Why IT Must Respond More Rapidly to Tech Issues

Posted : 04-06-2015

The vast majority of tech professionals revealed they've been told that IT responds too slowly to solve key issues, according to a recent survey from xMatters. The report, titled "Read More »

Patent Filings Reveal a Growing Interest in IoT

Posted : 04-01-2015

A new study on intellectual property related to the Internet of things (IoT) finds that a majority of patenting activity occurred in areas related to resource management in a wireless network. But patent distribution in this... Read More »

Why Organizations Struggle With Data Quality

Posted : 03-31-2015

A significant amount of data within organizations is inaccurate, and many executives admit that they frequently can't fix data quality issues before they negatively impact business, according to a recent survey from Experian Data Quality. One problem:... Read More »

Keeping Up With the Pace of Technological Change

Posted : 03-31-2015

The pace of technological change is fast and getting faster, and the CTO of OC Tanner reveals how organizations must adapt to keep up with the changing times. Read More »

A Guide to Managing Corporate Image Archives

Posted : 03-26-2015

Every organization has a trove of images, but not every organization has the understanding to proactively plan for managing it. Read More »


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