How SDN Supports a More Agile Business

Posted : 02-18-2016

The ultimate goal of SDN is to allow IT departments to respond quickly to changing business requirements—but the technology is not without its challenges. Read More »

How IT Plans to Add More Green to Data Centers

Posted : 02-17-2016

A significant share of IT managers say they routinely deal with data center power issues, Read More »

How to Prevent Website Downtime

Posted : 11-27-2015

News that the company site is down can be a CIO's worst-case scenario. Website outages annoy customers and can cause significant losses in sales and profits. They shake customers' confidence in your site and can push them to a competitor, costing significant revenue. Today, companies compete in an always-on Web... Read More »

CIOs Declare War on Dirty Data

Posted : 11-17-2015

A majority of CIOs are concluding that it's time to dispense with dirty data once and for all: Within the last year, organizations have spent nearly half a million dollars to correct inaccurate data, according to a recent survey from Experian Data... Read More »

Making the Case for Automated Data Center Tools

Posted : 11-10-2015

Planning and forecasting the capacity of data centers is without a doubt challenging, but it’s surprising that slightly less than half of data center managers still rely on manual methods to do so. The main reason? Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools are too expensive, according to a recent survey,... Read More »