Data Centers Use Renewable Energy to Contain Costs

Posted : 12-16-2014

While growth in data demand is expected to last for the indefinite future, the use of energy to power data centers is expected to sharply decline, according to a recent survey from Mortenson. Data center owners will continue to increase capacity to... Read More »

The Disaster Recovery Blame Game

Posted : 12-10-2014

Backup and disaster recovery are crucial for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), and, if not implemented correctly, it can lead to finger-pointing if critical data is wiped out. A new report, "Read More »

Cloud Barriers Cause Competitive Disadvantages

Posted : 12-02-2014

While nearly all CIOs and CFOs surveyed said that cloud applications and infrastructure are critical for delivering digital information, most of them admitted that their organization isn't investing enough in these technologies, according to a recent Read More »

A Hybrid Approach to Outsourcing Fuels IT Success

Posted : 12-02-2014

Rompetrol, a European petroleum producer, rethinks and revises its IT strategy to be more cost-effective and to align more closely with business requirements. Read More »

Building an IT Framework to Improve Performance

Posted : 11-17-2014

Mavis Discount Tire, a fast-growing chain of tire stores in the northeast U.S., turns to clustering software to build a high-availability IT infrastructure. Read More »


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