Green Clinic's Healthy Approach to IT Support

Posted : 04-01-2014

A regional health-care clinic gives its IT support staff a booster shot through new technology and tools, which are also helping drive efficiency gains and cost savings. Read More »

The Precarious State of the WAN

Posted : 03-28-2014

In the age of the global cloud computing, reliance on wide area networks (WANs) has never been greater. The challenges facing CIOs is that while networks have become much more robust in the last decade, there is still a considerable difference between what an enterprise IT organization might experience in terms of... Read More »

Coping With a Cloud Outage

Posted : 03-27-2014

Cloud computing presents enormous opportunities for the enterprise, but it's critical to proactively prepare for cloud outages as well as outright provider failures. Read More »

How to Prepare Your Organization for a Disaster

Posted : 03-26-2014

Disasters arrive in many ways—from tornados to floods to ice storms to blizzards to wildfires to mudslides. (Not to mention those garden-variety power outages.) Frequently, they're not easy to anticipate, so organizations must be prepared for anything in advance. The stakes are high: 43 percent of companies that... Read More »

Deluge of Data Threatens Many Backup Systems

Posted : 03-20-2014

When it comes to backup and recovery, IT organizations are clearly struggling with the amount of data that needs to be managed. A Read More »