Why Tech Teams Consider Windows 10 a Win

Posted : 08-03-2016

The majority of IT professionals said their organization has been satisfied with Windows 10 since adopting it, according to Read More »

Document Overload Is Taking Over Organizations

Posted : 07-06-2016

With industry research revealing that there are more than 2.5 trillion PDFs created every year, organizations are drowning in docs. In fact, the majority of professionals indicate that the current, nearly relentless pace of business—coupled with... Read More »

The Heavy Cost of System Downtime

Posted : 07-05-2016

IT system outages have emerged as fairly routine issues for companies today—and the resulting downtime amounts to a five-figure financial hit every day, according to recent research from CloudEndure. The resulting "Read More »

What CIOs Need to Run a Hybrid IT Environment

Posted : 07-04-2016

While the vast majority of CIOs, tech managers and IT professionals said cloud deployment factors greatly into long-term business strategies, most do not expect to migrate all of their company's infrastructure to the cloud, according to a recent survey... Read More »

Why Security Execs Lack Confidence in Security

Posted : 06-10-2016

A majority of IT security executives are only somewhat confident in their enterprise's security, according to a new survey. One-third of respondents are confident in their security posture and one-quarter said they communicate effectively about security metrics and posture to senior management. These executives continue... Read More »