Are Your Virtual Servers Safe?

Posted : 08-01-2014

The odds of a virtual environment being inadequately unprotected are roughly fifty-fifty, as many organizations only partly implement a security solution. Read More »

12 Obstacles to the Internet of Things

Posted : 07-30-2014

A new report outlines major obstacles to the Internet of Things (IoT) and what is being done about them, along with the possible business opportunities. According to IDTechEx, a British technology research firm that conducted the study, some analysts are hyping the IoT, there is a lot of "unquestioning enthusiasm in... Read More »

The Challenges of Managing Complex Networks

Posted : 07-23-2014

Many CIOs need to upgrade their aging networks, but are struggling to understand and articulate their new requirements given today's increasingly complex IT environment. Read More »

Potential Problems Lurking in Private Clouds

Posted : 07-15-2014

Companies are increasingly turning to private clouds to run their mission-critical applications. But many are leaving their cloud performance subject to chance, according to a new survey from Continuity Software. A surprisingly large number do not test private... Read More »

IT Networks Keep Getting Older

Posted : 07-14-2014

Today's IT networks are as old as they have been in six years, according to new research from Dimension Data. The accompanying paper, titled the "2014 Network Barometer Report," presents a wide range of tech operations trends, in what can informally be described as... Read More »