09-2017

A New York City organization that rescues food for the poor upgrades its IT infrastructure to improve operations and ensure that food reaches hungry citizens. Read More »

Marketing Automation Drives Success at JIMEX

Posted : 02-08-2017

This global vehicle auction and brokerage firm turned to a cloud-based data integration platform to personalize e-commerce and automate its marketing programs. Read More »

Disaster Recovery Plans and Testing Are Lacking

Posted : 01-23-2017

Only 60 percent of the organizations surveyed have a documented disaster recovery plan in place, and just 40 percent of them test the plan annually, according to a new survey. Moreover, the majority of companies are dissatisfied with disaster recovery solutions, finding them either too costly or too difficult to... Read More »

Rewards and Risks of Software-Defined WANs

Posted : 01-04-2017

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are escalating in frequency and scale, and the traffic they generate is sudden, massive and completely unpredictable. Almost any technology-savvy person with a computer and an Internet connection can marshal an army of bots and servers to cripple and quickly overwhelm targets,... Read More »