Dental College Modernizes Its IT Infrastructure

Posted : 11-23-2016

In 2016, Nova Southeastern Dental College embarked on an ambitious project to modernize teaching systems and IT infrastructure, including adopting thin clients. Read More »

Why Few Data Centers Are Fully Optimized

Posted : 11-10-2016

Very few tech executives feel that their IT operations are running at an "optimized" level, according to a recent survey from Datalink. The resulting report, titled "Data Centers in Flux: The IT Optimization Challenge," indicates that many of... Read More »

Software Cloud Deployment Is Ready for Primetime

Posted : 11-08-2016

With Gartner predicting that the cloud will emerge as the default option for software deployment by 2020, a clear majority of organizations have either already made this transition or are planning to do so in the near future, according to a recent survey from Adaptiva. The resulting "Read More »

Keeping Up With the Pace of Technological Change

Posted : 11-01-2016

The pace of technological change is fast and getting faster, and the CTO of OC Tanner reveals how organizations must adapt to keep up with the changing times. Read More »

9 Tips for Choosing a Legacy Modernization Partner

Posted : 10-21-2016

Outdated software systems negatively affect businesses and users on a daily basis. Sometimes, internal issues are minimal (e.g., user interface issues), but too often outdated systems are responsible for millions of dollars in lost business and threaten the security of personal information. This puts companies on the... Read More »