Keeping Up With the Pace of Technological Change

Posted : 11-01-2016

The pace of technological change is fast and getting faster, and the CTO of OC Tanner reveals how organizations must adapt to keep up with the changing times. Read More »

9 Tips for Choosing a Legacy Modernization Partner

Posted : 10-21-2016

Outdated software systems negatively affect businesses and users on a daily basis. Sometimes, internal issues are minimal (e.g., user interface issues), but too often outdated systems are responsible for millions of dollars in lost business and threaten the security of personal information. This puts companies on the... Read More »

Why Innovation Is Moving Off-Premise

Posted : 10-14-2016

 The majority of organizations are significantly stepping up hybrid cloud initiatives—moving beyond what was once described as "solid planning" for adoption into highly coordinated, fully integrated migration initiatives, according to a recent survey from IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV). The survey... Read More »

Why Companies Are Cutting Back Cloud Investments

Posted : 10-05-2016

While the cloud remains a versatile resource for business functions, organizations are reducing their overall adoption of cloud tools, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. Don't get us wrong here: The resulting "Read More »

Managing Chaos Through Digital Governance

Posted : 10-03-2016

Authority on digital governance Lisa Welchman opened up to CIO Insight on how digital governance provides the guidance leaders need to spark positive change. Read More »