Are You Ready for the Industrial Age of IoT?

Posted : 09-27-2016

With only a minority of CIOs and other executives expressing much confidence in their company's ability to manage the scale and scope of data integration needs, the vast majority are looking to the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to help address the... Read More »

Top Tips to Secure the Data Center

Posted : 09-26-2016

Securing a data center can be challenging for a variety of reasons. You can't secure what you don't see, for example, and almost everything has remote access capabilities and IP addresses to interface with the web. Too... Read More »

How to Implement an IT Overhaul

Posted : 09-08-2016

The CIO of Novelis, a producer of rolled aluminum used in everything from soda cans to Ford trucks, reveals how she helped revamp the company’s IT infrastructure. Read More »

As Container Adoption Grows, ROI Soon Follows

Posted : 08-24-2016

The majority of organizations are either using container technologies today or plan to do so soon, according to a recent survey from NetEnrich. Simply stated, containers enclose pieces of code... Read More »

12 Tips for Implementing IoT Security

Posted : 08-16-2016

The internet of things (IoT) is everywhere. It's in our homes, cars, offices and most commonly around our wrists. It's changing the way factories are run, how health care is delivered and how cities operate. With an estimated 5.5 million new "things" connected each day, and an expected 6.4 billion in circulation by the... Read More »