Consumers Set High Bar for Website Experiences

Posted : 08-11-2014

Most consumers aren't willing to give a company Website any more than a few precious seconds to load before moving on, according to new survey research from Limelight Networks. Many, in fact, would switch to a competitor's site if their designated time window was exceeded, findings reveal. And here's evidence that will... Read More »

Why Your Heartbleed Patch Isn't Enough

Posted : 08-08-2014

Many Global 2000 organizations haven't adequately protected their external servers against the Heartbleed bug, leaving themselves vulnerable to phishing campaigns and data theft. Read More »

Are Your Virtual Servers Safe?

Posted : 08-01-2014

The odds of a virtual environment being inadequately unprotected are roughly fifty-fifty, as many organizations only partly implement a security solution. Read More »

12 Obstacles to the Internet of Things

Posted : 07-30-2014

A new report outlines major obstacles to the Internet of Things (IoT) and what is being done about them, along with the possible business opportunities. According to IDTechEx, a British technology research firm that conducted the study, some analysts are hyping the IoT, there is a lot of "unquestioning enthusiasm in... Read More »

The Challenges of Managing Complex Networks

Posted : 07-23-2014

Many CIOs need to upgrade their aging networks, but are struggling to understand and articulate their new requirements given today's increasingly complex IT environment. Read More »